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(228) 497-6999 MG & A 1 Individual Accounts Resource Development & Coordination “Quick-Launch” Funds RICES October.

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2 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 1 Individual Accounts Resource Development & Coordination “Quick-Launch” Funds RICES October 2008 Abby Cooper & Norciva Shumpert Marc Gold & Associates

3 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Terms: Possible Similarities & Differences individual budgets Individual Training Accounts Personal Budgets Braided Budgets Blended Budgets Individualized Funding Resource Mapping/Coordination Quick Launch Funds Individual Accounts preferred term by ODEP Marc Gold & Associates 2

4 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 3 Why include the “individual account” concept? Marc Gold & Associates

5 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Traditional: Trickle Down Shrinking Dollars –Bureaucracies –Departments –Programs –People being served Professionals at the Top Direct Manner of Funds –Determine funding of specific programs –Determine programming; where, who, when, activity –Determine where to cut funds –Determines processes for everything Marc Gold & Associates 4

6 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Shift in “How” people are served Medical Rehabilitative model Individual Empowerment; decision-making opportunities Marc Gold & Associates 5

7 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Self Determination; The national movement & base of self directed services Rests on 4 basic principles Freedom --to develop a personal plan Authority -- to control a capped amount of money Support -- to obtain personal & career goals Responsibility -- for contributing to one’s community Marc Gold & Associates 6

8 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Paradigm Shift Opportunities Interdependence of increased economic leverage and more informed and effective personal decision-making Potential results –stimulation of development of service options that are more flexible, accountable (thus more customers obtaining outcomes) –and cost effective. Marc Gold & Associates 7

9 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Systems Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Department of Rehabilitation Services Housing & Urban Development Department of Labor Marc Gold & Associates 8

10 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 9 How does braided or blended funds fit into individual accounts? Programs vs Accounts Marc Gold & Associates

11 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Common Points One person….one account Common vision based on planning with participant and family Understanding of fund options, opportunities, and cautions…avoid rigid interpretations Focus on outcomes for the participant Maintain accountability Marc Gold & Associates 10

12 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Differences Braided funds allow for tracking of the funds for the purpose of accounting Blended funds are more flexible and reduces the work required for accountability measures ublications/mixmatch/blendbraid.htm Marc Gold & Associates 11

13 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Resource Mapping/Coordination Resource mapping is used for both communities and individuals –Community Mapping: InfoBrief_2.1.pdf InfoBrief_2.1.pdf –Individual Mapping Discovery of the participant includes learning about the resources of that person and their family & community Marc Gold & Associates 12

14 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 13 Individual Accounts Abby Cooper Marc Gold & Associates

15 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Definition Individual accounts are a funding approach that places the service dollars a person will use in achieving his or her employment goals under the control of that person. The dollars within the account can pool resources or come from a single source. Marc Gold & Associates 14

16 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 15 What are the basic elements of an individual account? Marc Gold & Associates

17 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Elements of individual accounts The individual has control over how the account is spent. The individual and (his/her supports) with the assistance from the funding source (s) determine what the account will pay for. Dollars within the account can be from a variety of sources, including the individual’s contribution such as a PASS, or other funding entities such as DVR, DDD, WIA. Marc Gold & Associates 16

18 (228) 497-6999 MG & A 17 Marc Gold and Associates © Elements of individual accounts Marc Gold & Associates 17 Dollars allotted in the account are spent on services that will aid the individual in achieving his/her employment goals. Funding can be transferred to an individual’s account but in most cases it is held by an fiscal intermediary.

19 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Elements of individual accounts The amount within a given account can be predetermined or individually-determine. Currently most individual accounts are a combination of both approaches. Parameters are set by the reality of funding and then the account is based on individual needs. Caution individual accounts are not a way to save dollars. Marc Gold & Associates 18

20 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Advantages & Value The individual accounts are flexible and provide greater versatility in how services are provided. Supports and services can be chosen based on what makes the best sense for the individual. Providers of services are responsible to the individual, who is the actual purchaser of services. This gives more power to those receiving services, and make providers more accountable. Marc Gold & Associates 19

21 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Advantages & Value The individual is in control. The individual is both the driver of his or her services and responsible for the choices made. The individual has to invest in making hard decisions. Changes the entire quotation of services. Marc Gold & Associates 20

22 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Account Planning –Philosophy of customer shared control of resources –Role of advice in account development –Development of personal accounts Types of accounts: Based on a plan, disability, history, same Identifying resources to fund accounts Services or items to obtain –Fiscal Agents, other options for payment processes –Safeguards Marc Gold & Associates 21

23 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Self Directed Services Individualized planning Individualized funding Individualized services Individual outcomes Person directed planning Customer accounts/budgets Providers directed by the consumer –Selected by and perhaps from the individuals personal network –Fees and outcomes negotiated –Evaluated and approved for payment by the consumer Employment outcomes determined by the participant Marc Gold & Associates 22

24 (228) 497-6999 MG & A System Opportunities Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services – CashAllowances.pdf CashAllowances.pdf Department of Rehabilitation Services Housing & Urban Development Department of Labor Department of Education Marc Gold & Associates 23

25 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Thoughts about sustainability Using individual accounts allow agencies, communities, and other funders specific to that participant to contribute to the services of that participant. (Braiding or blending funds for a participant) Defining and naming the specific customized employment services allows a one-stop center to identify opportunities to have partners provider or reimburse for certain services for a participant. (Braiding or blending to fund the CE process) Mapping resources in the community that support customized employment will identify gaps in CE services that can be developed in a collaborative manner. Marc Gold & Associates 24

26 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Questions to consider Does the participant determine the employment goal or tasks that the funds will purchase? Does the participant select the provider to obtain their goals? Does the participant have access to providers other than the providers offering training? To equipment not on a vendor list? Does the participant know the amount of dollars in their account? Does the participant assist in determining the account? Does the participant have access to the funds for basic services such as job development or purchasing help to set up a business? Is the participant the only one that can expend or authorize expenditures of their account? Marc Gold & Associates 25

27 (228) 497-6999 MG & A FUNDS Pool of funds based on need of participant $ 8,000 per site for the 4 participants that NEED the resources to be effective –Not all participants need the funds to be successful; one may need no funds –Consider when to release funds or how to balance resources Marc Gold & Associates

28 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Allowable uses Assist in funding customized employment –Self employment; share costs with others, both personal and agency resources Equipment, supplies, licenses Resource ownership –Wage employment; initial transportation, clothes, job coach Marc Gold & Associates

29 (228) 497-6999 MG & A process Discovery….profile Employment plan Self Employment Concepts Employment sites Marc Gold & Associates

30 (228) 497-6999 MG & A RICES Quick Launch Funds Tied to a participant’s use Based on a plan and TA approval Blended and/or braided resources required Marc Gold & Associates

31 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Self Employment Concepts Business Team Research and feasibility Plan development: Operations, finance, marketing, labor analysis Business Plan Tasks Employment sites Connections Representational portfolio Job Development Marc Gold & Associates Wage employment

32 (228) 497-6999 MG & A Self Employment Business Plan Resource mapping Business Implementation: Blend/braid funds with Quick-Launch Job Development Job Analysis Job Facilitation: Blend/braid resources with Quick- Launch Marc Gold & Associates Wage employment

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