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(she gives back) women and diaspora philanthropy in europe.

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1 (she gives back) women and diaspora philanthropy in europe

2 what are we looking for insight into DP strategies of black, migrant and refugee women in Europe visibility of social change brought about by black, migrant and refugee womens diaspora philanthropy initiatives strengthened network around womens DP: cooperation between funding institutions, development cooperation organisations, and migrant womens organisations growing investment in womens DP initiatives by philanthropic communities in Europe

3 project activities 1. public event around womens DP activities with development cooperation organisations, migrant womens organisations and other stakeholders 2. exploratory research: mapping of womens practices of giving back in five European countries the netherlands italy germany france united kingdom 3. grantmaking for DP projects focusing on womens rights and empowerment 4. publication and presentation of research findings

4 method method of research 15 interviews per country women involved in DP through womens organisations, migrant organisations, or informally organised women women from different backgrounds (country of origin, migration history, generation) active in different parts of the world different strategies, different aims

5 her findings womens DP activities challenge the traditional concept of philanthropy: –partnerships are based on reciprocity –women in the diaspora function as a bridge between structures and organisations in two countries women active in DP are more often than not are also active in organizing in the country they live in (one initiative leading into the next)

6 her findings fundraising: - own contributions and individual donations - governments and foundations - huge differences between the countries depending on available sources initiatives are both service oriented – providing education, infrastructure, emergency aid – as well as social change oriented. womens DP activities focus only in part on empowerment of women specifically efficiency: small investments effect large changes

7 women and diaspora philanthropy in italy

8 who are these women? 8 migrant womens organizations Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, El Salvador 2 development organizations Cape Verde, mixed migrant and Italian women 2 individual women migrants Peru, Argentina 1 family of female migrants Philippines individual women involved in irregular DP activities Brazil, Senegal, Nicaragua, Ukraine and Philippines

9 they are migrant women leaders and activists of migrant communities intercultural mediators business entrepreneurs domestic workers and care-givers professional workers …working and living in Italy between 8 to 33 years

10 their transnational philanthropic projects main areas of activity: education, combating illiteracy and preventing juvenile delinquency re/construction of infrastructure health needs of women and children skills training for womens economic empowerment material and food aid projects in other areas like human rights; legal support; distance 'adoption' of elderly orphaned women

11 focus on womens empowerment awareness-raising, education, orientation and counselling fight against illiteracy of girls and women reproductive health and rights labour rights and employment for women skills training for economic empowerment vocational courses such as dressmaking in Sri Lanka and in the Island of Principe

12 impact of activities on women active in DP: increased empowerment and self-esteem reconnection with country of origin and sense of belonging recognition and respect from community organizational skills

13 impact of activities on women 'beneficiaries': raised awareness of women on health and other women-specific issues economic empowerment increased awareness of communities on issues of womens rights children are educated improved structures and safety nets

14 what women have Social capital leadership skills own resources (space, time, money) family and community support empowered network in countries of origin (womens organizations, local government)

15 what women want to be able to contribute more effectively, they need: improved organisational and management skills increased support from community linking and learning with migrant women doing similar work strengthened partnerships both in the country of origin and destination access to information on funding availability

16 good practice a house for the rights, health and employment of women in Mirdita, Albania initiated by Dava Gjoka, Albanian migrant worker, enjoying support from an Italian womens NGO received financial support from City Council of Milan a centre that provides counselling services for women on rights, health and employment needs the project is bringing unity among women and collaboration of whole community; project partner is a local womens organization coordination of project is entrusted to Dava (a model experience).

17 contact her charito basa:

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