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Sharing Our Achievements to Help You Create Yours.

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1 Sharing Our Achievements to Help You Create Yours

2  Fishbowl Inventory is the most popular inventory management solution among QuickBooks users.  Fishbowl Inventory is also a standalone tool that helps big organizations, like NASA and Mercedes-Benz, and small businesses everywhere track their products, parts, and more. Fishbowl IS Inventory All Things

3 For Our People Our Customers and Partners Our Local and Global Community Fishbowl is Committed to Excellence

4 Amazon Editors’ Pick The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning, published by Wiley, is CEO David Williams’ story of personal triumph over heartbreaking challenge. It is also Fishbowl’s story of surviving the recession and emerging even stronger. Voted one of the best business reads by Amazon editors. 2013 GlobalGlobal

5 Exceptional Thought Leadership 2012 - Present Williams’ Forbes column is one of Forbes’ Most Read and is frequently in the top 10. CEO David Williams, President Mary Scott and the Fishbowl Leadership team share articles that uplift, enrich and inspire. GlobalGlobal

6 Game-changing Leadership 2012 - 2013 Williams and Scott share Fishbowl’s vision for personal and business success to help others grow and prosper in a variety of thought leadership publications. Their articles are shared at universities across the globe to help install leadership principles and values. GlobalGlobal

7 #1 Most Requested Add-on to QuickBooks Fishbowl helps businesses of all sizes extend the life of QuickBooks and avoid the high cost of over-engineered, complex ERP systems. Fishbowl works with Intuit to provide simple, efficient, cost-effective business solutions. 2004 - Present GlobalGlobal

8 Original Intuit Gold Developer Fishbowl is one of the 1 st companies to be awarded Gold Developer status. Fishbowl consistently receives outstanding customer recommendations on the Intuit Marketplace. 2004 - Present GlobalGlobal

9 Best in the World Fishbowl is one of the top 100 companies in the world for developing cutting-edge, cost-effective technology that helps businesses become more efficient, reduce waste, and swiftly earn an ROI. Fishbowl Australia was launched in 2012 and Fishbowl Canada in 2013. 2012 GlobalGlobal

10 Best in the Continent Fishbowl is one of 100 top organizations in North America for building software solutions that help businesses become profitable. Executive Vice President John David King works with customers and partners to ensure Fishbowl continues to develop offerings not only for today but for our 100- year legacy. 2012 GlobalGlobal

11 Long-term Growth and Success 2008 - 2013 Fishbowl achieved Inc. 500/5000 status as one of the fastest- growing private companies in America 6 years in a row! NationalNational

12 Consistent Revenue Growth for Fishbowl, Our Partners, and Our Customers 2008 - 2011, 2013 Fishbowl ranks high in the Technology Fast 500 lineup. We work hard to maintain a spot on the list as one of the fastest-growing technology companies. NationalNational

13 People First and Foremost Fishbowl was recognized by Inc. for its job creation. Fishbowl continued to grow and add jobs during the recession. We help businesses stay healthy, which creates job globally. 2012 NationalNational

14 Customer Service is Job 1 Fishbowl trainers undergo 9 weeks of intensive training, testing, and certification before they earn the privilege of serving our customers. Vice President Dusty Miller has led the team since 2004. He partners with Vice President John Erickson to orchestrate world-class service. 2009 NationalNational

15 CFO Respect and Recognition 2012 Fishbowl was named one of the 25 best companies at hiring and improving the economy. CFOs across the globe recommend Fishbowl to their clients every day. Many of Fishbowl’s customers are referred by individuals who enjoy using the software. NationalNational

16 Partner Recognition Awards Fishbowl Inventory was designated an Awesome Add-On to QuickBooks by the Sleeter Group in 2008. Vice President Ian Bird runs the Fishbowl Partner Nation and Vice President Grant Kimball heads up our global Referrer Program. 2008 NationalNational

17 Best Software Development 2012 - 2013 Fishbowl was named the Best Company in the category of Software Development/Publishers in Utah. Vice Presidents Kevin Batchelor and Heber Billings talk with our customers every day to ensure Fishbowl continues to build products that meet their needs. StateState

18 Successful Local Company That Thinks Globa l 2008 - 2010, 2012 Fishbowl was ranked as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Utah. Fishbowl grew healthy and strong by helping other businesses and partners to grow. StateState

19 Investors’ Top Choice The 100 fastest-growing companies in Utah are selected from thousands of eligible applicants in the state and represent a cross-section from all industries. 2007 - 2013 StateState

20 High-tech Excellence 2008 - 2013 Fishbowl is one of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Utah Valley, a hub for successful technology ventures. Fishbowl leads the way, helping to incubate businesses. StateState

21 Fishbowl Supports Women-owned Businesses 2011 - 2013 Fishbowl is committed to supporting women’s business initiatives. Fishbowl assists companies with economic development and grant-funding programs. President Mary Scott has been recognized for her support of women’s business initiatives by these three organizations. StateState

22 Executive Awards 2012 - 2013 CEO David Williams was first honored as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs in Utah in 2011, and was joined in 2012 by President Mary Scott, who was one of only six executive women to earn this achievement in 2012. StateState

23 Sales and Marketing Excellence 2012 Fishbowl is consistently recognized for excellence in its sales and marketing. Chief Marketing Officer Kirk Tanner took home top honors in 2012. StateState

24 Learn More at Fishbowl’s VIP Newsstand 2012 - Present You areYou areOurVIP OurVIP

25 The team that works together each day to serve, uplift, and support you. This is Fishbowl Great People + Great Products and Services = Great Company Est. 2001Est. 2001 And Still GoingAnd Still GoingStrong Est. 2001Est. 2001 And Still GoingAnd Still GoingStrong

26 How Can We Serve You?

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