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INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE FACTORS Individual Abilities Effort Organizational Support.

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1 INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE FACTORS Individual Abilities Effort Organizational Support

2 PERSONALITY A relatively stable And unique Pattern of behavior, thoughts & emotions Shown by an individual

3 PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Infancy: Trust vs Mistrust Toddler-hood: Autonomy vs Shame Childhood: Competency vs Inferiority Adolescence: Identity vs Role confusion Early Adulthood: Intimacy vs isolation Middle Adulthood: Generativity vs stagnation Late Adulthood: Ego integrity vs despair

4 THE BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS Conscientiousness Organized, self- disciplined, responsible Disorganized, undisciplined, irresponsible

5 BIG FIVE CONT’D Extroversion - introversion Sociable, talkative, active Sober, quiet, reserved

6 BIG FIVE CONT’D Agreeableness Good-natured, gentle, cooperative, forgiving Cantankerous, irritable, uncooperative

7 BIG FIVE CON’T Emotional stability Calm. enthusiastic, secure Anxious, depressed, angry, insecure

8 BIG FIVE CON’T. Openness to experience Imaginative, creative, sensitive Insensitive, narrow, unimaginative

9 OTHER TRAITS Locus of control –Internal vs external Self-monitoring –High self-monitors vs Low self- monitors

10 COGNITIVE ABILITY General intelligence -- ability to think analytically, reason, problem solve –Verbal –Numerical –General knowledge –Reasoning ability –Spatial ability

11 PHYSICAL ABILITY Motor skills: manual dexterity, eye- hand coordination, reaction time Fitness: strength, stamina

12 MEASURING PERSONALITY & ABILITY Reliability: The extent to which test scores are consistent from time to time Validity: Extent to which a test is actually measuring what it claims to measure

13 MEASURING PERSONALITY & ABILITY Projective tests: Test which use ambiguous stimuli to measure personality. Objective tests: Inventories or questionnaires used to measure personality. These are scored by any objective key so there is no room for interpretation to answers

14 BACKWARD & FORWARD Summing up : We’ve examined personality and ability and the role they play in understand how people act and react in organizations Next time: We explore the function attitudes, especially those related to work. Do attitudes influence performance?

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