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Review Indivisible Human rights. Individual Rights vs Collective Rights By Kru Danny.

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1 Review Indivisible Human rights

2 Individual Rights vs Collective Rights By Kru Danny

3 Overview Today, we are going to look at Individual Rights

4 Vocabulary Individual Rights Collective Rights Child labour

5 Individual Rights Individual rights protect the individual.

6 Collective rights Collective rights protect a group of people.

7 Individual rights or Collective?

8 Brainstorm I would like you to write down as many individual rights you have here in this room right now. PROTECT

9 Brainstorm Handout

10 The difference An important issue in human rights is between collective rights and individual rights. Collective rights protect a group of people, while individual rights protect the individual. It is important to take into account both collective and individual rights when condemning certain "violations" of human rights.

11 From your news stories on human rights, how many of yours involved children? Tell me what they were..

12 Child Labour Child labour 2

13 Indonesia There is 30% unemployed within Indonesia with a minimum wage of just $2.25 cents. But they’re around 2,500,000 million child workers. Why.


15 Child labor Employers prefer children as they are more obedient. Less likely to complain about their poor treatment. They are paid much lower salaries. As the children are unable to receive a proper education, it is difficult for them to rectify their situation.

16 Tom Harkin Announced to stop imported goods from India that involved child labor Factories that produced garments to America began to shut-down as a result. In one factory, 3,000 children were now free from factory life.

17 Is this good or bad? Is this a collective right, or an individual right?

18 As little as the children were earning, it enabled them to financially support their families. Many of the child workers were satisfied with their payment, Following the layoffs, employment was not easily found, and many children were left in dire situations. Sure, the actions of Senator Harkin were well intentioned, but in passing the bill, he fought for the collective rights of the children, neglecting the rights of the individual.

19 Individual Rights Individual rights allows freedom— which means freedom from physical force initiated by another or others, particularly by the government.

20 All individuals everywhere possess one fundamental right: the right to life. The right to life is the right to protect, sustain and further one’s life; it is the right to take all of the action that one’s life requires as a rational being. The right to liberty is the right to act in accordance with one’s judgment to attain one’s values. The right to property is the right to sustain and benefit oneself by keeping, using and disposing of the material values that one has created or earned. The right to the pursuit of happiness is the right to live for one’s own sake, fulfillment and enjoyment.

21 HOMEWORK Find out what your individual rights are at: 1) Home 2) School 3) Thailand 4) The World

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