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Cuban Looking for Castro Supporters for a Great Deal!!!! Daily Struggle Series.

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1 Cuban Looking for Castro Supporters for a Great Deal!!!! Daily Struggle Series

2 Hello, I’m one of millions living in Cuba. I have heard that a lot of leftists living in the U.S. totally support our president Fidel Castro and completely dislike their democratic American Way of Life. If you are one of those, I have the Deal of a Lifetime for you! Do you remember that book by American writer Mark Twain “The prince and the pauper”? Well, the idea is more or less the same. Let me explain it to you: You’ll see you’ll like it!!!!!!!!!

3 First you book a flight through a third country (you wouldn’t have to worry about the Treasury Department, you’ll see why) and come to paradise island Cuba. I’ll be already waiting for you at The international Airport!!!

4 When you meet me there I’ll first give my precious rationing book You won’t have to worry anymore about all the intricacies of those capitalist Supermarkets, where you have to walk miles to get your food!!! No more hard decisions to make over what brand to buy or coupons for discounts!!! It won’t last till half the month but who cares when you are taking all that load off!!!!

5 Then I’ll give you the keys to my high rise apartment in Beautiful Havana. No more worries about bills for water because you’ll carry it yourself in buckets. No more bills for electricity because most of the time you won’t have any. No more elevators, so you’ll get exercise. It’s paradise on earth man!!!!

6 Then, you’ll get to chose your favorite means of transportation. Mine is the “Camello”. Especially in the hot humid summer of Cuba. No more down payments, monthly payments or credit in the bank to move around!!! Amazing isn’t it?

7 I don’t have a TV set but I’ll give my vintage radio so you can listen to all the lengthy speeches of your loved one. You won’t even have to move your dial because all the stations are transmitting it at the same time!!!

8 In Cuba you won't even have to work. It’s easier to beg for money on the streets or sell your rationed toothpaste and coffee (with the small downside that you will never brush again). You’ll make more money than Doctors, Engineers, Bus drivers, Office workers and laborers that make about 20 dollars a month anyway. You can also make a very fine living by digging in Dumpsters!!!

9 Education and Healthcare are FREE!!!! WOW!!! As a Cuban, you’ll receive special treatment in these wonderful facilities. You won’t have to worry about payments because the government takes the money directly from your work without ever bothering you!!!

10 As Cubans, your children will receive free high quality education and will be taught by teachers about their same age and experience so the connection teacher-students is even better!!! They will be taken away from you to work in the fields 5 days a week and will be indoctrinated but who cares when education is free???

11 In paradise Cuba you won’t even have to think or speak!!! The government does all the thinking and speaking for you and makes all those hard decisions so you don’t have to worry anymore. You won’t have to read the news either. They are all the same and say in short that in Cuba everything is Ok and the rest of the world is falling apart. No more hassles!!! No need for second opinions, because all the newspapers agree!!! No more hard to choose candidates in the elections either. The results will always be the same!!! You just have to go to the polls and pretend you are voting, they will make all those hard decisions for you!!!

12 I’ll even give a small “Banderita” (Cuban Flag) so you can wave it at Castro when the government forces you to go to the marches they organize. If you feel tired and decide not to go, it’s ok. You’ll only lose your job and won’t be able to support your family, but no worries, you can always resort to the previous jobs I told you.

13 In Cuba you won’t have to worry about safety. You’ll be well guarded all the time. Especially if you are black, gay or think too much.

14 No need to worry either about those that are against this wonderful paradise. Most of them have been already killed, are imprisoned or in Exile. A lot of American Citizens have been killed too but that is only a small price to pay for living in paradise!!! Don’t you think?

15 No more flashy globalized lifestyle for you as a Cuban. You’ll be able to laugh at those tourist foreigners that don’t know what real life is. Jajajaja Tourists in Cuba Real, down to earth Cubans

16 After all these marvels you’ll never want to leave this Wonderful Country. You will never take a ride on a cab like this one risking the life of your family. Besides, you won’t be allowed to travel anywhere anymore, even within Cuba. You won’t either understand why those extremist Cuban Americans in Exile didn’t want little Elian Gonzalez to enjoy all these wonders even though they always knew that his father had total right over him. I’m offering you the chance of becoming one of us. A real Cuban!!! To show how bona fide I am I will take all that burden you are carrying over your shoulders and will take your plane back to the U.S.:

17 In exchange for all this sacrifice I will only ask from you: 1.Your Freedom 2.Your Hopes 3.A Future I won’t be needing your house, your American car, your bank accounts or your credit cards and neither will you (so you can donate them to charity or church). I’ll work hard and make my own assets.

18 Today is the day to show the world that you really support totalitarian Castrism. What do you say? DO WE HAVE A DEAL? Please visit:

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