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THE WALK October 2-3, 2010 Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

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1 THE WALK October 2-3, 2010 Atlanta Marriott Marquis

2 Atlanta 2-Day Walk This is a 30 mile walk 20 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday Walking options: Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday only There will be cheering stations for family and friends along the route “B’Rest Stops” for hydration, snacks, potty breaks Sweep Vans- available throughout walk for those who cannot continue walking Family and friends are invited to join you at closing ceremonies

3 Event Logistics Friday Walker/Crew Check-In Saturday Walker Check-In Opening Ceremony Saturday Night Dinner Sunday Walker Check-In Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremonies

4 Hotel Stay All 2-Day Walkers and Crew stay at the hotel on Saturday night All 2-Day Walkers and Crew must register for your hotel room individually and specifying your roommate(s). (Information will be provided) Rooms can house 2 to 4 people. If you do not specify your roommate, one will be assigned A discount is available for 2-Day Walkers and Crew who want to stay Friday or Sunday night. Sunday Walkers or volunteers who would like to stay over the walk weekend may also get a room at discounted rate. Contact the ITJ office to learn how. A 2 Day Walker forfeits their Saturday night hotel stay if they switch to a Sunday Walker. When making your reservation, your credit card info will be required. There will be NO charge to your card when reservation is placed.


6 Where To Start Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program Start a training schedule focusing on miles, not time Stretching, hydration, and proper nutrition are important to prevent injury Swimming and pool exercise are effective for people who have trouble with low leg or ankle strength, or who have joint problems or arthritis Yoga and gym exercise such as stair-stepping or aerobic dance is good conditioning for long distances Three Key Clothing  good socks  good shoes  moisture wicking clothing

7 Tips Always let someone know your walking route and time due back in Always make sure you have I n. C ase. E mergency. programmed into your phone Remember to stretch before, during and after a walk Drink plenty of fluids – water and sport drinks Always carry a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of insurance card, and some change Bring a change of socks for walks more than 6 miles For your safety do not wear earphones in both ears or talk/text on your cell phone while you are walking We love them, but no dogs or children allowed on training walks by ITJ or on the route at the event No running, biking or rollerblading during training walks by ITJ or at the event


9 How To Fundraise The first step is to ASK!! Set up your personal page and have your family, friends and coworkers donate there. Write letters and e-mails (Sample fundraising letters are on our website and sample e-mails can be found once logged into your personal page). Get your co-workers to join your team fundraising efforts through our “ Doughnuts and Discussion.” (More information in orientation package) Fundraising ideas are available online at Use the “ Spare Change Program” by picking up donation cans at the ITJ office. Every penny counts! (More information in orientation package) Always, always remember to thank your donors. (A confirmation receipt will be emailed to your donor if he or she provides an email address) All donations are tax deductible.

10 Donuts and Discussion Have a company/organization you want us to talk to? We’ll bring doughnuts and coffee and share how they can partner with ITJ to support Atlanta breast cancer community.

11 Matching Gifts It’s The Journey, Inc. does apply for matching gifts if your donor’s company will match. However, we cannot credit participant accounts until gift match is received because not all companies match gifts for our organization. * We recommend participants not count on matching gifts to meet their fundraising goal due to the variations in company match requirements and release dates.

12 Checks/Cash Mail donations to: It’s The Journey, Inc, P.O. Box 102974, Atlanta GA 30368-2974 or It’s The Journey, Inc, 180 Allen Road, Suite 201 South, Atlanta, GA 30328. Donor checks should be made out to It’s The Journey, Inc or Atlanta 2-Day Walk. Checks must be attached to a donation form (Donation Forms can be found in the “Forms” section of our website). Checks must have your name in the memo section, this helps us properly credit your account in the event that your donor’s check becomes detached from the donation form. We request that cash be brought directly to the ITJ office. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ANY CASH!

13 Returned Check Policy All Checks returned to It’s The Journey, Inc. insufficient funds (NSF) will be resubmitted for deposit only once. If the check is returned NSF for a second time, you will be notified that your donor check was returned and your fundraising account will be debited the amount of the returned check. It is your responsibility to notify your donor that his or her check has been returned.

14 Transfer of Funds How Does It Work? Transfer of Funds allows money to be transferred from person to person. Or from team to team members. Where Can I Find Forms? Forms can be found on the website. Click the Forms tab and chose the Transfer of Funds Form.

15 Types of Transfers Individual to Individual Transfers - move money from one person to another. These must be submitted by the individual that is transferring money. Team to Individual Transfers – move money from the team fund to a team member’s account. These must be submitted by the team captain.

16 How Long Do Transfers Take Individual Transfers take up to 5 business days to post. Team to Individual Transfers take up to 10 business days to post.

17 When Do My Donations Post Donations made by credit or online check payments online post within 24hrs. Donations sent to the office or PO Box take 5-10 business days to post. *You are encouraged to keep and maintain a list of all your donors and donation amounts.

18 Walker Requirements To participate at in the walk least 50% of the fundraising minimum is due by Saturday, September 11, 2010. Two Day Walkers that have raised at least $500 of the $1,000 fundraising minimum by September 11 th, have the option of signing a Commitment Form for the remaining $500 or switching to a Sunday Walker. Sunday Walkers that have raised at least $250 of the $500 donation minimum by September 11 th have the option of signing a Commitment Form for the remaining $250. Commitment forms must be secured with a credit card. All money is due in from commitment forms by November 12 th. Cards will not be charged before this date. Please note donations made via self-pledge or commitment form are tax deductible. All donations are non-refundable. Questions?? Contact Andrea Lane at 404.531.4111, ext. 205, or by e-mail at

19 Important “FUN”draising Check Point Dates September 11, 2010, “FUN”draising Check Point at ITJ office, if you have not reached your goal of $1,000 or $500 you will need to attend For walkers who have not completed fundraising, but all walkers are welcome You will have the opportunity to:  Turn in donations  Turn in Transfer of Funds forms  Two Day Walkers can switch to Sunday Walker  Sign Commitment Forms

20 November 1, 2010, notification of commitment charges are mailed/emailed out to persons with remaining balance. November 12, 2010, Commitment charges begin. Importantant “FUN”draising Check Point Dates

21 Dates to Keep in Mind 2010 Events Apr. 24- Atlanta Health and Wellness 5K Apr. 24- Atlanta Health and Wellness EXPO Aug. 21- Beat the Heat Orientations and Training Walks Apr. 17- 4 mile May 15- 4-6 mile June 19- 6-9 mile July 17- 6-9 mile Sept. 11- 6-12 mile  Oct. 2-3: 8th Annual Atlanta 2-Day Walk 


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