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How to Be Obnoxious and Dangerous at the Same Time

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1 How to Be Obnoxious and Dangerous at the Same Time
Lousy drivers

2 Welcome to the Jungle Roads are full of bad drivers
Many of them just don’t care about other people Others lack fundamental skills Some suffer from “Hurry Disease” Some good drivers are over-confident This presentation describes their habits

3 Self-Absorbed Putting on make-up, grooming Eating Reading
Talking on cell phone or texting Wearing headphones

4 Failing to Communicate
Not using turn signal Driving unpredictably Riding the brakes Not looking before changing lanes

5 More Important Than You
Not allowing cars to merge Not waiting their turn at 4-way stops Stopping in the middle of the street instead of pulling over Won’t move right for passing traffic

6 Can’t Plan Ahead Cutting across three lanes of traffic to make an exit
Waiting at a “right turn on red” intersection until a car is coming, then pulling out in front of it

7 In a Bigger Hurry Accelerating to an obvious, easy-to-see red light or traffic jam, then braking hard to stop Tailgating Weaving through busy traffic where everyone is already going above the speed limit

8 Ignorant or Unskilled (or Both)
Straying out of the lane Trying to merge into highway-speed traffic at 35 mph Holding up the fast lane – not moving right per the law Cutting off people in the middle lane who need to get in the right lane to take an exit

9 If You’re a Great Driver
Maybe you can make your car or motorcycle do whatever you want on a closed course You may be in complete control of your vehicle However, you can’t control (or even predict) the actions of the others on the road or the road conditions/obstructions They can distract you and make you lose control 

10 Defensive Driving Tips
Stay focused. Pay attention to road conditions, speed, traffic laws, signs, signals, and the cars around you. Stay alert. You must be able to react quickly to hazards and problems. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front. The 3- to 4-second rule will usually give you enough time to brake. Get away from erratic drivers.

11 Defensive Driving Tips, cont.
Scan the road well ahead of where you are. Don’t drive behind big trucks that block your view. Don’t assume another driver is going to move out of your way or let you merge. Anticipate worst-case scenarios. Position your car where you have the best chance of seeing and being seen. Don’t speed. Posted limits are for ideal conditions. Let tailgaters pass when safe to do so. You have more reaction capability for things in front of you.

12 From a Motor Trend on-line poll
“Most of this could be cured if people practiced courteous, considerate driving habits, instead of acting like the prudish, self-centered, egotistical manics our society has become in pretty much all arenas of life.”

13 Nueces County Vehicle Policy
No cell phone use. Operator& Passengers must be county employees. For official business only. No headsets/headphones allowed. Report accidents/damage immediately to your supervisor.

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