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The Tutoring Cycle Pikes Peak Community College Learning Assistance Centers.

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1 The Tutoring Cycle Pikes Peak Community College Learning Assistance Centers

2 Tutoring Goal Promote successful student skills and encourage independent learning

3 Greeting Identify Task Set Agenda Guided Work Address the Task Summary & Confirmation Plan for Next Session Closing: Goodbye

4 Greeting & Climate Setting  Greet student by name (if known)  Arrange physical seating  Set a positive, task- directed atmosphere  Encourage student to begin the tutoring session

5 Identification of Task  Provide opportunity for student to state task for session  Use empathetic statements to help student define the problem

6 Set an Agenda  Involve the student in setting an informal agenda Example: Tutor can ask the student “How shall we use the time you have available today?”  Be flexible!!! Readjust the agenda when necessary to meet the needs of the student

7 Guided Work  Ask student to explain his/her general approach for learning this type of problem  Help student understand the use of resources in solving the problem  Notes, Handouts, Texts, etc.  Tutor is not the source of info  Break task into smaller parts as needed

8 Address the Task  Encourage student to address task without overly directing Example: Tutor asks student “How shall we begin?  Use appropriate tutoring techniques that considers  Student learning modality  Level of structure needed

9 Student Content Summary & Tutor Confirmation  Encourage student to summarize/explain what has been learned & how  If understanding is incomplete, return to previous step  Determine if student’s understanding would allow for completion of similar tasks independent of tutoring  Use confirming statements tied to specific accomplishments  Use sincere, sparing praise & encouragement – do not overwhelm student with positive reinforcement

10 Plan for Next Session  Help student anticipate what will be learned next that will connect to the task for which tutoring was sought  Help student understand how info from class, tutoring, & resources connect  Ask questions  “Where do you go from here in class?”  “What will you do next & how will what we’ve done help you?”

11 Closing: Goodbye  End session on a positive note  Thank student for contributions made  Being prepared for session  Asking questions

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