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Socializing the Individual

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1 Socializing the Individual

2 Personality Development
Personality- sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are characteristic of an individual Changes over time Slower rate as an adult

3 Nature v. Nurture What determines your personality & behavior?
Environment or biology? Nature- Human behavior based on instinct Nurture Based on environment & learning Pavlov- dogs & bell Sociobiology- study of biological basis of all social behavior Behavior and culture-genetics *most sociologists believe that personality & behavior come from both biology & environment

4 Development Heredity Birth order Parents Culture Physical features
Aptitude (can be learned and inherited) Parents have the potential to encourage/discourage the development of certain skills Birth order Parents Age, education, religion, economics, etc. Culture Certain characteristics that are common in one large society Example- America- competitiveness & individualism

5 Isolation & childhood Feral children- living in the wild
Children who have isolated environments don’t develop fully Language, physical appearance, social norms Anna Confined to attic by grandfather Poor treatment & lack of food Little human contact Found at the age of 6- taught to walk and perform daily tasks Died at the age of 10

6 Isabelle Genie Lived in a dark room with her deaf mother
Comfort of mother, but never learned to speak Behaved like an infant Found at age of 6 and taught to speak and eventually reached the ability to join her age group Why was she more successful? Genie Lived for 13 years in a small room No noise or beaten Social & psychological skills of a 1 year old when found Never reached more than the ability of a 3rd grader

7 Institutionalization
Little interaction with adults Given food and shelter, but little else Seen in orphanages

8 Socialization Interactive process through which people learn the basic skills, values, beliefs, and behavior patterns of a society Self- conscious awareness of possessing a distinct identity that separates you and your environment from others 3 socialization theories Locke & The Tabula Rasa Cooley & The Looking Glass Self Mead & Role Taking

9 Agents of Socialization
Family Peer group School Mass media

10 Resocialization Total institution- setting in which people are isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time and are subject to tight control Prisons, boot camp, psych hospitals Resocialization- involves a break with past experiences and the learning of new values and norms Strip away all individualism Uniforms, haircuts, etc.

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