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Our Campus, Our Coverage [Name/Organization] [College] [Date]

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1 Our Campus, Our Coverage [Name/Organization] [College] [Date]

2 Introductions On this slide, you’ll want to introduce yourself and your organization for those that may be unfamiliar. If you are hosting a webinar, this could be a good place to post your picture so that others can connect your voice with a face.

3 Outline Introduction to Our Campus, Our Coverage What the Affordable Care Act means to us New no-copay coverage for women’s preventive services Why our voice matters Ways to get involved

4 What is “Our Campus, Our Coverage”? Health education and advocacy campaign We need to get the facts about our health coverage. We need to spread the word among young women and make sure people know that actual women are benefitting from the health care law.

5 What did we already gain from the Affordable Care Act? We can stay on family health insurance policies until we turn 26. We can get key preventive health care without additional costs (i.e. tobacco cessation services, screening for depression, diet counseling, vaccinations). We cannot be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions (for young adults under 19). We cannot get dropped from our insurance plan simply because we got sick.

6 “When you are chronically ill like me, good health insurance is the difference between living life with a disease or your disease leading your life. … Because ObamaCare provided me the option to stay on my parent's insurance until I was 26 … it gave me the time and flexibility to choose a career path I love rather than one that offers me insurance. You cannot overstate the importance of such freedom.” Read more from her column in USA TodayUSA Today Emily Schlichting, 22 Diagnosed as a freshman in college with Behcet’s Disease (Photo from USA Today)

7 What will we gain in 2014? We won’t be turned down for health coverage because we have a pre-existing condition. We won’t have to pay more for health insurance just because we are women. We will be able to get affordable health coverage, even if our jobs don’t provide health insurance.

8 Women’s Preventive Services As of Aug 1, 2012 new health insurance plans are required to provide women with coverage for certain preventive health care without extra charges, like co-pays.

9 Women’s Preventive Services ctd. Covered services include: –ALL prescribed FDA-approved contraception (the Pill, NuvaRing, Depo-Provera, etc.) –HIV screening and counseling –Sexually transmitted infections (STI) counseling –HPV DNA testing –Domestic violence screening & counseling –Well-woman visits –Breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling –Diabetes screening for pregnant women

10 Getting these benefits? You must obtain the method from an “in-network” provider Also, check to make sure your plan has made this change

11 What plans will see this change? Plans started making this change as of August 1, 2012. Applies to “new” plans but by August 2013 almost all student plans will be “new” plans. Self-funded student plans don’t have to comply. –But many self-funded plans are!

12 What about [college]? Our school’s student insurance plan is [name of plan]. It is [not] self funded, so it [has/does not have] to comply with this rule. According to [source], the plan [does/does not] cover this preventive care without co- pay.

13 What if you’re on your parents plan? Call your health insurance plan services department Ask them: does my plan cover contraception without co-pays? –If they say yes, great! –If they say no, ask “why is contraception not covered without co-pay?” –If they do not know why, ask: “where can I find out this information?”

14 Our school plan does not cover this care! Here you can list the responses you got about why your college does not cover this preventive care. You can also include calls to action to get people to pressure your administrators to make the change!

15 Our school plan does cover this care! This would be a great place to include a quote or two from students about why this care in important to them. You can also advertise details for an event on campus that will educate others or start conversations about why this care is so important.

16 Questions? E-mail [insert e-mail here]

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