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The Individual Investigation A Guide to Good Practice.

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1 The Individual Investigation A Guide to Good Practice

2 The Individual Investigation What is it? How will the Investigation be delivered? How to present the Investigation? Timeline for the Individual Investigation Help and Guidance

3 The Individual Investigation What is it? It’s an opportunity for you to investigate a topic or an issue you are studying in any of WBQ Core or option subjects. Tip – pick a topic you are interested in or something that will benefit you in other subjects!

4 Choosing a topic or an issue You can choose any topic to investigate which can be linked to subjects studied. Your topic must be:- realistic have a clear focus and title make reference to Wales reference another region or country (anywhere in the world)

5 Choosing a title:  Choose a title which focuses on a topic that you are interested in.  Use a simple and straightforward title.  Choose a title and topic you already know something about. It is useful to have some knowledge about the topic before you begin.

6 Possible topics: Where I liveTourism Leisure HealthSchoolCongo WasteFriendshipsTechnology DietLifestylesHouse Animal welfare Education provision

7 Examples of titles: When and how has the tourism industry developed in Rhyl and Benidorm? What is the traditional diet of a Welsh and Spanish person? How does Wales and Germany recycle their waste? What are the positives and negatives impact of ICT on a Welsh and Australian teenagers?

8 How to choose another region / country? Make sure the other region / country is similar to Wales. Use key indicators: (Example) PopulationLanguages CultureBilingualism Choose an English speaking country as the data/information will be easier to collect!

9 Presenting the Investigation Written presentation 1,500 – 2,000 words Your Investigation should include graphs, images, statistical tables, diagrams, drawings (as appropriate to the topic)

10 Introduction – introduce the issue and aims of the investigation Background on your topic, Consider what is already known about the topic. Why you have chosen the topic/ why is it important? What do you aim to achieve by completing the investigation – be specific.

11 Tourism History of Tourism Development of Tourism Impact of Tourism Butler model Destination

12 Research Variety of sources – books, journals, magazines, opinion polls, statistical reports & internet Use internet intelligently- icWales BBC Wales Welsh Assembly Guardian unlimited

13 Finding your own information Opinion poll Focus group Interview/s Questionnaire

14 How will the Investigation be delivered? Languages Teachers IWBQ lesson based in a ICT room Homework

15 Timeline for the Individual Investigation January: Introduction to Individual Investigation February: Choose a focus and title. Gain approval for your title and start planning the investigation March – May: Conduct and write up Investigation June: Evaluate Investigation and submit final copy

16 Help and Guidance Learning coach Form tutor Subject teacher Professional in the field: Tourism – Travel Agent

17 Finally... Follow the advice given in the guidance booklet. Put ideas on paper, the sooner there are down on paper the sooner you will be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of your work and get support and advice as needed! Good Luck Good Luck

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