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NPA Enterprise and Employability

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1 NPA Enterprise and Employability
Lyn Zambonini 4th Feb 2015

2 What was your first job?

3 Previous jobs

4 Why Enterprise and Employability?
Scottish Government’s “Economic Strategy” “Determined to Succeed” “Understanding Enterprise Standard” “More Choices, More Chances” The Wood Commission “Education Working for All!” Flexible Learning Embracing different learning styles and techniques Provide Choice

5 Choice of Units Additional other units Community Involvement
Local Investigations Personal Development; Self and Community, Practical Abilities Leadership; Introduction, Practice Employability Units; Preparing for Employment, Building Own Employability Skills, Responsibilities of Employment, Dealing with Work Situations

6 Why? All belong to PSD suite of qualifications Meet learners’ needs
Promotes individuality, creativity and leadership Underpins Skills, attributes and behaviours of enterprising individuals Links nicely to “Employability Skills / Aptitudes” Flexible workforce = flexible framework which is organic and morphogenic Gives maximum access to maximum number learners

7 S5 / 6 Enterprise and Employability Class
1 Iranian, 4 Polish, 1 Russian, 1 Indian, 1 Irish and 4 Scottish pupils Mixed ability Language difficulties Cultural divide e.g. Christmas Stockings Work at own pace Individual and group work Active learning Timetabled 6 x 50 mins per week Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party

8 S3 /4 Enterprise and Employability
140 pupils 8 staff Tutor time 4 x 20 mins slots per week S3 “ Micro Tyco” – Social Enterprise Project – Self Awareness / Enterprise Activity S4 “one week work experience” – Self and Work / Work Experience

9 Skills Attributes Behaviours
intuitive decision making with limited information  sense of belief in self seeks and takes opportunities  coping with uncertainty and complexity strong sense of independence     takes initiative building know-how and trust relationships  goal/achievement orientated  builds and develops networks  creative approach to problem solving  builds own know-how and trust relationships assesses and takes risks  negotiation capacity commitment to see things through holistic management of situations                  selling/persuasive capacity  sense of  ownership over problems/actions  thinks strategically 

10 Preparing for External Verification
School IV policy Course / award / unit IV policy Timeline for delivery Role of IV / Role of assessor Evidence; types, presentation, sign posting Judgement; clearly marked, set against assessment standard Master folder for all staff Prior verification Approval Manual input of results for overall NPA

11 Questions?

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