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Emergency Codes Medical Center Hospital

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1 Emergency Codes Medical Center Hospital

2 Emergency Codes Medical Center Hospital has a system for responding to the following codes Pink Green Orange Blue Rapid Response Dr. Strong Operation Zero

3 Emergency Codes Operation Zero Means that there is an actual fire
Know the floor plan of your dept. & the hospital as a whole Pay attention to exit routes Know the exact location of fire alarms and fire extinguishers

4 Emergency Codes Code Green
This is the notification of a bomb threat (usually made by a caller) Try to keep the caller on the phone. Obtain as much info. as possible. Report information to supervisor Report anything suspicious

5 Emergency Codes Code Orange
Any spill or identified contaminated individual which could present a hazard to people, the environment, or effects unknown. Contact spill team Isolate spill area Deny any entry to area

6 Emergency Codes Code Pink Missing Infant/infant abduction
Go to closest exit and watch for anyone with an infant or with a package that could hold an infant. Get a good description of the person Report information to security

7 Emergency Codes Code Blue Cardiac and/or Respiratory Arrest
Dial 2000 and give patient’s name and room number, location, and doctor’s name The code will be announced overhead The code team will respond

8 Emergency Codes Rapid Response
Person is in distress. Precursor to Code Blue if the situation escalates Dial 2000 The Rapid Response Team will arrive to assess and stabilize the situation Families and visitors CAN call a rapid response. They dial 777 from the patient room if they or their family member needs assistance.

9 Emergency Codes Dr. Strong
Called when someone is about to cause harm to themselves, the staff or the hospital property Dial 2000 The Dr. Strong team & security will respond to the location The team will assume control of the situation and direct team members as needed

10 Weather Codes Code White (Weather Watch)
Close all doors, curtains, & blinds Don’t tie up the telephone lines Code Yellow (Weather Warning) Follow all steps in code white Unplug nonessential electrical equipment Remain in assigned dept. Code Red (Weather Strike) Prepare for evacuation Move to central hallway Unplug all electrical equipment

11 Midland Memorial Hospital Emergency Codes
EMERGENCY DIAL 1100 Code 4 Cardiopulmonary emergencies Patient is breathless and/or pulseless; do not leave patient, initiate CPR CAT Team Change in patient condition Acute change in consciousness, Heart rate, BP, RR, O2 Sats, urine output, any concern Code 1000 HEICS (Disaster) On duty: Report to supervisor for duty assignments. If called in, enter through entrance by the Administration corridor and report to E-18 Code White Allows patient/family to call for additional attention Assist as instructed by supervisor Code Green Chemical Spill Follow MSDS instructions found on computer desktops. Chemo spill kits are located in Pharmacy, Oncology and Pediatrics Code Indigo Crisis Intervention Assist staff to secure individual if called upon. Do not place yourself in danger. Code Purple Infant Abduction Secure exits from hospital and observe infants/children with adults. Code Yellow Bomb Threat Turn off pagers. Look for suspicious items in your area. Do not move suspicious items; call security. Code Red Fire Follow RACE procedures; do not use elevators; evacuations are conducted horizontally (fire walls), then vertically.

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