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LAB ONE Diffusion and Osmosis.

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1 LAB ONE Diffusion and Osmosis

2 PART A BEFORE: In the beaker = iodine (Lugol’s solution)
In the bag = starch + glucose AFTER 30 MINUTES: see picture below In and out of bag Glucose found in and out of bag Starch stayed in the bag

3 Table 1.1 p. 2 Presence of Glucose Initial Contents Solution Color
Final Bag 15%glucose +1% starch clear Blue-black + Beaker Water and iodine Straw yellow - Presence of Glucose

4 Part B 6 dialysis tubes were filled, each with a different concentration of sucrose from 0.2 M to 1.0 M They were placed in cups of distilled water. Wait 30 minutes. Mass the bags. 0.8M 1.0M distilled 0.6M distilled distilled distilled distilled

5 Part B Table 1.2 Copy the data from your lab mates.
Table 1.3 You need to copy the group data from your period. It is posted on the chalkboard above the hood by the turtle tank. You will then calculate the class average.

6 GRAPH 1.1 Graph on the X-axis: the concentrations of sucrose
Graph on the Y-axis: the class average % difference (see chart above)

7 Part C: Potato Cores Mass two potato cores and place in different sucrose solutions from 0.2 M to 1 M.

8 Example of Group Percent Change in Mass p. 11 Class Average
Table 1.3b: Water Potential of Potato Cores (Class Data) Sucrose Concentration (M) Percent Change in Mass

9 Graph 1.2 Molarity is where the line crosses the O line

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