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Makna profesi, profesional,ciri profesi Falsafah Kefarmasian-2010

2 Community Pharmacist: an evolving role
education The best pharmacist Community Pharmacist: an evolving role today yesterday

3 The professions are more socially useful than other occupation , however social utility alone does not make an occupation a profession. The social utility of an occupation must be based on the possession and use of a specialized body of knowledge. An applied body of knowledge may be composed of knowledge of manual skill or intellectual knowledge. The intellectual knowledge which is of primary significance as a criterion for profession.

4 Profesionalisme adalah perwujudan aktif dari tindakan suatu keahlian Profesional , adalah orang yang memiliki pekerjaan berdasarkan keahlian yang memenuhi persyaratan keilmuan dan kemampuan dibidang profesinya. Profesi adalah bidang pekerjaan yang dilandasi pendidikan keahlian tertentu

5 The professions have developed around the provision of services that usually have three general characteristics: They are central to important human values and involve significant services ( health, education, religion,welfare) 2. They require knowledge and skills that the typical user does not have ( ability to diagnose disease, fly a plane, defend against a lawsuit)

6 3. They are personal services that must be adapted to the needs of individual clients; they are unstandardized ( surgery, divorce counseling, tax advice)

7 About The Profession The practice of pharmacy has evolved from historical emphasis on the preparation and distribution of drug products to new activities and responsibilities that focus on the rational, safe and cost effective use of drugs

8 Just as it generally assumed that:
Physicians are primarily involved in providing medical care. Nurses in providing nursing care. Pharmacists are the primary providers of pharmaceutical care.

9 As a pharmacist, you will be able to care for your patients in many important ways :
Plan and implement effective drug therapy Monitor and evaluate drug therapy to identify and solve patient-specific drug therapy problems Evaluate clinical literature Select the proper dosage form, dose and dosing schedule for a particular patient Educate and counsel patients

10 Career opportunities:
Practice in a community pharmacy Practice in a hospital pharmacy Use your expertise in the pharmaceutical industry Use your degree in other ways,such as a position with….the FDA, the drug enforcement administration, the public health service, academia, research, or the National Institutes of Health, just to name a few.

11 Practice in a community pharmacy
Community pharmacists provide pharmaceutical care directly to patients by safely and efficiently dispensing prescription medications, counseling them on the proper use of the medication, informing them of side effects or potential drug interactions, and advising them on the use of OTC medications and herbal supplements. Community pharmacists also provide information to physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.

12 Practice in a hospital pharmacy
Hospital pharmacists provide pharmaceutical care by ensuring that hospital patients receive the appropriate medications at the right time and the correct dosage. They work closely with physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other members of hospital patient care team to consult and advise on drug therapies chosen for these patients.

13 Hospital pharmacists also are responsible for the special preparation of IV’s nutritional solutions,chemotherapeutic agents, and sometimes radioactive medications

14 Use your expertise in the pharmaceutical industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists are valuable contributors to research and development programs, clinical trials on new medications, and quality control efforts. Additionally, pharmacists may be employed in developing and/or implementing marketing and sale strategies, assuring compliance with government regulations,and in public relations.

15 OBAT KARAKTERISTIK OBAT Nama Harga Kemasan Bentuk sediaan Efek samping
Asal Bahan aktif Bahan Tambahan Jalur Pemakaian Dosis Stabilitas Indikasi Khasiat Efek samping Aturan pakai Nama Bentuk sediaan Harga Kemasan

16 Ciri profesi : Knowledge and skills of profession; Commitment to self-improvement of skill and knowledge; Service orientation; Pride in the profesion; Covenantal relationship with the client (patient); Creativity and innovation; Conscience and truthworthiness; Accountability for his/her work; Ethically sound decision making; Leadership.

17 Medication: A Cyclic Workflow
pasien 1 Mencari Advis medis dokter 2 Anamnesa ;Diagnosa ; Menulis resep apoteker Review resep & menyediakan obat 3 pasien Menerima & Menggunakan obat 4

APOTEKER DOKTER ANAMNESA: Gangguan kesehatan Data lab./fisik/klinik ASSESMENT Administratif Farmasetik Farmakoterapi SISTEM BIOLOGIK DIAGNOSA RESEP OBAT DRPs Nama (generik, dagang, kimia) Bentuk sediaan Bahan aktif Mekanisme aksi Dosis Kelas terapi Rute pemakaian Interaksi PASIEN Umur Berat badan Jenis kelamin Gaya hidup / pola hidup AKTIVITAS PRAKTISI DALAM PROSES PELAYANAN KESEHATAN



21 Pharmaceutical preparations compounded individually
These PP are compounded individually for a particular patient according to the physician's prescription in a pharmacy licensed for compounding In contrast to the past, they are used rather rarely and mostly in specific situations It is highly advisable that whenever the particular suitable PP is approved and commercially available it should be preferred over the compounding The main advantage of compounded PP is the opportunity to individualize the pharmacotherapy Although the choice of commercially available PP manufactured by pharmaceutical industry is quite rich it need not cover all individual demands Hence, the individually compounded PP can be a justified choice when: The drug in a particular dosage form is not commercially available on the market The extraordinary low or high dose is needed (young children, elderly people, special situations – e.g., intoxications). In this case right dosage strength need not be readily commercially available for every patient The patient suffers from the allergy on a specific excipients (e.g., lactose – a filler, some colorizing/flavouring or antimicrobial agents - parabens) or another drug appearing in the PP Patient is unable to use a PP in its commercially available dosage form (e.g., children, elderly) The major disadvantage is the lack of standardization (it is always a „single-patient batch“), unavailability of rigorous QC testing and the appropriate clinical evaluation.

22 DOSAGEFORM Pharmaceutical dosage form
determines the physical form of the final pharmaceutical preparation is a drug delivery system which is formed by technological processing (drug formulation) must reflect therapeutic intentions, route of administrations, dosing etc.

23 DOKTER APOTEKER Tx Symptomatic Tx Causatif Tx Adjuvant R/ Remedium Cardinale Adjuvant Corrigens

24 Terima kasih


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