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The Individual Entrepreneur

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1 The Individual Entrepreneur

2 Entrepreneurial Feelings
Locus of control Internal External Feelings about Independence Need for Achievement Risk-taking

3 Entrepreneur Background & Characteristics
Childhood Family Environment Birth order Parents’ occupation Social status Relationship with parents Education Personal Values Age Work History

4 Motivation What makes an entrepreneur take these risks?
Top reason= Independence Men= Money Women= Job satisfaction, achievement, opportunity, money

5 Role Models & Support Systems
Support Network Density Centrality

6 Role Models & Support Systems
Types of Networks Moral-Support Professional-Support Mentor Business associates Suppliers Trade associations Personal affiliations

7 Men v. Women as Entrepreneurs
Start-up Departure points Start-up finances Occupational background Personality Background Support groups Type of business started

8 Minority Entrepreneurship
African–American entrepreneurs “Average” minority owner 15.8% of U.S. businesses have a minority share in ownership 5.8% Hispanic-American 4.4% African-American 4.0% Asian-American 1.0% Native American

9 Entrepreneurs v. Inventors
What’s the difference?

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