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Why Won’t They Just Let Me DO MY JOB! How to Overcome Educator Burnout.

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1 Why Won’t They Just Let Me DO MY JOB! How to Overcome Educator Burnout

2 Research shows that; Students show lack of achievement in schools where the educators display a poor attitude

3 The reverse is also true; Students achieve at a higher level in schools where staff consistently display a positive attitude.

4 What exactly is burnout?

5 "exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.”

6 Syndrome resulting from: Educator’s inability to protect themselves against threats to their self esteem and well being. and well being.

7 Effectiveness lies Effectiveness lies outside one’s own control while teaching requires a high level of alertness!

8 Any demand placed upon the body that brings about an immediate response

9 75/25 Theory

10 School Improvement No Child Left Behind AYP

11 State Funding for Education

12 Classroom Management

13 Professional Growth and Advancement

14 Each demand placed upon your body Is referred to as a STRESSOR

15 Stressors set off the Stress Alarm

16 General Adaptation Syndrome 1.Stress Alarm 2. Resistance Stage 3. Exhaustion Stage

17 Resistance Stage sets off: Fear-Flight-Panic Fear-Fight-Anger

18 Regulates body clock body temperature, sleep cycle, muscle contraction, appetite control, learning/memory, heart functions. Seriously impacted by: caffeine, processed sugars, alcohol, tobacco prescribed and illegal drugs.

19 Part of the larger “endorphin” group Runs the body’s “pleasure center.” Linked to daily “wakeful” stages Major neurotransmitter.


21 War preparation hormone mobilizes energy sources assists with mineral/sugar balances regulates blood pressure assists in the clotting factor

22 Evaluate Your Stress Level

23 Stress Evaluations Don’t spend your hard-earned money Many free stress evaluations on-line Holmes/Rahe Life Stress Scale

24 It is time to take back the CONTROL In YOUR life!

25 It is time to… Add real Cize to your life!

26 I refer to this as… The REPELE Method

27 It really is very simple… Reduce the resistance stage, Return your body back to the state of balance Be healthier and happier for a lot longer!


29 DiaphragmaticAbdominalButeyko

30 4-2-6 3 repetitions (minimum) 5 times per day (minimum)


32 At least 4 times per week 30 minutes for each session mix it up!


34 Maybe you're not sick – maybe you're just thirsty!

35 THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON WATER 85% of brain tissue…water 18-20% of blood circulation to the brain



38 Start and End each day with a Positive Mental Attitude “Life is mind over matter; if you don’t mind then it really doesn’t matter!”


40 Stephen Covey says… “schedule your priorities!”



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