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7 th Grade History Semester Exam December 2014 Loflin Middle School.

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2 7 th Grade History Semester Exam December 2014 Loflin Middle School

3 DIRECTIONS Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the letter for the answer you have chosen. Use the map and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question. 1. According to the map, which two countries disputed the ownership of most of what is now Texas? A The United States and Mexico B Spain and Great Britain C The United States and Spain D The United States and Great Britain

4 2. What was the main goal of the Spanish in developing the mission-presidio system? A to destroy Fort St. Louis and expel the French from Texas B to spread Spanish culture in the Americas C to attract more Native Americans to Texas D to promote economic growth for Native Americans

5 3. Which statement best explains the significance of the year 1821 in relation to the history of Texas? A The United States gave up its claims to Texas. B Mexico won independence from Spain. C The Morelos revolt was defeated. D The Hidalgo revolt was defeated.

6 4. In which cultural region did Native Americans depend on buffalo as a main food source? A Plains B Puebloan C Southeastern D Western Gulf

7 5. How did Texans respond to the Law of April 6, 1830? A They liked it because it would increase immigration. B They did not think the law would affect them. C They started an armed rebellion. D They thought it broke the constitution of Mexico.

8 6. Which of the following best describes the Centralist point of view? A belief in no central government B belief that each state should have its own central government C belief that individual states should hold most of the power D belief in a strong central government

9 7. What was Columbus’s goal when he set sail from Spain? A to defeat the Moors at sea B to begin the conquest of the Americas C to build a Spanish colony in Texas D to reach India and China

10 8. What is one reason many Mexicans did NOT want to colonize Texas? A A plague swept across Texas in the early 1800s. B They feared attacks from Native Americans. C French attacks were frequent. D There was no good farmland in Texas.

11 9. Which statement best explains the significance of the year 1519 in relation to European exploration of the Americas? A Christopher Columbus discovered the Northwest Passage B Francisco Pizzaro landed on the coast of south America C Hernan Cortes landed on the coast of Mexico D Christopher Columbus sailed west from Spain hoping to reach Asia

12 10. What body of water did La Salle claim for France? A The Red River B The Gulf of Mexico C The Mississippi River D the Rio Grande

13 11. The imaginary line that divides the Earth into northern and southern halves is the- A Prime Latitude B Prime Meridian C Equator D Absolute Longitude

14 12. Which region of Texas is the largest and most populous? A Coastal Plains B North Central Plains C Great Plains D Mountains and Basins

15 13. How did the Tiguas adapt to Spanish culture? A They traded with the Spanish B They built Adobe pueblos similar to those in Spain C They blended their own religion with Catholicism D They adopted a Spanish form of government

16 14. Which group did not rely on crops as their main food source? A Akokisas B Bidais C Caddoes D Wichitas

17 15. Which of the Western Gulf peoples followed a nomadic lifestyle because their coastal environment was so harsh? A Tiguas C Coahuiltecans B Atakapans D Karankawas

18 16. Which two explorers traveled together through Texas? A Marcos de Niza and Coronado B La Salle and Cabeza de Vaca C Cabeza de Vaca and Estevanico D Coronado and Cabeza de Vaca 17. Why did Coronado lead and expedition to search for the Seven Cities of Cibola? A He wanted to conquer the French colony for Spain B He hoped to find the legendary cities described by the previous explorers C He hoped to find survivors of the Narvaez expedition D He was hired by the French government to find the men responsible for La Salle’s death

19 18. Which statement best describes the goals of both the American and Texas revolutions? A the goals of both revolutions focused on independence B the goals of both revolutions changed over time C the goals of both revolutions were never clearly explained D the goals of both revolutions were shared by the British and the Mexican governments 19. Which of the following is a way that the Texas Revolution differed from the American Revolution? A The Texas Revolution was longer B The Texas Revolution had more battles C Leaders in Texas were not divided D The two sides fighting in Texas came from different cultures

20 20. What did Texas gain when Santa Anna was delayed at the Alamo? A Reinforcements from the United States B Time for the Texas leaders to declare independence C The loyalty of General Cos D Santa Anna’s removal from the Mexican government 21. How did the fall of the Alamo inspire Texans to fight? A Because the battle was so close, they gained confidence B The fierce battle made Texans more determined to win their independence C They were able to capture horses and equipment D Texans realized the Santa Anna would take no prisoners

21 22. What was the Runaway Scrape? A Fannin’s escape from Goliad B Santa Anna’s retreat from San Jacinto C The flight of the Mexican families to the south D The flight of the Texas families to the north 23. What was the first important event of the Convention of 1836? A Sam Houston declared war on Mexico B David G. Burnet and Lorenzo de Zavala wrote the Texas Constitution C George Childress wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence D Texas delegates decided to become a part of the United States

22 24. What event does the information in the box describe? A The Goliad Massacre B The fall of the Alamo C Urrea’s defeat of four Texas forces D the battle at Gonzales

23 25.

24 26.

25 27. How did Houston gain control of the army during his first term? A He brought new soldiers and officers B He made a stronger navy C He raised soldiers’ pay D He sent soldiers home on leave 28. Which of the following was a main cause of the Mexican War? A Discovery of gold in Texas B High immigration from Mexico to the United States C High immigration from the United States to Mexico D disagreement over the border

26 29. What was the significance of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? A It moved Native Americans out of Texas B It required Texas to give up Santa Fe C It ended the Mexican War and recognized the Rio Grande as the border D It established Texas as the 30 th state 30. In what year did Texas become the 28 th state of the United States? A 1836 B 1845 C 1848 D 1850

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