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Naval Service Training Command Midshipmen Brief YG12 NROTC IRR RDML David F. Steindl Commander Naval Service Training Command.

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1 Naval Service Training Command Midshipmen Brief YG12 NROTC IRR RDML David F. Steindl Commander Naval Service Training Command

2 What is the IRR?  Navy Reserves the Right to Direct Individuals, and/or Request and Accept Volunteers for Commissioning into the IRR, Depending on the Needs of the Navy  Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)  Consists of Individuals  Who Have Had Training or Have Previously Served in an Active Duty Component or Selected Reserve  Participating in certain officer training programs (Chaplain Candidate, Armed Forces Health Scholarship participants)  Awaiting active duty orders  Primarily Provides the Military with a Group of Individuals who are Trained and Ready for Activation  Why is the IRR Important to You?  The Navy Will Commission a Portion of the YG-12 NROTC MIDN Into the IRR Upon Graduation 2

3  Allows the Navy to Align NROTC Active Duty Start Dates with Training Duty Assignment Availability  Provides Better Stewardship of Active Duty Military-Pay Funds  Background:  10 U.S.C. 2107 States the Individuals May be Commissioned in Active Duty Component or Reserve Component Based on Service Needs  Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps ROTC Programs Have Been Utilizing IRR for Years Why use the IRR? 3

4 IRR Entitlements SubjectEntitlement Pay Receive No Pay Until Ordered to Active Duty Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Receive One PCS Move From Your Home of Record/Current Location to Permanent Duty Station Once Assigned Active Duty Medical Care (for member only, not dependents) Per 10 USC §1074, Eligible for Health Care, If Approved Orders to Active Duty and Lack Other Health Coverage. Visit: ble/NationalGuardAndReserveAndFamilies? ble/NationalGuardAndReserveAndFamilies? Insurance No SGLI coverage ID Card PSD Will Issue You a DD Form 2, Military Reserve ID Card Vehicle Decals Eligible for Vehicle Decals Benefits Eligible for Commissary Privileges, MWR Programs, and Exchange Use Promotion Eligible and Automatically Considered for Promotion Education May be Eligible for Education Benefits via the Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP). Visit:  Time Spent in the IRR:  Will Not Affect Individual’s Date of Rank (DOR) or Seniority  Will Not Count toward Individual’s Minimum Active Duty Service Requirement 4

5 How the IRR Process Works  Fall 2011:  CNSTC Will Review and Approve/Disapprove All Hardship Waivers  Navy Will Assign Winter and Spring Graduates into the IRR  NROTCU PNS Will Notify Individual MIDN  Upon Graduation and if Selected to IRR, Individuals Will:  Be in the IRR for 2 – 12 Months  Be Provided an Active Duty Start Date and Duty Location  Be Expected to Follow Basic Accountability Instructions  NROTC Ensigns Commissioned in the IRR :  ARE Required to Remain Physically Fit and Maintain Navy Physical Fitness Assessment Standards  ARE Required to Abide by the Uniform Code of Military Justice  ARE NOT Required to Take Part in Military Activities  ARE NOT eligible for any type (cost/no-cost) orders prior to ADSD 5

6 Hardship Waivers  CNSTC Will Consider Waivers for MIDN who Demonstrate that Being Placed in the IRR Will Present Significant Challenges and Hardship Given their Individual Circumstances  Waiver Criteria (click here)Waiver Criteria (click here)  Waiver Process  MIDN Will Submit Waiver Application to NROTCU PNS  PNS Will Ensure Accuracy and Forward Waiver to NSTC OD  A Panel of Senior Officers Will Review Each Request and Forward their Recommendation to CNSTC  CNSTC Will Approve or Deny all Waiver Requests  NROTCU PNS Will Notify MIDN of CNSTC’s Decision 6

7 Things to Remember  MIDN Will NOT Receive a Paycheck/Orders Upon Graduation  MIDN Should Plan Early and Be Prepared for Worst-Case Scenario: (IRR for 10 - 12 Months)  Avoid:  Reliance on Service Members Civil Relief ACT (SCRA) Clause in Leases/Rental Agreements. Clause Applies Only if Member Receives Activation Orders  Loans with Payments Deferred Until Commissioning Date  Major Purchases  When on IRR:  Ensigns Must Muster with PERS-9 by the 15 th of Each Month  Ensigns Must Keep PERS-9 Informed of:  Residence/Mailing Address/Phone Number/Email Address  Marital/Dependency Status  Civilian Employer/Occupation  Changes in Education, Licenses or Skills  Changes in Physical Condition Which Could Affect Readiness  Any Changes in Status that Could Affect Readiness for Recall  PERS-9 : 1-800-535-2699 or 7

8 Hardship Waivers 8  Your waiver request must show that the hardship meets the following criteria:  A severe hardship exists, of a type not normally encountered and resolved by other graduating Midshipmen.  The hardship affects the Midshipman’s immediate family, defined as the Midshipman’s spouse, brother, sister, son, daughter, stepchild, bona fide dependent or parent.  The hardship is not temporary and is unlikely to be resolved before the Midshipman is ordered to active duty.  The Midshipman and his/her family have made every reasonable effort to alleviate the hardship.  No other family members or relatives can provide the necessary assistance.  Commissioning the Midshipman into active duty will eliminate or alleviate the hardship. Return

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