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Get Out Your Calculators Request worksheet by ing

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2 Get Out Your Calculators Request worksheet by emailing

3 Some Statistics: – 90% of all hiring decisions are made from the interview – Traditional interviewing is only 14% accurate – More than 30 million people have secured a job by lying on their resumes

4 More Facts Hiring the right salespeople is the first step in developing an effective and dynamic sales force. Therefore, you must have a comprehensive recruiting process that will allow you to seek out top performers.

5 Can Sell Vs. Will Sell Can Sell Won’t Sell B B: Can Sell - Won’t Sell Sales Imposters Cannot Sell Won’t Sell D D: Cannot Sell - Won’t Sell Cannot Sell Will Sell C C: Cannot Sell - Will Sell “Rudy” (The Movie) Can Sell Will Sell A A: Can Sell - Will Sell Michael Jordan

6 Traditional 4 Step Process 1). Advertise 2). Collect Resumes 3). Interview - Make offer 4). Hope and Pray

7 Q: Why Are Sales Hiring Results So Poor? The Traditional Hiring Process Doesn’t Work in SALES

8 Most ads are boring and describe the position, and the company. Step One: Advertise Your Sales Position



11 Step Two: Read Stacks of Resumes Resumes Stink … …Like Skunks

12 Resumes are nothing more than “candidate brochures” …probably written by a resume writer.

13 Salespeople are better at interviewing than you are! Step Three: Interview & Sell the Offer

14 The Traditional Hiring Process is BROKEN!!! Step Four: Hope & Pray

15 So What’s the Answer?


17 Identifying Your Ideal Candidate  Although some or all of these criteria may appear very obvious, most companies seldom take the time to properly identify the ideal sales candidate.  THIS STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

18 What is the genetic makeup of the ideal, perfect PERS salesperson?

19 Environment (Fit) Attitudes Behavior Skills The DNA of a Sales SuperstarB.A.S.E. The Sales Quotient

20 Behavior Goals Goals Plan Tracking System Forecasting Accuracy Prospecting Discipline Focus & Follow-Up Paperwork Work Ethic Time & Workspace Management

21 Attitudes Desire/Passion Commitment Accountability/No Excuses Outlook/Self-Esteem No Money Weaknesses Supportive Buy-Cycle (Decisiveness Index) Controls Emotional Involvement (Triggers) No Need for Approval/Bravery Supportive Beliefs High Adversity Quotient Killer Instinct

22 Skills Asking Potent Questions Effective Listening Skills Early Bonding & Rapport/Relationship Building Creates & Cultivates Referral Relationships Reaches Decision Makers Learns Why Prospects Buy Get Commitments/Decisions Uncovers Actual Budgets Qualifies Proposals/Quotes

23 Environment (Fit) Experience Competition Pricing Hunting vs. Farming Appearance Management Style Match Sales Cycle (Length) Closing DISC Compatibility Cultural/Values Match Customer Development Model Method of Compensation Product Knowledge

24 Why Is PERS Selling Different Than Security Alarm? Can be more emotional Subscriber is frequently not paying for it

25 What’s Important Relationships Trust – Suggested Reading “The Trust Project”, a White Paper by Dave Kurlan Identify the motivator – Pain – Fear – Gain

26 Skill Sets Required Hunter Consultative Seller Account Manager Uses Sales 2.0 Tools Asks Good Questions Has Strong Relationships Attends Networking Events Asks Enough Questions Will Meet/Talk with Decision Makers Prospects via Phone and/or Walk-ins Quickly Develops Relationships Will Know the Real Budgets Gets Referrals from Customers/ Network Not Presenting at Inappropriate Times Will Handle Organizational Politics Reaches Decision Markers Uncovers Compelling Reasons to Buy Will Manager Time Effectively Schedules Appointments Understands How to Prospect Will Buy Won't Feel Urgency to Close Business Prospects Consistently Takes Nothing for Granted Won't Alienate People Has No Need for Approval Wont Have Trouble Asking Tough Questions Won't Look for New Accounts Recovers From Rejection Will be Able to Listen/ Ask with Ease Will Make Friends Everywhere Maintains a Full Pipeline Will Follow Up Often Will Prospect Closer Farmer Ambassador Gets Prospect To Agree To Make Decision Handles "It's a Lot of Money Objection" Very Likable Wont Make Inappropriate Quotes Has Closing Urgency Networks Well Will Meet with the Decision Maker Attempts to Close Will be Effective with People Will Find a Way to Close Won't Panic Over Objections Likes Being in Sales Wont be Overly Patient Won't Accept PutOffs May Follow Up without Reason Unlikely to be Derailed by Put-Offs Won't "Understand" Most Objections Will Waste a Lot of Time Not Likely to Take "Think it Overs" Won't Alienate Customers Prefers to Make Friends Isn't Looking to be Liked Will be Very Likable Little in the Way of Selling Skills Will Stay in the Moment at Closing Time Unlikely to be Distracted by New Accounts Qualifier Uncovers Actual Budget Meets with Decision Maker Knows the Compelling Reasons to Buy Knows Decision Making Process Asks about Everything Will Discuss Finances Handles High-Ticket Pricing OK Doesn't Let Being Liked Get in the Way Able to Stay in the Moment Self-Limiting Beliefs Won't be an Obstacle

27 Health Care Workers Are Perfect Right? Service vs sales Patient vs company Can they command respect? Are they appropriately motivated? Does the compensation plan support the right behavior?

28 Equals Incentive to Change Crucial Elements of Success DesireCommitment Outlook Responsibility

29 Hidden Weaknesses Buy Cycle Approval EmotionsMoney Records

30 Models Referral based Pull marketing – Internet – Advertising – Flyers to inform (alarm) clients

31 Referral Based - What’s Important Hunting Confidence building Persistent Activity plan: Leading indicators – Still need to manage the activity – Might be contacts, and speeches as opposed to appointments – Need to pay attention to critical ratios – Need to be Ambassadors but also must have a need to close business How to get people to trust them – Personality styles – Relationship building specifics Be viewed as expert

32 Pull Marketing Sales via phone Relationship building without visual – Communication pie: More difficult to build trust – Tone, pausing

33 Sales Cycle Typically the actual sales cycle is very short if speaking directly with the subscriber or sponsor (the one paying for subscriber) – Must be able to close in one call – Supportive buy cycle Getting the trust of the referring party may be significantly longer – Incumbent they trust or like – Wariness because of bad experiences – Frequency and consistency is key


35 ComponentDescription Heading Description to get the candidate’s attention. Must Have Your candidate must have these skills and experiences. Should Have Your candidate should have these skills and experiences. Income Requirements The candidate must have previously earned at least this much money. InstructionsInclude the e-mail to begin automation. The Search: Writing the Ad

36 Important rule of thumb… describe your candidate and their rich history! Your ideal candidate should recognize himself in your description and you will differentiate your ad from the other companies.


38 Use it early in the process to knock out candidates Trust the Objectivity The Tools of STAR Using a Predictive Assessment

39 Phone Skills Interpersonal Skills Selling Skills Match to Criteria The 5 Minute Phone Screen


41 Reality Check There is one reality that we should address here. It is very difficult to interview effectively when interviewing is not a full time practice. That difficulty is magnified when we consider that most managers have not been properly instructed to interview salespeople!

42 Interview (Make It an Audition) – To see the real person… don’t make “nice” – Put pressure on them – 30 – 45 Minutes – Use sample questions from the test printout – Use the missing info from the resume Are they who they say they are? Is their past success a good predictor of success with you?

43 The First Interview Will they develop bonding and rapport? Will they prospect? How well do they control their emotions? How much need for approval do they have? How are their listening skills? Will they close?

44 OFFER 1 ST 90 DAYS Ramp up STAR Completion It Doesn’t End with the Hiring Success Conditioning


46 Questions If you want the Sales Ghosts Calculation Worksheet email Michele at If you want The Trust Project white paper email Michele at If you want to contact me directly: or 614-396-6544 Blog: Survey Cards

47 Gretchen Gordon Braveheart Sales Performance 7100 North High Street, Suite 207 Worthington, Ohio 43085 (614) 396-6544 blog:

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