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Turbo-Charging Your Registrations An Aceware Webinar.

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1 Turbo-Charging Your Registrations An Aceware Webinar

2 Webinar Topics Adding a Registration Deactivating Courses Speed Registration Mass Registration Transferring Registrations Dashboard Hot Tips!

3 Adding a Registration Most registrations begin by clicking the blue binoculars to look up a name. This brings up the list of names. In the find area, type the last name, a comma, a space, and the first name. Hit Enter when you locate the correct name.

4 Adding a Registration - Name Once at the name screen, click Add Registration

5 Adding a Registration - Reggie Locate and select the proper course. Add the payment.

6 Adding a Registration - Pay Time savers include: Tabbing through the fields Typing the first two characters of the Payment Type to quickly locate the correct course type

7 Editing a Registration Quick and Easy! Use the green binoculars to locate existing registrations (for quick editing). Save your changes for that registration (OK/Close) and you are automatically placed back in name look-up. Hit Esc to leave Quick Edit Lookup.

8 Deactivating Courses

9 Too many course choices can slow you down! Deactivating old, inactive classes speeds up screen display avoids potential screw ups

10 Deactivating Courses Module, Courses, Mass Change/Update/Delete Set courses to inactive Fill in dates

11 Speed Registration

12 When should you use Speed Registration? large group of students who are part of one company or organization (before or after the event) ie: contract class Any group of people with one payor When all registrations are for a single course hours, CEU’s and status are the same

13 How to... Speed Register Alt + Z Select course from list

14 If your system does not use SSN’s, check the Name Find Entry If not checked, automatically enrolls student when name is selected. Otherwise, asks for confirmation Default new names in a contract class to “Do Not Mail” Fill in options as appropriate Click Add Names to select participants.

15 New name? When a new name appears and is not yet available on the name list, hit the Esc key to access the Brief Name Entry screen and enroll the new participant

16 Mass Register

17 Mass register allows you to register all registrants from one course into another course and is great for contract or sequential programs. From the course screen, click Mass Register

18 Clicking Mass Register allows you to select the new course in which to register the current roster of students. The next screen (pictured below) allows you to choose the settings for the new course

19 Mass Register In the Data Preview Screen, remove the check mark next to any name who will not move to the next class. To assist you, grade, status, reg code and misc code are visible. When you’ve made your final selections, click NOTE: You WILL have a final opportunity to Cancel the Mass Reg Process Done

20 Keep in mind... Mass Register does not address payments Mass Register does check new class for duplicate names and eliminates names already in the target class

21 Transferring Registrations

22 Registrations can be transferred to Another class To another individual *IMPORTANT NOTE: If registrations are grouped, they must be ungrouped before any transfer occurs.

23 Transferring Registration to another Class 1. Look up name 2. Click 3. Click 4. Choose Transfer Edit Registration Class

24 Transferring Registration to another Class with Transfer Wizard Transfer Class Proceed with options as

25 Transferring Registration to another class with Transfer Wizard The task in plain English

26 Transferring Registration to another class Select the appropriate monetary option Verify transfer information Add note to document Proceed

27 Transferring Registration to another Individual 1. Look up name 2. Click 3. Click 4. Choose Transfer Edit Registration Student

28 Transferring Registrations to another Individual

29 F9 Dashboard

30 Dashboard F9( a tale of two halves) Start at the top with upcoming courses Between two dates: How many courses are within a specified number of being full? How many won’t meet the minimum required participation? Click the button for answers Show

31 Dashboard The percent of minimum represents how close you are to meeting the minimum. For 07FFIN205, you are 60% of the way toward meeting your minimum to run the class.

32 Dashboard Click to view overall departmental activity in a specific time period Refresh Display Time period Move to the bottom half for history – what has been happening

33 Query specifically for web enrollments, or by Department, Subject Code, Coordinator, or Account Code. When you’ve made your selection, Click for updated information Dashboard Refresh Display

34 Hot Tips!

35 Alt + F9 in either the name or registration screen, results in a complete list of payments for all courses for that individual.

36 Another Speed Feature! ALT + 3 Kevin Costner Hollywood Productions, ltd. 1020 Bella Vista Blvd. Suite 101 Hollywood, CA 99888 (919) 453-4443 Captures name and address information from the course screen. This allows the information to paste into Word, PowerPoint or Excel

37 Questions?

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