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Individual Learning Plan ILP Please sign in & get PowerPoint slides copy with access info. Please go to website:

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1 Individual Learning Plan ILP Please sign in & get PowerPoint slides copy with access info. Please go to website: Username: KentuckyILP Password: LivingstonMS (Advisor) Password: see attachment on powerpoint notes Open another tab and go to USERNAME: (see attachment) will be ilp11926 through ilp11946 (STUDENT) Password: Training Requirements, Advanced Functionalities, Gifted Student Service Plans (GSSP), etc. LCMS Staff Meeting: August 2013

2 Removing Barriers Information from FRYSC (Family First) See handouts Refer those in need

3 Infinite Campus (IC) Persistence to Graduation Report Mentioned in CDIP Please look at handout Note 8 LCMS students Note how students get points Just an indicator – CONFIDENTIAL!!! Are there more you wish to add? What can we do to mentor? Discuss in grade level PLCs

4 Learning 360 Share Mr. Brett Heppner

5 Multiple Effects of today and July 26 CSIP –LE E4: Instructional Strategies –LE E6: Mentoring Program –LE E8: 100% ILP –LE E9: Use Support Services to remove barriers –LE E10: Growth Mindset, CHETL CDIP –LE 1: Persistence to Graduation Report from IC –LE 5: Inform parents of ILP –LE 8: Operation Preparation using ILP –LE 14: Removing Barriers Program Reviews –Time to meet and plan interdisciplinary units using ILP, tech, MI, RBIS, HOT, feedback from co-developed scoring guides from peers/self/teacher; students CREATE, PERFORM, RESPOND, etc. –Advising Log

6 PD 2-page LCMS PD Action Plan –Page 1 is ALL LCMS opportunities –Pick PDs by your individual needs –Page 2 is for you to type your choices and submit (calc hours) –Register on STI PD (sign in, materials, food, etc.) –Come back and share what you learn –6 hours flexible (PLCs, etc.)

7 CSIP & Program Reviews COMMITTEE WORK Committees have I&I due to SBDM in May Give agenda at least one week prior Give minutes at most one week after LOTS of communication and shared leadership/input Documentation of BIG 9 in files Documentation of services to exceptional children (SE, GT, 504, LEP/ELL/ESL, etc.)

8 ?s EXPLORE rework Teacher’s Report Card Filing evidence for PR big 9 Registered for PD on STI PD (May 17, July 26, July 31) Do you have 504s? PSPs? Are you using GSSPs? –Have you joined LCMS GT group on SkyDrive? GSSPs, names, referrals, etc. are there –SmartPhones – there is a FREE SkyDrive App –Do you need to refer students to GT? Referral forms are on SkyDrive –You were emailed GSSPs, Referrals, GT list, etc. on February 28 –GSSPs are on IC and on ILP (you have access to ALL your students)

9 SCHOOL & STUDENT TWO ILP ACCOUNTS YOU ARE LOGGING IN to TWO DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS!!! You are going to have TEACHER view –YOUR personal log-in info is to LEFT of yellow bar on strip of paper taped to this ppt You are going to have STUDENT view –Student log-in info is to RIGHT of yellow bar

10 Target I can effectively, seamlessly integrate ILP use into my classroom.

11 IMPORTANT request Make a file called ILP File this powerpoint!!!! Go to KDE ILP resource page and print other resources I emailed you ILP lesson plans on March 7 ENCOURAGE students to use ILP all the time Encourage them to take part in ILP writing competition Encourage them to get PARENTS to review File the access cards –Student log-in information –Advisor/Teacher Log-In Information

12 As we train, always be thinking and making notes … HOW CAN I IMPLEMENT THIS IN MY CLASSROOM? How can I do an interdisciplinary unit that fits seamlessly with my content (grade level PLC discussion)? How can I integrate with program review areas (The Big 9)?

13 Draft ILP District Plan See handout 7 th and 8 th grade courses – email me how you’ll include ILP OUTSTANDING INCLUSION BY MRS. MICHELE POWELL!!!! 1 project that did MANY things!!!! –She helped PROGRAM REVIEW SCORES –She helped CCR –She addressed literacy strands Reading, WRITING, SPEAKING, Listening, & Language Use –She addressed 21 st Century Skills 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence 3. Agility and adaptability 4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism 5. Effective oral and written communication 6. Accessing and analyzing information 7. Curiosity and imagination

14 ILP Items to Complete by Grade Level: 6 th -12 th grades

15 WHY? James Hardin, Fayette County Use career data for course offerings Use learning styles for differentiation Teachers reflect on ILP use in lesson plans Got 18.2 million dollar building due to career matchmaker data he pulled from ILP [vet/equine facility, students grow food they use, GREEN building (rain gathered to water horses, etc.)] Great implementation plan

16 Neat things ILP can do Administrators –Send 1 email to 1 student –Send to all 10 th grade girls –Can set up groups (CK, SG, KL, club) and email Advisor/Teacher –Send 1 email to 1 student –Send to any students assigned to me –Can set up groups and email (1 st period, club, etc.) For group type explanation, hover mouse over “blue ? Icon” (private, shared, managed) Set up email so messages on ILP go to it –You and students need to put your email address in ILP

17 Important to Know about ILP ILP data is pulled from IC and updated 4x per year –Early September, Late November, –Late Feb/Early March, Late May –Can call if email in system and request student be added Takes about 3 weeks for students to appear when enter school Important to answer email ? at log-in –ILP techs will only speak to teacher with email Students cannot change address/phone through ILP (must do through IC contact) School use is monitored by KDE Survey question data monitored by KDE Compatible with RWG, 508s, JAWS (rec headphones)

18 Important ILP Facts Recommend use purple tabs at top rather than on left side – easier to save SAVE!!! Schools is least used tab statewide Planning Timeline –Dr. Holliday & Arne Duncan want CCR focus –If use ILP effectively, will be CCR Don’t use red “X” to close – logout so secure Espanol tab turns words to Spanish (neat Sp class activity) Students can add links to their ILP at “My Links” –Remember student tool – not official transcript –School and parent can view what students enter Administrators can add links to school page for everyone – – –Any others with CCR focus? “My Journal” on ILP – could keep class journals here 10 th -12 th graders can invite folks to view ILP and check to see if person viewed Students have 30 megabytes of storage in my docs TOOL TO CELEBRATE STUDENT SUCCESS (drop out prev, < 20% usage) Store pictures, newspaper articles, video of dance recital, athletic game, etc

19 MORE ILP Facts ILPs for home school and private schools ILP follows as student moves Can add parents/guardians if change Recommend students enter educational history (tool – not transcript); other if not ky Use through projector and model; make them do on their own. ILP archives on June 30. So, site is down from June 30-July 6.

20 GET INFORMATION OUT ABOUT ILP Newspaper WPSD Parent Newsletter in fall with parent log in, KDE resource documents, etc. Sound byte on school web page Paragraph to send home to allow parents to deny rights to invite folks to view IEP Computer lab open during ball games Parent Trainings Staff Trainings

21 Alternative Completion ARC must document decision for ILP ALT COMPLETION: MUST MARK ON ILP TOOL ANNUALLY If ILP is printed, no one will know it’s alternative due to FERPA, etc.

22 ILP Individual Learning Plan

23 What is an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)? Online career planning and education tool Available at any internet access Grades 6-12 Focus student coursework Prepare them for postsecondary studies and/or careers Free for all Kentucky public schools

24 ILP ILP is TOTAL school tool Use every year –In fall will roll out K-5, not sure what KY will do with this Not just get to 100% completion – use ALL features KDE can & does check usage –According to trainer, there are concerns with W.Ky usage Career Cruising in now CC Engaged Trainer recommends regular ILP update trainings as it’s an ever changing tool

25 ILPs required for Graduation An ILP is required within the Kentucky Regulation 704 KAR 3:305 -Minimum High School Graduation Requirements Regulation The law requires; –The ILP to begin in the 6th grade –By the 8th grade, students design a 4 year course plan for high school –The ILP to be updated and reviewed annually by student, teacher/advisor and parent

26 Items to put in ILP School Intervention Plan –If >20% not at benchmark on EPAS –Need good communication if GT math & school math plan –Parents/Students are prompted to click on blue for intervention plan – will know if it’s not there –Visitors can’t see this plan -- CONFIDENTIAL Individual intervention plan and ACCELERATION plan for those meeting Recommend download “A Guide to KSI” resource from KDE for staff GSSP (auto upload from IC) Advising Activities (can enter group or individually) 4 year course plan from 8 th -12 th grades ILP Home then GOALS AND PLANS: ELA activity; Long Term and short term TOOL to apply for scholarships, Governor’s Scholars, jobs (track awards, involvement, community service, build resume, etc.)

27 ILP – What’s Required? According to 704 KAR 3:305 Minimum High School Graduation Requirements Regulation: Districts shall implement an advising and guidance process that supports the ILP Districts shall develop a method to evaluate the effectiveness and results of the ILP process Feeder middle schools and high schools shall work cooperatively to inform parents and students of connections between career opportunities

28 ILP – What’s Required? Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, ILPs will have been completed from the 6th grade onwards, focusing on career exploration and related postsecondary education Beginning in 8th grade, students will set personal and academic goals, as well as identify courses, electives, and postsecondary goals in their ILP Schools shall maintain the ILP, make it readily available, and review it annually with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s)

29 You as an ILP STUDENT Keep student log-in so you can explore ILP capabilities as a student PARENTS and students have different log-ins --- stats track – make sure separate –Parents review and comments – must log in as parent to appear on statistics Go to student ILP Page

30 NOTE Links on left of ILP HOME KHEAA –Takes to KEES money Activities and Experiences –Organizations and activities –Hobbies and Interests –Community Service –Work Experience Awards and Recognitions Course of Study (4 year plan) –If LCHS has courses correctly uploaded, students can pick courses from their very own high school –Make sure HS maps courses, edits, changes credits if necessary, etc. KEEP UP TO DATE!!! Learning Services –GSSPs there Resume Builder –Click and drag to set order if not like default order –Pop up blocker off to preview resume –Print and export –Export to MS word to improve look Log Out

31 KEES (see handout) ALL students can earn $2,500 per year MUST MAINTAIN GOOD GRADES IN COLLEGE TO KEEP $ For each year you earn a 2.5 or better GPA, you can earn the base amount listed below. For instance, a high school freshman who earns a 3.5 GPA would have a $375 scholarship for each year of college. Amounts may change based on available funds. 2.5 GPA = $125 per year Amounts increase incrementally to high of, 4.0 GPA = $500 per year You can earn a bonus award for an ACT score of 15 or above. For example, a KEES-eligible student who has a score of 25 would earn an additional $393 for each year of college. 15 composite ACT = $36 per year Amounts increase incrementally to high of, 28 composite ACT = $500 per year IF YOU’RE ON F/R LUNCH at any time in HS, you can earn an additional high amount of $300 per year if you score a 5 on an AP test, or low amount of $200 for a 3 on an AP test, BRINGING YOUR POTENTIAL KEES to $2,800/year

32 ILP Homepage

33 Click on “Main:” purple tab at top Career Featured each week –Can research and save Career Quiz on left (5-12 ?s) – Bellringer, use if 10 minutes left, etc. INSTANT results Rec use top purple ILP tab, rather than on left “ILP Homepage” (rem easier to save from top toolbar) Upcoming events Archive of previous week’s featured careers

34 Click on ASSESSMENT tab 3 options –Career Matchmaker (39?) James Hardin recommends to do ALL 116 questions for accurate data Pamela Gabbard recommends only do 116 if nothing on top 10 career list that you want to do –My Skills (9 th and 11th graders) – review answers –Learning Styles Inventory (20?) Adm can turn off after they take, so not play with Match up styles and group accordingly Can print list of all visual, tactile, auditory learners Click on matchmaker DO 39 questions SLOWLY – click on “white ? Icon”

35 Career Matchmaker –Career Matchmaker (39? – only do 116 if nothing on list you like) 4 th gr reading level Great if learners do it SLOWLY MAKE THEM CLICK ON WHITE ? Icon and read exactly what it means!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE IF MISTAKE: Back arrow will not save – neon post it – write # Down if clicked incorrectly and will fix at end (go to “review my answers” and correct at drop down box then update career suggestions) Type of Education – click change – click education level and will give only careers that require that level of education If not match, use “other options”. Type career title and it will pull specific jobs from that area (like nursing).

36 Career Matchmaker

37 Career Matchmaker Results

38 ILP Home; Career Cruising; Career Matchmaker Click on 1 of your top 10 careers that most interests you Click “At a Glance” –Earnings – Could compare in math –Education – suggested 4 year HS course offerings Related college programs Click certification Click school Photo file of 2 diverse people in career Other resources (organizations may want to link to ILP; Occ Outlook Handbook at end) Save to ILP

39 Career Exploration

40 Assessment Now click on “Learning Styles” Take 20 ? assessment Save to ILP

41 ILP Home; Career Cruising; Learning Style Can delete and redo

42 Click on Careers Tab If find something interesting, can SAVE to ILP THIS IS WHAT OPERATION PREPARATION WILL DO!!! Can type in career name and hit go Can search by alphabetical index Can search by school subject –GREAT USE FOR CLASSROOM (can you list 10 careers in your subject area?) When am I ever going to use this? Can search by Ky’s 14 career clusters Agriculture Arts & Humanities Business/Marketing Communications Construction Education Health Science Human Services Information Technology Manufacturing Public Services Science & Mathematics Social Sciences Transportation Career selector can search by required education, etc. Can search MILITARY Can search and explore industries

43 Career Exploration

44 Career Exploration-Education

45 How integrate careers in clrm? STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) SS: environmental conditions, outlook, geographic locations, what causes differences in salaries, etc. Math: Statistics, Comparisons, etc.

46 Click on SCHOOLS tab Least used statewide because not in 100% completion requirements Search for schools (COLLEGES) –By state, types, click school & if interested save to ILP Search for programs Compare Schools –2 at a time (UK and UT) –Compare cost, housing, majors, etc. School Selector –Urban vs rural, hard vs easy, etc. –Newsletter activity for family to do together PLANNING TIMELINE –Prepare early on left – start in 6 th grade –Gr 8 –Gr. 11 by month FINANCIAL AID –PRIORITY SECTION – students should know how they’ll pay for college –Search for scholarship; can apply on-line or save if want to apply later –Search by career –Updated every 6 months –March 15 is FAFSA deadline

47 College Exploration

48 Financial Planning

49 Topics Included in the ILP The ILP includes: Assessment records Course of Study Career Planning Goals and Plans Hobbies and Interests Activities, Awards and Recognition Record Learning Styles Inventory Resume Builder Work Experience Community Service Career Cluster Interest r Learning Services record My Documents My Journal Employment Guide

50 Click EMPLOYMENT tab Click on Employment Guide, or Work search Resume –Helps fine tune (rec save to word and make “pretty”) Letter Writing –USE this tool through projector in class; make assignment for student to do on his own Interview Skills –Great use in drama class Job Offers On the Job

51 Click ILP tab (for ILP Homepage) Note search tab –For particular school or career Note “I” tab for Information Note “Espanol” tab Note “Log Out” Note bar with ILP completion status –100% annually –In IEP if alternative completion!!!! Now look on Homepage

52 ILP Homepage

53 Click Assessment Results (ON LEFT) State Assessments –Pushed in through IC Standardized Tests (EPAS) –Pushed in through IC Other Assessments –Student can enter 7 th grade EXPLORE, Discovery ThinkLink, AIMSweb, PSAT, ACT if not in junior year for accountability, etc. –Remember it’s a tool (not a transcript)

54 Back to ILP Home My Journal –Add new entry –Entries may be viewed by teacher & counselor On school tool can read group wise, school wide, individual, etc. –Can tag entries to search (job fairs, college visits, etc.)

55 ILP Home Under Quick Links –Click on “Things to remember” Read about ILP cautions Privacy protection, etc. GET INFORMATION OUT ABOUT ILP

56 Writing Competition about ILP for The Livingston Ledger Discuss Operation Preparation Week (March 25 & 26 for 8 th /10th graders) –KDE urrent+Press+Releases+and+Advisories/12-014.htm urrent+Press+Releases+and+Advisories/12-014.htm –Group mentoring by professional from top 2 career clusters and then 2 more –Individual mentoring Discuss all student can do with ILP –Research on their own time –They have access codes from recent completion Discuss all parent can do with ILP –Research on their own time –I’ll send home parent access codes Discuss what their teachers have done with ILP Discuss what teachers have done with advising, CCR, etc.

57 COMMUNICATE How can we get info about ILP to parents?

58 ILP HOME Under Quick Links Personal profile (check; can change through IC person) Educational History –Add all schools attended (tool not transcript) –At bottom check other if not Kentucky school Advisement Log –Can READ ONLY what we’ve done (P/T confs, District office review score, Hudd EXPLORE, Op Prep, etc.) –PARENTS CAN REVIEW so enter carefully Annual ILP Review Annual Student Survey Invite Others to View my ILP Guest Views

59 Course of Study

60 Career Cluster Interests

61 Career Planning Activities

62 Extracurricular Activities

63 Community Service Learning

64 ILP Completion Standards

65 Resume Builder


67 Parent View

68 Parent View-Assessment Results

69 View of Interventions

70 Parent View-Search for Schools

71 Printable View

72 Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP)

73 Student List Access The Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP) is accessible through the View/Action dropdown of the Student List for students identified as Gifted & Talented within the Infinite Campus Student Information System (SIS). If a student has not been identified as Gifted & Talented within your school’s Infinite Campus SIS data extract, the GSSP option will not be listed.

74 Plan Details: Demographics This first tab contains student demographic details, including special education modifications or accommodations.

75 Plan Details: Service Plans This second tab contains the details of the service plan. Each category has its own set of fields based on data from the KDE Infinite Campus file. Schools can manually enter and update details about the specific services that the student is receiving.

76 Plan Details: Comments & Documentation The third tab contains documentation information and comments that can be manually entered and maintained by school officials. This includes: A record of the Annual GSSP Committee Meeting A log of advisor comments Parent notification records A documentation list for the student’s plan

77 Plan Details : Related ILP Sections The fourth tab, Related ILP Sections, links to a printer- friendly version of the following sections of the ILP: Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory Results Standardized Test Scores Careers that Interest Me Hobbies & Interests This provides school officials with easy access to the most relevant GSSP information from the student’s ILP.

78 Plan Details: Printer-Friendly Report The Printer-Friendly Report combines the data from all sections of the GSSP into a single page that can be printed.

79 Gifted Student Service Plan Report The Gifted Student Service Plan report, located within the School ILP Administration Tool, lists: Each student at the school who has a GSSP Categories in which students have been identified as Gifted and/or Talented A link to the printer- friendly report of each GSSP

80 District & State ILP: GSSP Features Within the District and State ILP Reporting Systems, administrators can: Access the printer- friendly version of the GSSP from the View/ Action dropdown in the Student List View the GSSP aggregate report, which includes a link to the printer-friendly report for each student

81 Student & Parent ILP: GSSP Details Individual students, parents, and guardians have access to a read- only version of the GSSP. The GSSP component can be accessed from the Learning Services section of the ILP.

82 Student & Parent ILP: GSSP Details Students, parents and guardians can see all of their GSSP details including: Demographic information Service Plan Details for each category Comments and documentation records The Printer-Friendly version of their GSSP

83 ILP Parent Toolkit The Kentucky Department of Education created the ILP Parent Toolkit to help schools and parent organizations inform parents about the ILP. These tools are free for you to use in whatever manner best meets your needs. Downloads on the KDE website include: Parent Night/ILP Orientation Presentation PowerPoint and Script Possible ILP Timeline Managing Parent Access Document Parent Tutorial 30-second informational ILP video (parent-focused) Suggestions for Internet Access for Parents without Home Access Parent Information Sheets And more....

84 libraries school computer labs (open when athletic events occur) faith-based organizations community centers Boys/Girls Clubs coffee houses tutoring services extension agents YMCA If no Internet at Home:

85 KDE ILP Resources nal+resources/secondary+and+virtual+lear ning/ilp/ nal+resources/secondary+and+virtual+lear ning/ilp/ –Tutorials to watch at above site, other school resources, etc. Teachers’ Domain has ILP videos, etc. –

86 Infinite Campus (IC) To check all grades throughout school years Student ID number 6 digit date of birth with no hyphens us/portal/livingston.jsp us/portal/livingston.jsp –Or you can go to Livingston County website and click on Infinite Campus link There is a FREE IC SmartPhone APP to check grades, attendance, etc.

87 NOW ENTER ILP AS SCHOOL STAFF 4 levels of rights –ILP Administrator –ILP Building Adm/Counselor –Teacher/Advisor –Other Staff (alternative settings, home hospital, etc. – part of sys w/o state #) Keep training -- updates ALL our jobs to ensure students complete BE INNOVATIVE and devise new ways to use, involve parents, etc. (Self motivation)

88 SCHOOL TOOL User: kentuckyilp Pass: smms Adv Pass: inglish09 Advisor Homepage –Group entries –Student list, select student from drop down for ANNUAL REVIEW (advisor completes so student can take survey) View student list (usernames, passwords, completion status, etc.) –In drop down by student’s name, if you add assessment they cannot change

89 SCHOOL TOOL Assignments and Activities ILP Completion Report (click on unfinished # to see who it is) Helpful documents (tutorials, print outs for students, lesson plans, ACCESS CARD TEMPLATES, etc.) MANAGE PARENT ACCOUNTS – their access codes here (can mail merge on newsletter) Mass Print: GSSPs

90 Schools can use the ILP reporting function to learn about the students’ needs and interests.

91 SCHOOL TOOL User: kentuckyilp Pass: livingstonms Adv Pass: see left of yellow bar from March 26 Advisor Homepage –Group entries –Student list, select student from drop down for ANNUAL REVIEW (advisor completes so student can take survey) View student list (usernames, passwords, completion status, etc.) –In drop down by student’s name, if you add assessment they cannot change

92 SCHOOL TOOL Look on left of ILP Adv Homepg Assignments and Activities ILP Completion Report –Click on “ILP Completion Status Snapshot” (click on unfinished # to see who it is) Helpful documents (tutorials, print outs for students, lesson plans, ACCESS CARD TEMPLATES, etc.) MANAGE PARENT ACCOUNTS – their access codes here (can mail merge on newsletter) –“Parent/Guardian Comment Log –“Parent/Guardian ILP Review” --- Advisor must review the parent review Mass Print: GSSPs ILP Reports (AWESOME data; need to review to meet student needs)

93 To Find usernames & passwords Look at top, middle of page under “My Students” tab Click on “View Student List” You’ll find STUDENT usernames and passwords here You’ll also see their completion status bar Click on arrow in drop box by a student’s name –View ILP (and print hard copy for parent review) –Add Assessment –Advisor Log for INDIVIDUAL –Annual Review –Completion Status –Parent Access (parent codes are here!!!) –Send Message to INDIVIDUAL Click on Advisor Homepage at top of page or on left-hand side of page

94 Entering Advising activities Our advising curriculum is done in Careers and Consumerism. We are all responsible for testing, college, and career counseling. Look in middle of page to right – Under Advisor Administration Tab Click on “Manage Group Entry” Click on “Add New Entry” Enter date (I enter first day) Enter Topic Area Enter subject Enter description Click “Add Students” Pick only 1 descriptor (like grade 7 or a group you created) Click “Submit” Click “Select All” Then Click, “Add Students” Click “Select ALL” again if they’re not checked Finally, click “Confirm”

95 Target I can effectively, seamlessly integrate ILP use into my classroom. Send me feedback for ILP Plan.

96 HOME LEARNING: My To-Do List File this ILP information Integrate ILP use in clrm and send me “project name” Enter advising activities in ADVISEMENT LOG Encourage ILP use by parents and students Give Teacher’s Report Card to ALL your students File PR evidence for Big 9 Register on STI PD Differentiate for GT, 504, SE, ELL, targets, etc. Mentor & Remove Barriers Committee work (I&I, agenda, minutes, communication, etc.) Email items to include in student agenda Submit club information

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