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Management MOJO So You Think You Want To Be a Manager.

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1 Management MOJO So You Think You Want To Be a Manager

2 To Manage or Not to Manage Management MOJO – Finding Meaning and Happiness – at Work and at Home

3 What is Management? Any responsibility for work other than your own and/or supervision of people other than yourself.

4 Management, is it in my future? What do people find when they become managers? –Overwhelmed by the responsibilities –Not prepared for the myriad of new tasks that await them –Forced to learn the art of management

5 Building Relationships Is the position internal to your current work-area or external? –Internal Advantage + Familiar with the workgroup and processes Advantage + Familiar with the management chain –External Advantage +/- Adapt to a new environment Advantage =/- Expected to perform from the start

6 Ready, Set, Go or Stop Help people and create lives - for themselves and others - that are filled with short-term satisfaction (happiness) and long-term benefit (meaning). Increase employee engagement Coaching for a better work environment and a better life. If you are ready, apply for FLRP

7 What Should My Application Packet Include? MSP Vacancy Application Form (Form 13290) or resume containing all required information as stated on the vacancy announcement; including the 2-page (maximum) Technical Competencies Narrative;

8 What Should My Application Packet Include? There are 4 Leadership Competencies that contain 13 Behavior Leadership Competencies Personal Leadership Leading Improvement Self Development Change Management Communication Innovation and Risk Management Political Savvy Achievement Orientation Leading Others Business Results Relationship Management Problem Solving and Decision Making Group Leadership Leveraging Resources Customer Focus Implementation Strategic Planning and Managing Performance & Development

9 What Should My Application Packet Include? Current Evaluation of Managerial Potential (EMP), Form 13236 for the announced managerial level Current appraisal

10 Now That You Are Manager Develop a management/leadership style that fits your needs Earn the respect of your group Choose your battles wisely Hone your ESP skills Be prepared for Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings

11 The Management Meter Surround yourself with good people Your day extends beyond 8 hours Take pride in the accomplishments of your team

12 The Management Meter Fair and honest performance appraisals The ability to successfully juggle multiple priorities

13 Professional Management MOJO What I contribute to the activity Motivation: I am doing my best to do a great job. Understanding: I know what to do and how to do it. Ability: I have the skills needed to get the job done well. Confidence: I firmly believe that I can do a great job. Authenticity: I am genuine when engaging in this activity. I am fully present.

14 Personal Management MOJO What the activity is contributing to me Happiness: I find joy in the process of this activity. Fulfillment: This activity is meaningful to me. It contributes to a larger good. Reward: Succeeding in this activity results in rewards that are important to me. Support: I get the support I need to be successful in this activity. Optimization: I am thankful for the opportunity to engage in this activity. It is a great use of my time.

15 Achieving both personal and professional success Sacrificing Surviving Stimulating Succeeding Short-Term Gratification Long-Term Benefit Sustaining

16 MOJO That positive spirit toward what you are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside

17 Links and Tips Forms required: –13236 Management Potential –13290 Management Selection Vacancy Application –

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