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Jurisdictionary Jurisdictionary ® Presents: Unlocking the System Click Your Mouse To Advance The Slides.

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1 Jurisdictionary Jurisdictionary ® Presents: Unlocking the System Click Your Mouse To Advance The Slides

2 Jurisdictionary Jurisdictionary ® to Encourage Confidence in American Justice by “Unlocking the System” Promoting Public Legal Understanding

3 The Key is Knowledge  A special kind of knowledge  A precise way of thinking  An effective method of communicating  A powerful process for positive change  A process too-little understood  Putting Truth on the Public Record !

4 Statistics  94% of the World’s Lawsuits are in the US  70% of the World’s Lawyers are in the US  24.2 million violent crimes in 2001 in US cost taxpayers $147 billion  1.4 million lawsuits were filed in 2000 (13 lawsuits/minute) in California alone.  Confidence in government at all-time low.  Public has little or no practical knowledge of how our justice system works or how it ought to work … so all too often it fails needlessly.

5 The Costly Circle  Ignorance breeds Loss  Loss breeds Fear  Fear breeds Anger  Anger breeds Withdrawal  Withdrawal breeds Separation  Separation breeds Rebellion  Rebellion breeds Ignorance  And the Cycle of Losing Repeats

6 Public Legal Understanding  The Law is our Friend … your Friend  Bad Law can be Changed for the Better  Good Law can be Used to Repair Loss  Rebellion can be Reversed by Justice  Anger can be Dissipated by Education  Education can create Unity of Purpose  Unity of Purpose will result in Progress

7 What Truths Do We Share?  The People’s Safety is the Supreme Law  The People’s Safety cannot be Judged but by the Safety of Every Individual  Liberty to All … Preference to None  Each should use his property and privilege in ways that do not injure others  Who cuts the pie should take the last slice  The primary purpose of Law is Protection for the People

8 Other Self-Evident Truths  The burden of proof is on the movant  Unjust is State Power where the Law is Uncertain or Unknown  Courts are for People to Command the State  A Judge who decides without hearing both sides is unjust, regardless of his ruling  The certainty of a thing arises only from making the thing certain

9 Establishing Certainty  Effective Pleadings –Complaints and Petitions –Answers and Responses  Interrogatories  Requests for Admissions  Requests for Production  Subpoenas and Depositions  Trial and Cross-Examination Under Oath  Judgment and Court Orders

10 The Lynchpin of Logic  A thing similar is never exactly the same. –Words can establish truth that’s not “relative” –“This statement is not true!” … paradox –“All apples are oranges.” … falsehood –“Some trees are maples.” … fact  Justice doesn’t grow on trees. It is up to US.  The First Goal of Justice is Recorded Truth  The Ultimate Goal of Justice is Equity

11 What is Equity?  Black's Law Dictionary: "Equity is the spirit and habit of fairness and right-dealing which should regulate the interactions of men and women -- the rule of doing unto others as we desire them to do to us. To live honestly. To harm nobody. To render to everyone what's due. It is grounded in precepts of conscience, not in any sanctions of our written law.”  Equity is the heart and soul of justice. It is the goodness justice works for. It is the goal good men and women strive for, the substance of due process, the wisdom of our Rule of Law.

12 What Equity Demands  Equity derives from the same root word as "equal" and thus it is the guide that always points our legal systems toward that path whereon all stand before its courts without preference. Each of us is entitled to our day in court, entitled to be heard, entitled to receive every protection our government affords to others.  This is what equity demands.

13 Understanding Equity  Equity appears where love and wisdom dispense justice together.  Equity calls us to purpose in our hearts to work tirelessly for that system of law whereby equity is obeyed in all courts, and justice is secured for all.  Without Equity there can be no Justice  Without Justice there can be no Equity

14 The Need for Public Education  The Will of a well-informed Populace is a wellspring of Wisdom to guide government  The Will of an un-informed Populace brings upon itself only ruin and decay  The Will of a deceived Populace supports the self-interest of Tyrants  The Republic of our United States will only survive by Our Understanding Justice and Using its Rules to Protect Innocence!

15 Where Do We Begin?  Look to the Need –Children in Rebellion –Jails Filled to Overflowing –Cost of Clogged Court Calendars –Rapid Erosion of Due Process –Deterioration of the Family –Materialization of Morality –Replacement of Reason with Power –Loss of Trust –Threat of War and Public Unrest

16 Peace is Our Goal  What is the root cause of all warfare? –Misunderstanding –Greed Fueled by Ignorance –Reason Displaced by Power  What is always the ultimate cure? –Understanding in Shared Goals and Methods –Information that Promotes Prosperity –Power Controlled Again by Reason

17 What Is Reason?  Reason refuses to deny Self-Evident Truth  Reason anticipates the inescapable effect of Truth … and Plans Accordingly  Reason Uses Words Logically  Reason Overcomes Self-Interested Rhetoric  Reason Abides with Common-Sense  Reason Seeks What’s Best for Everyone  Reason Follows Rules that Can Be Taught!

18 When Do We Begin?  Changing Old Habits Begins Today  The Need Has Never Been Greater  Public Legal Ignorance is a Moral Crisis  Public Legal Ignorance is Costly  Public Legal Ignorance Can Be Cured –It won’t happen by itself. –It won’t happen overnight. –It won’t happen ever if we don’t begin now!

19 What Do We Need?  People who care about Justice and Truth.  People who care about their children.  People who care about their country.  People who care about other people.  People who care about the world.  People who care enough to believe.  People who care enough to begin.  People who care enough to LEARN!  An Affordable Source of Legal Knowledge 

20 Unlocking the System Jurisdictionary Jurisdictionary ®

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