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DCLS Credit Bureau Basics. Meet Victor. He wants to use the library and its many wonderful resources.

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1 DCLS Credit Bureau Basics

2 Meet Victor. He wants to use the library and its many wonderful resources.

3 He’s got his library card (in tasteful teal) out and ready to use. Except…

4 Surprise! Victor Frankenstein’s account is in Credit Bureau. Now what? Shrug your shoulders and check stuff out to Victor anyway Tackle Victor to the ground, take his wallet and pay off his account whether he likes it or not Explain Credit Bureau to him and get your manager

5 What’s the big deal? We’ve got thousands and thousands of books, cd’s, movies and other things. So what if a few are never returned? The big deal is that items that are never returned are not available for anybody else to use. Whether it’s the latest bestseller or an SAT exam guide, our collection is for everyone in the community, not for just one person who has a hard time with concepts like due dates or sharing. We use Credit Bureau to recover the cost of lost material. Sadly, it’s not one of these things you can shrug away because disregarding it only makes it worse down the road. Try Again

6 Um no, our insurance won’t cover this. Try Again

7 Tackling would be more exciting, wouldn’t it? Inform Victor that you can’t check anything out to him now because he’s in Credit Bureau. Ask him if he’d like to take care of the money he owes us. If he wants to dispute, deny or negotiate, offer to have your manager/supervisor or NRA talk to him. Remember, you’re only authorized to review the account and accept payment from him. Any further discussion should be handled by your manager, supervisor or NRA. This isn’t over yet, library.

8 Victor thinks of a way around the Credit Bureau block! Ah ha! I’ll use my kid’s card

9 Victor’s Bright Idea Victor is listed as the guardian of Frankenstein’s Monster. Victor will use the Monster’s library card to check things out. Check-outs, gooood

10 Victor presents the Monster’s card (in radiant red) and is ready to check out some books and CD’s. Except…

11 The Monster’s in Credit Bureau, too. What’s different about the Monster’s Credit Bureau block? Frankestein’s Monster owes less money. It will be easier to pay off. Frankenstein’s Monster is in CB because Victor, his guardian, is in CB.

12 Frankenstein’s Monster is associated with another account in Credit Bureau. It’s not because he owes us money, it’s simply that Victor Frankenstein is listed as his guardian. This is done to prevent people from getting around the Credit Bureau block and using their children’s or parent’s cards to continue using the library without paying for lost material. Frankenstein’s Monster won’t get out of Credit Bureau until Victor’s account is settled. No check- outs, baaad

13 Frankenstein’s Monster may owe us money, but that’s not why he’s in Credit Bureau. And paying this amount won’t get him out of Credit Bureau either. Try Again

14 Victor tries another scheme Ah ha! I’ll just leave the stuff in the book drop. No harm, no foul, right?

15 So while processing the bookdrop, you unwittingly check something in that was on Victor’s account.

16 And Victor just can’t escape the Credit Bureau block. Now what do you do? Click on Continue and keep checking in the bookdrop. After all, there’s a lot of stuff here that needs to get back on the shelf Click on Continue and stop checking in the bookdrop. You’ll have to make sure Victor didn’t leave anything else in there

17 Yes, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to go back on the shelf. But you’ll have to come back to it after you’ve dealt with the Credit Bureau issue. It’s more important that we don’t check in any more of Victor’s items. Be sure to search the bookdrop for anything else that might be on Victor’s account and set those aside for your manager before continuing with the bookdrop. Try Again

18 At this point, it’s too late to undo the check-in. That’s OK, but make a note of the other lost items listed here and try to find them in the bookdrop. If you find any, hand all of them to your manager or supervisor instead of checking them in.

19 OK, I give up. What do I do to get out of Credit Bureau? Getting out of Credit Bureau Once in Credit Bureau, Victor won’t get his library privileges back until when… He returns all lost material He pays the amount owed to under $45 He brings his account down to a zero balance

20 Returning all of the items on Victor’s account won’t get him out of Credit Bureau. Your manager or supervisor will make the decision whether to accept returned material. But even if everything is checked back in, Victor will remain in Credit Bureau. Try Again

21 Victor got in to Credit Bureau when the amount he owed us went above $45 and stayed there for at least 30 days. Paying the amount down to under $45 isn’t enough to get him out of Credit Bureau. Try Again

22 If Victor wants to use his library card (in tasteful teal) again, he’ll have to pay off his entire account balance. All libraries can accept cash or checks. If Victor writes a check for the entire amount, he’ll still have to wait a week until the check clears. ESA and AFL can accept credit cards, or he can pay NRA over the phone. Your manager can negotiate a payment plan for the amount owed, too. Once he’s at a zero balance, his privileges will be restored.

23 Anytime you make any change to Victor’s account, you’ll have to fill out one of these pink cards. Changes include payments, returned materials, contact information, etc… Once you’ve filled this card out, hand it to your manager or supervisor, and they will review it and send it on to the CB administrator. Credit Bureau Action Card

24 Victor Frankenstein x 141.91 121.91 20.00 x Arn Howald 01/25/12 ESA 286994 x Can you spot the mistake on this card? Click on the card where you see the error. Or click here if you can’t find here

25 20.00 x x x 141.91 121.91 If Victor had returned material, the current balance would be different. Returned material adjusts how much money is owed. As it stands, the current balance reflects only the $20 payment.

26 Fill out a pink card if you accidentally check in one of Victor’s items from the bookdrop, too. It’s a little bit different from accepting a payment.

27 Check the box next to “Has Returned Materials.” When the item was checked in, it automatically adjusted the amount owed. So fill in the line at “Current Balance.” The “Previous Balance” line isn’t necessary because you never saw the balance before the item was checked in. 286994Victor Frankenstein x 119.96 Arn Howald01/25/2012ESA

28 Spare Change Be sure to add the title of the returned item on the back of the card. Additional information like the barcode number or author isn’t necessary. Once complete, hand all of the items you’ve found in the bookdrop and the pink card to your manager or supervisor.

29 Well, I guess I can take it out of my secret, underground laboratory fund Victor pays off his account

30 Hooray! Victor has paid off his account. His borrowing privileges are restored! So is it OK to delete the Credit Bureau block now that everything is back to normal? YesNo

31 Please don’t remove the Credit Bureau block. Only the Credit Bureau Administrator is authorized to do this. After Victor makes his final payment, add a new note stating that his privileges have been restored. This way, we all know he’s allowed to use the library again.

32 That’s the Basics of Credit Bureau If you have more questions, please consult the circulation manual, your supervisor, your manager or the Credit Bureau Administrator. Keep in mind, if a Credit Bureau situation arises and neither your manager nor supervisor is available, any DCLS manager is authorized to work with the borrower. Feel free to call another library and talk to any manager on duty. You can also call NRA, and they can negotiate directly with the borrower, too. Check out more booooks

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