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Individual Differences

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1 Individual Differences

2 Men are better than women at sport!
Gender Men are better than women at sport! 100m world record Men – 9.58secs Women – 10.49secs Javelin world record Men – 98.48metres Women – 72.28metres Weight of javelin 800grams 600 grams

3 Oxygen carrying capacity
Male Female Size Size of lungs Size of heart Oxygen carrying capacity Power Strength % of body fat Flexibility

4 What sports are males better than females at?
Why? What sports are females better than males at?

5 Somatotyping

6 Somatotyping Body shape is described by somatotyping.
This is the type of body you were born with which is determined genetically. Your body shape can be improved but you cannot make drastic changes to it, such as increasing your height or bone structure.

7 3 basic body types There are 3 basic body types: Endomorph Mesomorph

8 Endomorph Mesomorph Ectomorph End up Muscles Thin
Fatty upper arms Relatively thin wrists Wide hips Narrow shoulders Fatty thighs Large head Broad shoulders Strong forearms & thighs Narrow hips Narrow face High forehead Narrow shoulders Thin, narrow chest & abdomen Slim hips

9 Suitability for activities
Endomorph Mesomorph Ectomorph End up Muscles Thin Suited to activities like wrestling and shot-putting. Suited to activities like decathlon, gymnastics and swimming. . Suited to activities like long distance running and high jumping.

10 Somatotyping performers & scoring
Your body type can be a very important factor in physical activities as it may mean that you are particularly well suited to one particular sport or unsuited to another. The majority of people are not at the extremes of the 3 types of somatotypes, but are a mixture of them. To identify your own somatotype, each type is given a score from 1-7, with 7 being most like the somatotype.

11 Scoring The order goes as follows: Endomorph Mesomorph Ectomorph
Most sports people tend to have a strong Mesomorph characteristic, since muscle plays a large part in most sports.

12 Task Think about what scores you may give the ideal performer in the following sports: Weightlifter Gymnast Sumo wrestler Tennis player High jumper Sprinter Mr Average

13 Somatotype charts Once you have got the scores for these you can easily plot them on a chart to compare and contrast.

14 Homework For the 3 somatotypes, suggest one sport for each that may suit their particular body type, and explain why. If an individual had a somatotype rating of 3-6-5, describe their physical appearance, and give a sport that may be suitable Is a persons somatotype rating the only factor which affects their success in an activity? Explain your answer and give reasons for it.

15 Disability Should people who are disabled take part in sport?
What can be done to help disabled people take part in sport? What activities can they do?

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