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Individual/Dual sports/Skill development

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1 Individual/Dual sports/Skill development
Topics: Sports that include a variety oh health related components of fitness Rules and safety Skill cues Offense /defense strategies Modified games Skill development Opportunities to participate outside of class

2 Health Related Fitness
Body composition- a ratio of body fat relative to other body tissues Cardiovascular Endurance- a measure of the hearts ability to efficiently deliver oxygen through the blood to the other muscles in order to maintain vigorous exercise Flexibility- the ability to use one’s joints fully in order to prevent muscle injury Muscular Endurance- the ability of muscles to exercise many times without getting tired Muscular Strength- the amount of force put forth by a muscle or muscle group.

3 Examples of health related components of fitness
Cardiorespiratory endurance-jogging, swimming, cycling, roller blading Flexibility-stretching

4 Muscular strength- Max bench press, one squat, 1leg press.
Muscular endurance- the most amount of sit –ups in one minute, performing lifting weights for a period of time.

5 Body composition BMI, body fat skinfold test, Hydrostatic Weighing

6 Skill Related Fitness Agility- the ability to change directions quickly Balance- the ability to remain upright while standing still or moving Coordination- Coordination is the ability to use the body parts and senses together to produce smooth efficient movements. Power- the ability to do strength performances quickly Reaction time- the amount of time it takes to get moving Speed- the ability to perform a specific movement or cover a distance in a short period of time.

7 Examples of skill related components of fitness
Speed- sprinting in races, when playing golf, the speed of your arms and upper body in creating the swing are vital in driving the ball over a long distance.

8 Balance Gymnastics, ballet, and also contact sports where having good balance may prevent you being tackled to the floor!

9 Agility- shuttle run, dodging tackles, moving in tennis/badminton

10 Coordination hand-eye coordination in racket sports and the co-ordination to use the opposite arm and leg when sprinting

11 Power a sprint start, a shot-put or javelin throw, long-jump, or broad jump/vertical jump

12 Reaction time responding to the gun at the start of a race, but also a goalkeeper saving a penalty, a badminton player reacting to a smash shot, or swing a baseball bat to hit the ball.

13 Individual sports-Can you list some?
fencing Boxing- muscular and cardiovascular endurance, Body composition Archery- hand to eye coordination, upper body strength Badminton-hand/eye coordination, footwork-agility Bowling-balance Cycling-balance, cardio endurance Golf-hand/eye coordination Pickleball-hand/eye coordination Racquetball - hand/eye coordination Tennis- hand/eye coordination, cardio endurance Crossfit-all health and skill related components of fitness Track and field-some events-high jump

14 Skill development Learning cues- projects a clear description of a skill component into the students mind. Enhance learner memory-(cookies) Compresses information Focus on one specific component of skill-follow through Motivates to develop and refine skills Skill progression-starting with easier skills, and working up to harder skills - learn fundamentals and practice, practice, practice! Modified games/small groups 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5 will allow for more touches on the ball-more practice, limits down time and standing around.

15 Opportunities outside of school
Intramurals/athletics-25 hours of various sports Community parks and recreation Little/senior/pony tail leagues Pop warner football, Club soccer gymnastics Dance, cheerleading Fitness-5ks to triathlons, swim clubs, bike clubs Practicing at home use the tools provided from PE and practice them at home High schools offer around 25 sports for boys and girls ( weightlifting, bowling, tennis, softball/baseball, track and field, lacrosse, etc.)

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