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The Individual Investigation

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1 The Individual Investigation
WBQ Advanced Diploma The Individual Investigation A Guide to Good Practice

2 An opportunity to investigate a topic of interest
can be chosen from the Welsh Bac core or chosen from optional subjects

3 Wide choice

4 Help and Guidance Learning coach Subject teacher
Professional in the field e.g. MRSA – nurse.

5 The Individual Investigation should take about 20 hours to complete.
Time Planning Research Writing Presenting The Individual Investigation should take about 20 hours to complete.

6 Presenting the Investigation
Written presentation 2,000 – 2,500 words not including sources Will normally include graphs, images, statistical tables, diagrams, drawings

7 Presenting the Investigation
Oral presentation At least 10 minutes. Accompanied by copies of slides and a set of speaking notes



10 The Individual Investigation can meet the requirement to produce extended writing i.e. a document of at least 1,000 words including an image. (C3.3) Oral presentation of the individual investigation can meet requirements for an oral presentation of at least 8 minutes.(C3.1b)

11 Can be based around a key question
What are the problems caused by MRSA? How differently and with what level of success is this issue being dealt with in Wales and Holland?

12 Can be based around a hypothesis
Holland has been more successful in dealing with MRSA than Wales.

13 Is it necessary to compare Wales with the other country or region?
Similar due to socialisation Similar due to other factors No - the issue is central to the investigation

14 Breakdown issue into themes
Environmental Political ISSUE Religious Cultural Social Economic

15 Research Variety of sources – books, journals, magazines, opinion polls, statistical reports & internet

16 Research Use internet intelligently icWales BBC Wales Welsh Assembly
Guardian unlimited

17 Finding own information
Opinion poll Focus group Interview/s Information deployed effectively

18 Evaluation Based on the evidence:
Be prepared to make an overall judgement Answer key question or comment on hypothesis Comment on effectiveness of the investigation e.g. original plan

19 And finally………. Add a bibliography
Use an appendix for any data, opinion poll information etc

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