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CETD Military Requirements for Petty Officer Second Class Exit.

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1 CETD Military Requirements for Petty Officer Second Class Exit

2 Under MOPP level-1, which of the following items will provide chemical protection? A. Masks B. Clothing C. Atropine D. All of the above Answer: D 331-5-4-3 Exit

3 Who is responsible for conducting daily inspections of division spaces for the elimination of fire hazards? A. The XO B. The DCPO C. The LPO D. The WCS Answer: B 336-5-4-35 Exit

4 Duty damage control petty officers (DCPOs) normally serve for a total of how many months? A. 3 months B. 6 months C. 9 months D. 12 months Answer: B 332-5-4-8 Exit

5 Which of the following naval activities can be placed under the command of operating forces? A. Supply depots B. Ship repair facilities C. Naval air facilities D. Each of the above Answer: D 295-5-1-43 Exit

6 When first established, the Navy operated under what governmental department? A. War B. Defense C. Interior D. Congressional Answer: A 285-5-1-1 Exit

7 What THREATCON must be capable of being maintained for weeks without causing undue hardship? A. ALPHA B. CHARLIE C. BRAVO D. DELTA Answer: C 338-5-4-45 Exit

8 It is the policy of what agency to protect its personnel, their dependents, facilities, and equipment from terrorist acts? A. CIA B. DOD C. FBI D. NIS Answer: B 339-5-4-47 Exit

9 A disgruntled employee seeking to perform an act of sabotage or otherwise destroy government property would be under what terrorist threat type? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: C 341-5-4-51 Exit

10 What type of counseling session should you use when an individual is not performing at a level consistent with unit or command standards? A. Personal B. Career C. Performance D. Disciplinary Answer: C 300-5-1-68 Exit

11 Special warfare combat swimmers would most likely be found serving in which of the following units? A. Fleet diver B. SEAL C. EOD D. Submarine Answer: B 308-5-2-27 Exit

12 What military official exercises command of the Shore Establishment? A. Command, Naval Military Personnel Command B. The Chief of Naval Education and Training C. The Chief of Naval Operations D. The Chief of Naval Personnel Answer: C 287-5-1-5 Exit

13 The Navy's enlisted performance evaluation system is designed to fairly and equitably evaluate an individual's worth to the Navy. For which of the following purposes is the performance evaluation used? A. To determine an individual's eligibility for reenlistment or honorable discharge B. To determine an individual's qualifications for the Navy's special duty programs C. To select personnel for advancement D. Each of the above Answer: D 302-5-2-6 Exit

14 Which of the following points should be considered by personnel who conduct safety inspections? A. They should keep an open mind at all times B. They should know what to look for C. They should use a checklist during inspections D. All of the above Answer: D 319-5-3-24 Exit

15 Which of the following leadership actions demonstrate(s) self-control? A. Controlling anger B. Remaining calm in potentially explosive situations C. Both A and B above D. Never getting angry Answer: C 297-5-1-57 Exit

16 Which of the following items can be used for protection from chemical warfare (CW) agents? A. Masks B. Clothing C. Nerve agent antidotes D. Each of the above Answer: D 326-5-3-55

17 When you appoint someone in a work group to be in charge of an assigned task, you are exercising which of the following leadership competencies (skills)? A. Delegating authority B. Rewarding subordinates C. Planning and organizing D. Demonstrating self-control Answer: A 296-5-1-53

18 The Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) program is designed to achieve which of the following goals? A. To provide a reenlistment incentive for all firs-time reenlistees B. To reenlist sailors in ratings that are undermanned C. To encourage people to change their rating to a 'sea-going' rating D. Each of the above Answer: B 307-5-2-22

19 When is the watertight integrity of a naval ship established? A. Prior to getting under way B. At sea C. Prior to general quarters D. When the ship is built Answer: D 334-5-4-14

20 You may encounter which of the following disadvantages when buying on credit? A. Overbuying B. Paying higher credit prices as compared to cash prices C. Paying interest charges D. All of the above Answer: D 309-5-2-31 Exit

21 A worker should wear double hearing protection when working around noise sources above what prescribed sound level? A. 94 dB B. 100 dB C. 104 dB D. 140 dB Answer: C 321-5-3-32

22 The office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) was created in 1967 in response to which of the following events? A. A SECNAV task force on retention B. A request by a committee of COPs C. A request by the Fleet Reserve Association D. A recommendation by a committee of senior officers Answer: A 293-5-1-34

23 Electrical safety is the responsibility of all hands. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 329-5-3-72

24 Since large droplets of CW agent may penetrate impregnated clothing, which of the following types of clothing should be worm topside as the outside garment over the impregnated clothing? A. Wet-weather clothing B. Asbestos clothing C. Reflective clothing D. Ordinary work clothing Answer: A 328-5-3-65

25 What terrorist threat type involved an individual or group seeking to make a political statement which is usually nonviolent in nature? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: D 340-5-4-50 Exit

26 Which of the following training plans indicates what training is to be conducted on specific days and who the instructor will be? A. The Yearly Training Plan B. The Quarterly Training Plan C. The Monthly Training Plan D. The Weekly Training Plan Answer: C 316-5-3-17

27 A command that sends a person to a Navy school to learn a new skill gains which of the following advantages? A. The person can later transfer the new skill to another command B. The person can teach the new skill to other members of the crew C. The person can be retained on board for a longer period of time D. The person can take leave during the training period Answer: B 315-5-3-8

28 A person's ability to perform tasks without being told how or when to do them is measured by what enlisted performance evaluation trait? A. Initiative B. Reliability C. Military bearing D. Personal behavior Answer: A 303-5-2-13

29 Which of the following contaminants results from the incomplete combustion of coal, wood and oil? A. Fumes B. Dust C. Smoke D. Mist Answer: C 324-5-3-38

30 The closure log is maintained under which of the following conditions? A. Emergency only B. In port only C. Underway only D. At all times Answer: D 335-5-4-33 Exit

31 What President ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba? A. F.D. Roosevelt B. L.B. Johnson C. J.F. Kennedy D. J.E. Carter Answer: C 289-5-1-12

32 A general warning of possible terrorist activity would be declared as what type of THREATCON? A. ALPHA B. BRAVO C. CHARLIE D. DELTA Answer: A 337-5-4-40

33 Personnel just passing through an eye hazard area do NOT need eye protection as long as they keep moving. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: FALSE 323-5-3-36

34 The Enlisted Education Advancement Program (EEAP) provides a means of obtaining which of the following types of degrees? A. Associate B. Baccalaureate C. Masters D. Doctorate Answer: A 311-5-2-47

35 Voltages of 115 and below are very dangerous. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 325-5-3-47 Exit

36 What type of counseling session should you sue when an individual is seeking options or ideas about career paths? A. Personal B. Career C. Performance D. Disciplinary Answer: B 299-5-1-66

37 The mission oriented protective posture (MOPP) provides for measures against which of the following types of attacks? A. Chemical B. Biological C. Radiological D. Thermonuclear Answer: A 330-5-4-1

38 Which of the following offices is/are part of the Navy Department? A. The operating forces of the Navy B. The shore establishment of the Navy C. Both A and B above D. Office of the Judge Advocate General Answer: D 291-5-1-26

39 The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is appointed by what official? A. The President B. The Vice President C. The Secretary of the Navy D. The Secretary of Defense Answer: A 290-5-1-20

40 Which of the following tests are offered free of charge to military personnel through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES)? A. DANTES Subject Standardized Tests B. College admission tests C. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests D. All of the above Answer: D 312-5-2-50 Exit

41 Printing and publications are the responsibility of which of the following assistant secretaries of the Navy? A. Financial Management B. Shipbuilding and Logistics C. Manpower and Reserve Affairs D. Research, Engineering, and Systems Answer: B 292-5-1-29

42 What is the most common cause of mishaps in the Navy? A. Apathy B. Skylarking C. Lack of knowledge or skill D. Long working hours Answer: C 318-5-3-21

43 Which of the following goals are part of the Navy safety programs? A. Ensuring safe working conditions B. Reducing material loss C. Reducing injuries D. Each of the above Answer: D 317-5-3-19

44 Which of the following traits is the key to building an effective team? A. Flattery B. Cooperation C. Personal example D. Personal ambition Answer: B 298-5-1-60

45 What type of counseling session should you use when an individual has violated a specific rule or regulation? A. Personal B. Career C. Performance D. Disciplinary Answer: D 301-5-1-69 Exit

46 The basic guidance for Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) is contained in which of the following publications? A. OPNAVINST P-5100 B. OPNAVINST 5100.23B C. OPNAVINST 5100.19A D. OPNAVINST 5102.1A Answer: B 320-5-3-27

47 The Petty Officer Quality Control Review Board reviews the performance records of personnel in which of the following paygrades? A. E-4 through E-6 B. E-4 through E-7 C. E-4 through E-7 D. E-5 through E-9 Answer: D 304-5-2-17

48 People often choose which of the following reasons for making the Navy a career? A. Travel B. Retirement C. Job security D. Each of the above Answer: D 306-5-2-20

49 Supervisors and visitors who are in the vicinity of eye-hazardous operations are required to wear protective equipment. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 322-5-3-34

50 The size of the MCU-2/P protective mask issued to each person depends on which of the following factors? A. Hat size B. Face length C. Thickness of hair D. Distance from ear to ear Answer: B 327-5-3-62 Exit

51 Following the ten commandments of damage control is the responsibility of all DCPOs and duty DCPOs. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: TRUE 333-5-4-10

52 Which of the following is considered to be an effective training period and training cycle? A. 15 to 30 minutes, twice a week B. 45 to 60 minutes, three times a week C. 1 to 3 hours, once a week D. 1 to 3 hours, three times a week Answer: B 314-5-3-3

53 Which of the following features are required to create an effective unit training program? A. Compatibility B. Instruction and evaluation C. Analysis and improvement D. All of the above Answer: D 313-5-3-1

54 The provisions for discharge because of nonpayment of legal debts can be found in which of the following manuals? A. Naval Military Personnel Manual B. U.S. Navy Regulations C. Enlisted Transfer Manual D. Retention Team Manual Answer: A 310-5-2-33

55 Which of the following commands is the central authority for ship safety, explosives, and explosive ordnance disposal? A. NAVSEA B. SPAWAR C. NAVSUP D. NAVFACENGCOM Answer: A 294-5-1-40 Exit

56 After enlisting in the Navy, who is primarily responsible for insuring that you better yourself, move ahead, grow more knowledgeable, and become batter qualified? A. You B. Your division leading petty officer C. Your division chief petty officer D. Your division officer Answer: A 305-5-2-19

57 What document authorized Congress to establish the Navy? A. Navy Regulations B. The Articles of War C. The United States Constitution D. The Declaration of Independence Answer: C 286-5-1-2

58 The power to declare an emergency and to call out the military Reserves belongs to what official(s)? A. The Congress B. The Secretary of the Navy C. The Chief of Naval Operations D. The President of the United States Answer: D 288-5-1-9 Exit

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