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ANDREA PALLADIO TREVISO - ITALY Istituto Tecnico Statale “A. Palladio” Treviso | Italia.

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1 ANDREA PALLADIO TREVISO - ITALY Istituto Tecnico Statale “A. Palladio” Treviso | Italia

2 Istituto Tecnico Statale per Geometri e Periti Grafici ANDREA PALLADIO Institute for Building Surveyors and Graphic Arts and Communication Technicians THE SCHOOL

3 It is a 5-year course and offers general subjects in the first two years (for 14-15 years-old students) and more specific technical studies in the next three years (16-19 years-old students). There are also evening classes for workers and adult students and courses for inmates at the prison. Professional outcomes Professional outcomes: Surveyors, CAD Drafters, Building Sites Managers, Assistants at Architects’ and Civil Engineers’ offices, Estate Agencies Consultants, Private Practice, Insurance Technical Consultant Printer in printing works, Editorial Graphic Further education Further education : Enrolment in all University Faculties like Engineering, Architecture, Town Planning, Industrial Design, Territorial Information System, Logistic and Production Engineering, etc. (3 or 5 years) At the moment we are 70 teachers and about 600 students. The “Conference room” during a seminarA student during his final examination

4 Lessons begin in the 3rd week of September ( 14 th this year) and ends at the beginning of June (10 th in 2010) ). After that period the students and teachers of the final classes are involved in the final exams for the Diploma, until the first half of July. There are some stops of the activity for Christmas, Easter and some other national holidays; the total amount is 33 school weeks. The school days are from Monday to Saturday; lessons start at 8.10 a.m. and finish at 13.30 p.m., the evening classes from 18.00 to 23.25. Our main education aim is broadening and enhancing both the cultural preparation and the professional skills. At our school we offer learning support for extra help, counselling and vocational career guidance, monitoring of school results, communication to students’ families, ECDL and CAD courses, summer internships at local building enterprises. Students in the hallTeachers during a meeting in the conference room

5 Outdoor Activities Laboratories

6 STUDENTS Indoor Sport Activities Visit to a building site Conference Room Diploma Delivery

7 Teachers in the Conference room PRINCIPAL and SOME TEACHERS The Principal Teachers of Topography during practice

8 EUROPEAN PROJECTS Considerable number of European projects (60 altogether) in the course of about 15 years Solid experience in particular in the mobility projects of students carrying out training periods abroad within companies related to their line of studies (just over 200 trainees sent abroad) Bergen - Norway Comenius exchange “Sustainable building” Groningen - Holland Free time during an internship


10 OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES Biochemical water analysis Rafting – river Brenta Mountain byke – Cansiglio “Ciaspole”- Dolomites


12 THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL Andrea Palladio - Architect Andrea Palladio, a well-known talented architect from Padova, (1508-1580), was chosen by the most powerful members of the Venetian society for numerous important commissions. Palladio designed a classical Roman theatre and many churches, villas and palaces mainly located in Venice, Vicenza, Treviso and the surrounding areas. A number of his works are listed in the World Heritage. His style ( Palladian style) brought together various Renaissance ideas, notably the revival of Roman symmetrical planning and harmonic proportions. He was the first great professionalarchitect. He was trained to build and he practised no other art. He became fashionable all over Europe. Villa Emo - 1564La Rotonda - 1567 Villa Barbaro - 1558 Il Redentore - 1577 San Giorgio - 1565

13 THE TOWN - TREVISO Treviso is an old medieval town (80.000 inhabitants) in the north east industrial region Veneto (the big Italian firms like Benetton – clothes, De Longhi – climatization systems, Tecnica Dolomite Lotto – skiboots, Aprilia – motorbikes, etc. are in this area). The location is wonderful, for history, art and nature : it is about 30 kms far from the beaches, 50 from the mountains (Dolomites) 30 kms from Venice and Padua.

14 THE REGION - VENETO With a surface of 18.390 kmq, the region Veneto presents a great variety of landscapes - rivers and lakes in the plain, sea shores along the coasts, hills and high mountains (Dolomites, many of them 3.000 mts – or over) It is a very crowded region; inhabitants concentrate in the 7 main towns but are also spread in the country. (Population 4.759.872 - 258 ab./km²) Between Padua, Venice and Treviso we can find one of the biggest industrial regions in Italy Art, History, Architecture, Nature, Food and Wines are among the highlights of the region Church of San Giorgio_ Venice Vineyard on the hills – Valdobbiadene (TV) Dolomites in Winter Iesolo beach – 15 km long


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