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SAM Lecturer Training Date: 12 September 2014 Dike Nsoedo, Project Manager.

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1 SAM Lecturer Training Date: 12 September 2014 Dike Nsoedo, Project Manager

2 Show of hands…

3 What is SAM? Student Attendance Monitoring

4 Why? Two main functions: Compliance – especially for International students. It is a UKVI requirement that we monitor attendance of students in classes Engagement/retention – to get early warning of problems: absences, patterns of attendance In the long term it should mean that manual attendance recording is no longer necessary.

5 Myth..? SAM WORKS! But it is only as good as the data that goes in…

6 Caution SAM is based on an employee recording system that has been customised for UWL to record student attendance – First university to use this product from Softworks – Others following – Nomenclature has not always been updated so you may see “employee” instead of student !

7 How does SAM work? SAM collates information: – Student data from UNIT-e (Columbus/MyRegistry) – Timetabling data from CMIS (Timetabling) – Card Touch events from classrooms Absence is the lack of a Card swipe when one was expected (or lecturer override) – No facility to record absence reasons Two parts of SAM: – “Flash Screen” used by lecturer to identify / confirm attendance at an individual lecture – Report facility to review overall course / module attendance by group (default) or an individual student

8 Reader ID Card SAM Flash Screen SAM CMIS UNIT-e Report My Attendance My Attendance Reader ID Card 24h real time Timetable data Student ID Module information Students Lecturers/administrators

9 Show of hands… How many Mac users do we have? How many of you attended the first round of SAM training?

10 Accessing SAM “SAM Flash Screen” icon on the desktop on every staff and classroom console PC URL: aspx aspx

11 SAM Flash Screen Icon

12 SAM Flash Screen

13 SAM Flash Screen – Home Page

14 SAM Flash Screen – Select Class

15 SAM Flash Screen – Class Page See documentation for details of how a Lecturer can at any time – Move, merge and cancel classes – Amend attendance

16 SAM Flash Screen – Class Page Only used by lecturers Can be updated / corrected during the lecture

17 SAM Reporting How to access a report showing overall course / module attendance by group (default) or individual student Includes details of student building entry where available

18 SAM Reports Attendance report (by individual week) – Individual student – All students in a Module – All students in a Programme Pastoral Report by all modules for a student – Default 30 weeks (Range available as option) Pastoral Report by all students in a module – Default 30 weeks (Range available as option) Access given to lecturers only after attending training (if not trained lecturer should refer to their SAO)

19 Time Recording The SAM recorder will only use a swipe from a UWL Student ID card – Not a Bank Card or Oyster Card etc. – Numbers cannot be entered into the terminal – A ‘Thank you’ merely means that a card has been read but NOT necessarily a valid one The Touch-in / SAM record relationship was defined and agreed by senior management

20 Logging onto SAM Reporting

21 Reporting Screen

22 Weekly Student Attendance Report

23 Pastoral Report

24 Export report into Excel

25 Demonstration

26 Please complete the Register to gain access to SAM and SAM reports We need: Your Name Your School

27 Using SAM… If you have problems logging in to SAM, please contact the IT Service Desk ( or phone 2222) For further advice and guidance, please: – First consult the online training guide ( – Ask a colleague! – Contact your SOA - all SOAs have been trained in using SAM To suggest an improvement or enhancement please email

28 Online training guide (

29 Take homes… Please encourage your students to touch in Try and check the attendance of your students in class Avoid timetable changes and ensure that the Timetabling team make the changes in the Timetable in advance Use SAM reports to ensure that students are attending. Identify issues early Report any problems.

30 Thank you!

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