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Lead the Way Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving Campaigns.

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1 Lead the Way Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving Campaigns

2 Agenda 1.United Way York Region 2.Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving 3.Key Statistics 4.Community Leadership Campaigns 5.The Robert Kidd 2012 Community Leadership Challenge 6.Why Leaders Give


4 United Way Structure UWYR is the 11 th largest out of 112 United Ways in Canada Independent Board of Directors Leadership & Major Individual Giving Cabinet is a sub committee of the Campaign Cabinet, one of four standing Board committees Strategy Driven by strategic directions 2010-2013: 7% annual increase in campaign, with focus on Leadership and Acquisition Leadership & Major Individual Gifts represent no less than 25% of total achievement by 2013 with no less than 20% annual increase in donations from leaders and major donors Story Addressing community priorities:  Helping people move from poverty to possibility  Helping kids be all they can be  Building healthy people and strong communities

5 Our emerging reality York Region’s low income population is growing 2.5X faster then our total population. In a recent Nielsen survey of York Region residents, employment, affordable housing and poverty were identified as the most critical social issues - and top investment priorities for United Way. In 2009/2010, United Way funded programs experienced a 40% increase in the number of net new individuals knocking on their door for help – the majority, individuals and families struggling with recent job loss and transition.

6 Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving

7 What is Community Leadership Giving? Individual annual donations of $1,000 or more to United Way York Region Community Fund are considered Community Leadership donations Community Leadership is a key driver of United Way’s success and growth strategy These donations do not only come from senior management, but individuals at all levels of an organization A small number of Community Leadership donors typically represent a very large percentage of an employee pledge campaign Community Leadership donors receive targeted touch points and a higher level of interaction with UWYR

8 What is Major Individual Giving? Individual annual donations of $5,000 or more to United Way York Region Community Fund are considered Major Individual Gifts (MIG) Providing a Major Gift represents a very high level of commitment to United Way. Major Individual Gift donors receive the highest level of interaction with UWYR, including communication with UWYR’s Leadership & Major Individual Giving Cabinet and Officer.


10 Sources of Revenue, 2011 Workplace campaigns are the key drivers of success with a much higher return on investment than other fundraising methods.

11 Workplace Campaign Growth – by Revenue Stream Corporate donations dropped by $207k (vs. growth of $246k in 2010), accounting for the workplace losses – other rates of growth remained steady.

12 Campaign Growth Year # of Leaders* Total Community Leadership $* Campaign Achievement Community Leadership $ as a % of Total $ 2011755$1,260,175$8,180,00015% 2010732$1,204,727$8,100,00015% 2009630$1,038,788$7,667,05014% *NOTE: This also includes non-workplace/community donors and donors designated in from other UW’s

13 Employee Donations are critical to workplace campaign success. Corporate donations may not be sustainable and special events are very resource intensive. Workplace Campaign Revenue Breakdown, 2011

14 Leadership and Major Donors ($1,000+) Leadership Giving continued to experience growth. MIG remained flat.

15 Community Leadership & Major Individual Giving Campaigns

16 What is a Community Leadership Campaign? A Community Leadership Campaign is a series of activities that run parallel to the overall campaign, specifically targeted at increasing the number of donors giving at the Community Leadership Level, and retaining and growing the donations of existing Community Leaders. It should follow the same steps as the overall employee campaign: Plan Educate and Inform Ask Follow-Up Thank Please refer to the Leadership Chair Checklist for additional information.

17 Key Components Senior Management Support: Showing visible support of United Way and Community Leadership Giving conveys a clear message to everyone at the organization of the importance of the campaign and becoming a Community Leader. Community Leadership Canvassing: The Leadership Chair and Leadership Canvassers should approach each potential Community Leader to provide information, ask them to consider a Community Leadership donation and follow up on the pledge form. Broad Leadership Ask: Given that anyone has the potential to become a Community Leader, the Community Leadership ask should be made to all employees, ideally at the campaign kick-off. The ask can be centered around raising awareness about this level of giving, and encouraging folks to consider become a Community Leader.

18 Pre-Leadership Strategy: Your new Community Leaders are most likely to come from the $500 - $999 donation group. A strategy should be set in place to assist with moving these individuals to the Community Leadership level. Timing of a Community Leadership Campaign: Ideally, the Community Leadership Campaign should take place before the overall campaign – when the campaign starts, you will have a strong initial boost of pledges and create momentum for the campaign. Engagement Opportunities: Encourage Community Leaders to attend UWYR events: * Annual General Meeting * Toromont CAT Dragon Boat Kick-off * WomenUnited Annual Luncheon * Women’s Leadership Council * Agency Tours * Celebration Dinner Encourage Community Leaders to volunteer with UWYR: * Day of Caring® * Board of Directors/Committees * Community Review Panel * Community Leadership Resources

19 What is a Major Individual Giving (MIG) Campaign? Once Community Leadership giving matures, you can supplement the campaign with a MIG campaign, specifically focused on donations of $5,000 or more. All practices used for Community Leadership are applied to the MIG campaign. A MIG Chair is assigned to manage this campaign.

20 The Robert Kidd 2012 Community Leadership Challenge

21 This year, United Way York Region is excited to offer donors of $1,000 or more the chance to increase the impact of their donations through The Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge. New Community Leadership Donors By becoming a new Community Leadership donor, you double the impact of your gift. Each first-time donation of $1,000 or more to United Way will be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to The Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge. Increase your gift to $1,000 or more this year and The Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge will match your $1,000 donation dollar-for-dollar. Renewing Community Leadership Donors If you are already a Community Leader and you increase your gift by 10% or more this year, The Robert Kidd Community Leadership Challenge will match the increase.

22 Why Leaders Give?

23 Why Community Leaders Give  Voting member at the UWYR Annual General Meeting  Recognition in United Way York Region materials  Invitation to the WomenUnited Annual Luncheon  Invitation to join the Women’s Leadership Council (min. $2,500 giving level)

24 Charitable Donations Make Good Financial Sense Charitable donation tax receipts will reduce your federal and provincial income tax. For example: Your Gift of Total Tax Savings Actual Cost to you % Savings Actual Cost per week $1,000$361$63936%$12.28 $1,500$562$93837%$18.04 $2,000$763$1,23738%$23.79 $5,000$1,968$3,03239%$58.31 $7,500$2,972$4,52840%$87.08 $10,000$3,976$6,02440%$115.85 $25,000$10,000$15,00040%$288.47 A Community Leadership donation works out to $639 after tax benefits are factored in – that’s about $1.75 a day!

25 Impact of Donations  $1,000 provides 1 year of social support for 20 isolated seniors to reduce loneliness and help keep them living at home safely.  $1,600 provides 1 year of literacy training for 2 young adults with intellectual disabilities, helping them earn their high school diploma equivalency.  $2,100 provides 10 weeks of counselling for 6 children who have been sexually abused - the first step to rebuilding their self esteem and managing anxiety.  $3,300 provides 6 weeks of safe shelter to an abused mom and her children, giving them a chance to find new housing and hope.  $5,000 provides 6 weeks of food, shelter, employment and life skills coaching for a homeless family of four, helping them achievement independent and stability.

26 Levels of Giving United Way York Region is truly grateful for the generous support of all donors. Leaders represent a dynamic group of individuals who advocate our work and lead the way to create opportunities for a better life for everyone. Community Leaders ($1,000 - $1,499) Sponsors ($1,500 - $1,999) Patrons ($2,000 - $4,999) Builders ($5,000 - $7,499) Pathfinders ($7,500 - $9,999) Benefactors ($10,000 - $24,999) Trailblazers ($25,000+)

27 Summary Community Leadership and Major Individual Giving is critical for United Way York Region’s campaign, and can be a large driver of growth in your own campaign There are many strategies that can help to boost a Community Leadership Campaign Potential Community Leaders may have many motivations that influence their decision to give, and there are just as many reasons to give to United Way

28 Next Steps Employee Campaign Chairs: If a Leadership Chair has not been assigned through United Way’s corporate visit process take the opportunity to speak with your senior management team about assigning a senior individual to act as the Leadership Chair Ensure Leadership giving is a standing item on your campaign committee agenda’s Work with your Leadership Chair to integrate the Community Leadership Campaign activities into the employee campaign Leadership Chairs: Contact your United Way staff partner for support with setting up your Community Leadership Campaign Begin planning your Community Leadership Campaign Determine who your Community Leadership Giving prospects are ($500+ donors, individuals in management) Recruit Leadership Canvassers. Confirm your Leadership presentation date and book your Corporate Leadership Speaker

29 Thank you Elizabeth McKeown Leadership & Major Gifts Officer 905-474-9974 x 240

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