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Overview Who is Ed Herbert? Why am I here? What have we seen in the field? What does Southeast Publications offer? Moving forward….

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2 Overview Who is Ed Herbert? Why am I here? What have we seen in the field? What does Southeast Publications offer? Moving forward….

3 Who is Ed Herbert? TELEVISION SALES MANAGEMENT (1983-1998) Managed local, regional and national sales at three CBS Stations. (Tri-Cities, TN-VA; Richmond, VA; New Orleans, LA). Sold millions in revenue of Television commercial messaging, which assisted clients in growing their businesses and Television Stations to increase their year-to-year sales. HEALTHCARE, Vice President– COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING (1998-2012) Responsible for branding, marketing and communications for large integrated healthcare system with 15 hospitals, 400+ employed physicians, and a for-profit subsidiary with retail outlet centers, keeping expenses under 0.5% of net revenue and increasing market share.

4 Why Am I here? Because I’m a “Newbie” to Southeast Publications Joined the company in 2012. In the last few months, my wife Teresa and I have amassed 7 jobs. I was a media “customer”, and purchased from Southeast Publications For 13 years, I was Vice President of hospital systems in Nebraska/Tennessee. I was a media “Representative”, and sold media ads Over 15 years I’ve held management positions at four Television Stations. Currently retired to the RV lifestyle Retired from high-powered healthcare position to travel with Teresa once we found…


6 Great ValueGreat Value 1 Great Relationship OpportunityGreat Relationship Opportunity 2 Great Lifestyle!Great Lifestyle! 3 We Know Southeast Publications Offers:

7 Value Thousands of FREE full color Guest Guides, a Laminated Guide, Oversized Banners and Online presence for our Establishments! Online visitors are increasing by over 20,000 per month. Without our Establishments, there are no Guest Guides and most of all no advertising revenue for any of us!

8 For the advertisers: Giving them exposure by putting their advertisement “DIRECTLY” in the hands of potential customers. Believe ad costs are too high? Southeast Publications’ rates are still much less than many advertisers are paying towards traditional media. Statistics show advertisers report 20-to-1 returns on their investments by advertising in Guest Guides. Guest Guides do generate RESULTS! Value

9 Value For Sales Associates, Southeast Publications has created SEVO and electronic opportunities to accelerate our work. These advantages give us more time to enjoy the lifestyle! Most importantly, in today’s market when companies are reducing their operational costs, Southeast Publications is still paying us very generous commissions while not increasing production costs!

10 Relationship Opportunity Build relationships with both the Establishment and local area business owners. Communicate the importance on how advertising in the Guest Guide will expand their business. “They won’t care what you know, until they know that you care”. “THANK YOU” goes a LONG way.

11 Relationship Opportunity Do you send a “THANK YOU” card after each sale? Do you send a “THANK YOU” card to your Establishments for their hospitality? Do you follow up with your Establishments after you leave? - Verify the proof was received - Satisfaction of final product after delivery Do you ask your Establishments to evaluate your performance during your exit meeting?

12 Relationship Opportunity Does your Establishment know how much you truly care about their success? Remember, Owners put their personal lives into these Establishments and businesses. Small businesses truly are the backbone of our country and deserve our Respect, our Support and our Best effort.

13 Lifestyle We have an excellent product which allows both the Establishment and the Advertiser the ability to grow their business while we travel across the country in our RV’s. Southeast Publications compensates us generously for our sales efforts. Often times the question is asked: Why do we sell advertisements for much less than they are worth?

14 Case Study On three occasions, after reviewing the Establishment history, it was determined a full panel advertisement was sold at the lowest rate, based on the ad’s history. $599 First case - We saw the value between our Establishment versus a State Park job. We sold full panel ads for $599 while other Sales Associates were selling the same identical ad for $358-$398. That’s $156 per ad of revenue lost for you! With all the available enhancements Southeast Publications is offering today, production rates have not increased. Why not?

15 Cost of Ads Enhancements to our Product $258 $358 Sales Price Not Keeping Pace $348

16 Case Study Second Case We sold a double panel ad for $819, but the advertiser refused to purchase the ad unless we matched the rate of $598, established by a fellow Sales Associate. To prevent losing the ad sale, we had to match the existing ad price which cost us $144 of lost revenue. The advertiser would have paid the $819, which the ad was worth.

17 Case Study Third Case While working an Establishment, review of SEVO records determined that 7 ads in the amount of $2700 were sold the previous year. Of that $2700, $1000 went uncollected. We collected 2 of the 3 delinquent ad balances and realized neither of these ads should have been sold based on obvious issues in their businesses. Why would you sell to a bad advertiser? Why not get paid for your efforts? There are tell-tale signs for a bad advertiser. Which are…

18 Case Study Establishment Case Studies We’ve been told by Establishment owners that Sales Associates in the past were unprofessional to the local business owners and/or gave the impression to the Establishment owner they were “lucky” Southeast Publications was there to provide them with a Guest Guide. Without the Establishment, there is no need for a Guest Guide, which in turn means no free camping and/or ad sales revenues for Sales Associates! We need our Parks!

19 What Have We Seen in the Field? Rarely a Bad Establishment Tough to sell an Establishment, but not a bad Establishment. More a bad sales effort or the impression of a bad sales effort. Disrespect the Establishment Like we are doing the Establishment a favor. Without the Establishment, there would be no ad sales needed. Collection Nightmares We have been able to make additional revenue by aggressive collection efforts. Selling Down Why sell an ad at a lower rate, when our product is worth a higher rate?

20 Moving Forward When determining your ad sales rate for this year, remember that larger markets can support a higher rate, as traditional media costs more. Increase your ad price because Southeast Publications has increased their advertisement’s value. Don’t always offer the lowest ad price. Sell the value of what Southeast Publications is offering through Guest Guide advertising. The worst they can do is say “NO”. That’s when we earn our money, by educating them on how advertising benefits them!

21 Moving Forward Be sure to say “THANK YOU” as many times as you can to your Establishments and Advertisers – we rely on them more than they rely on us. Follow up as Carlene tells us, and when you do, be sure to take a moment to say, “THANK YOU”!! “This Lifestyle is Amazing” Have fun, “This Lifestyle is Amazing”.

22 Like Wayne would always say, “I will do today what others won’t, so I can have tomorrow what others don’t”! So Let’s Go Do It!

23 THANK YOU! Questions? Ed Herbert April 9, 2013

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