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Latin Root Jeopardy Words Their Way 2012.

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1 Latin Root Jeopardy Words Their Way 2012

2 Latin Root Jeopardy SPECT (to look) FORM (shape) PORT (to carry) TRACT
(draw or pull) DICT (to say, speak) 100 200 300 400 500

3 One who watches; an onlooker spectator

4 SPECT 200 The prospect of good to come; anticipation expectation

5 SPECT 300 To regard with suspicion and mistrust suspect

6 SPECT 400 Verb: to esteem Noun: regard, deference Literally: to look again respect

7 SPECT 500 Looking around, watchful, prudent circumspect

8 FORM 100 One “form” or style of clothing such as is worn by nurses uniform

9 FORM 200 One who does not conform nonconformist

10 FORM 300 To form or make anew, to reclaim reform

11 FORM 400 To change into another substance, change of form transform

12 FORM 500 Disfigurement, spoiling the shape deformity

13 PORT 100 Goods brought into a country from another country to be sold import

14 PORT 200 One who carries burdens for hire porter

15 PORT 300 To remove from one place to another transport

16 PORT 400 To give an account of report

17 PORT 500 A case for carrying loose papers portfolio

18 TRACT 100 Adjective: having power to attract; alluring; inviting attractive

19 TRACT 200 A powerful motor vehicle for pulling farm machinery, heavy loads, etc. tractor

20 TRACT 300 The power to grip or hold to a surface while moving, without slipping traction

21 TRACT 400 An agreement; literally, to draw together contract

22 TRACT 500 To take apart from the rest, to deduct subtract

23 DICT 100 A book containing the word of a language explained dictionary

24 DICT 200 A speaking against, a denial contradiction

25 DICT 300 A blessing often at the end of a worship service benediction

26 DICT 400 An order proclaimed by an authority edict

27 DICT 500 To charge with a crime indict


29 Double Latin Root Jeopardy
CRED (to believe) DUCT (to lead) FER (to bear, carry) PRESS (To press) SPIR (to breathe) 200 400 600 800 1000

30 CRED 200 a system of doing business by trusting that a person will pay at a later date for goods or services credit

31 CRED 400 A set of beliefs or principles creed

32 CRED 600 Unbelievable incredible

33 CRED 800 Verb: prefix meaning “not”; word means to damage the good reputation of discredit

34 CRED 1000 An adjective, prefix ac, word means officially recognized accredited

35 DUCT 200 A person who directs the performance of a choir or an orchestra conductor

36 DUCT 400 To train the mind and abilities of educate

37 DUCT 600 To enroll as a member of a military service induct

38 DUCT 800 The formal presentation of one person to another introduction

39 DUCT 1000 An artificial channel carrying water across country aqueduct

40 FER 200 (Plants) able to bear fruit. (Animals) able or like to conceive young fertile

41 FER 400 To carry again; to submit to another for opinion refer

42 FER 600 To convey to another place, passed from one place to another transfer

43 FER 800 Endurance of pain; distress suffering

44 FER 1000 Cone bearing, as the fir tree coniferous

45 PRESS 200 A printing machine press

46 PRESS 400 Verb: to utter; Noun: any fast conveyance express

47 PRESS 600 To press against, to burden, to overpower oppress

48 PRESS 800 State of being “pressed down” or saddened depression

49 PRESS 1000 To put down, to prevent circulation suppress

50 SPIR 200 An immaterial intelligent being spirit

51 SPIR 400 To breathe out; to die expire

52 SPIR 600 To breathe through; to emit through the pores of the skin

53 SPIR 800 To breathe into; to instruct by divine influence inspire

54 SPIR 1000 To plot; to band together for an evil purpose conspire


56 Source Bear, D.R., Invernizzi, M. , Templeton, S., & Johnston, F. (2012). Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction. Fifth Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson Education.

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