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Flying through space at the speed of light were three friends Jake, Emily and Danny. They were 16, 16 and19. Danny driving, Jake on the computer and Emily.

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1 Flying through space at the speed of light were three friends Jake, Emily and Danny. They were 16, 16 and19. Danny driving, Jake on the computer and Emily sorting out the food. Until BANG! Out of nowhere a smouldering comet flew towards them and smacked the spaceship. The collision of the comet was so hard that the driver Danny had a heart attack and unfortunately died.”EMILY, abandon mission, ABANDON MISSION!!!”But Emily was nowhere to been seen. Then as he looked through one of the spaceship windows he could see Emily had been taken away as hostage by...ALIENS!!!They had green googly eyes, horrifying tentacles and gruesome teeth. Jake had to save Emily or else the aliens would kill her and he will never see her again. But then suddenly the space fuel had run out and Jake had crash landed on a gloomy, mysterious planet. As Jake got out the spacecraft he looked around and saw everything was quite blurry. But then he saw three portals he could go through only one. Which one did he go through? Was it... The black portal The fire portal The mirror

2 Chapter Two Black Portal CHAPTER 2 BLACK PORTAL Jake stepped through the unknown, ominous and luminous portal. It led him to the same planet but just lying there on the ground. He began to realise, after 10 years of astronaut training, that he was on mars. He held his head trying to get rid of the terrible head ache that he has had for a while now. He took his hands from his head and to his surprise he saw this magical red dust left on his hands. There must have been dust in his hair. He decided to venture out. Jake got up staring around him he was not aware of the dangers that surrounded him but he ventured along the vast planet anyway. He heard a terrible endless scream. “Is that Emily? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jake shouted remembering the two friends he may have lost. His weak walk turned into a sprinting run. His foot sank down a hole. “What’s happening?!” he screamed. He fell down the remains of an asteroid hole. Then he saw something he wished he hadn’t seen. ALIENS. “BLUBEDY FLOBNIBOB JIB LOLLY POP” the aliens blurted out. “NO BLUBEDY NO FLOBNIBOB NO JIB NO LOLLY POPS” Jake screamed. He only had 3 choices: PUNCH ALIENS BRIBE ALIENS LET ALIENS TAKE YOULET ALIENS TAKE YOU GO BACKGO BACK

3 Chapter Two Fire Portal The fire portal “No” Jake screamed “Why me!” Jake began to lie down...he closed his eyes, his fists clenched and he cried. He cried and cried till he could cry no more. “I have to get her back” he murmured. He began to feel anger building up in his body. He only then realised after 10 years of training he was on Mars. A wave of excitement came over him. “Is this really happening. Jake began to walk towards his wrecked, destroyed space craft until he heard the strangest sound ever. Jake turned round to discover aliens the aliens that took Emily they began to walk towards him which gradually turned into a run. He began to step back not knowing of the dangers that could be putting his life at risk. Until then Jake was falling down a hole a dark, gloomy hole and he was falling head first. Jake woke up unconscious everything was blurry around him. He stood up and began to get his bearings together. In front of him stood the ten legged aliens. “What have you done with Emily”, he Cried. “Please just give her back?”Jake only had three ideas.unch the aliens!unch the aliens!.ribe the aliens!ribe the aliens!.let them take you! GO BACKlet them take youGO BACK

4 Chapter two mirror portal The mirror portal “Where am I?” asked Jake to himself. As Jake got up hello saw ruined spaceship on Mars. He began to explore Mars. As he was exploring Mars he could see a little village with houses made of mud and rock. Jake wanted to go back and fix his spaceship but decided to go to the village and ask for help. As Jake walked, he could see a green figure and then as he saw it in a better view he could see... ALIENS! Jake ran back to the spaceship and decided to fix it himself. As he was running he fell in to a whole, head first, and was knocked out. As he woke up he could see himself being taken by aliens. They looked exactly like the hideous, gruesome ones that had taken Emily a few hours ago. He had to go and find Emily but he had been taken by aliens. As he was being taken he thought of three things he could do to save him and his friend Emily. Jake had to pick one of the options to save earth. Which one did he choose? Was it... Punch aliens Bribe aliens Let aliens take youLet aliens take you GO BACKGO BACK

5 Chapter Three Punch Aliens Punch aliens Jake had only one option. He had to fight the aliens. At this point his only weapons were his legs and fists. “HAYAAAA”Jake screamed. He began to fight the repulsive aliens but one thing Jake did not know was that the aliens were armed with dangerous weapons. “KAGH OGST GOFAT UGIN AGA BLAST GSA VGJF SHS!!”the aliens leader roared. Jack slowly backed of walking backwards and then breaking into a run. But the aliens had not given up. Jake had quickly jumped into his metallic, blue spaceship and began to drive of. As he looked at one of the rear windows on the space ship he could the aliens were pursuing him. Jake rapidly changed the speed to full power but the aliens never gave up. As he was driving Jake could see Emily in a cage surrounded by aliens and landed were she was. There he had three options. He could. Fight the aliens Kill yourself to save Emily Break the cageBreak the cage GO BACK TO FIRE PORTALGO BACK TO FIRE PORTAL GO BACK TO BLACK PORTAL GO BACK TO MIRROR PORTAL

6 Chapter Three Bribe Aliens Bribe the aliens There was only one way, he had to bribe them but he had no money. What was he going to do? Wait a minute he thought to himself. Earth secrets he whispered. “Ok, let’s make some sort of negotiation; if you help me I’ll help you “earth secrets I’ll give you earth secrets if you give me Emily. They all went into a huddle.When they had finished the oldest one said “I have better deal… we take you to the future if you give us earth secrets.”No Emily” I replied they all spoke together and said “secrets first” “No” “I replied but I regretted ever speaking. “Ummmmmmm” Jake thought for a while. “NASA is planning to wipe out the universe and aliens” he said in the quickest voice he could. ”oooooh “More” they replied.”The worlds is going to end. He regretted saying that after a while. They went away faint whispers between them. And they sent him to the future where he saw Emily and only had three options. KILL YOURSELF TO SAVE EMILY BREAK THE CAGE FIGHT

7 Chapter Three Let Aliens Take You Bribe the aliens CHAPTER 3 LET ALIENS TAKE YOU Jake did not know what to do so he raised his hands. “Come on take me I don’t care anyway” he said with a tear rushing down his cheek. “NO BLUBEDY JUBEDY NO BELI EVE NO BELI EVE” the alien screamed. “Come on guys believe in me just take me to my friend Emily.” Jake shouted. They got in a huddle and mumbled for a bit. “Are you discussing? Do you like me?” He said. The aliens continued. “Take me!” Jake said. “What are you doing?” The aliens were still mumbling. “Hey! Just take me what are you doing?!” Jake had enough of this. Finally, the mob detached and one tall emperor alien stood there. It marched forwards and stood face to face. It had a smile stuck to his face. He spoke with a very deep voice. “FLUP JUP YOU KINF SLAOP GO GLOZ TO FRIEND! YA GO JOO FOOTURE.” Jake backed up “did you just say something about the future?”He asked clearing his throat “YA FOOTURE YA GA!” the alien demanded then the alien pulled out a massive gun with swirls all around it and he shot it at Jake... Jakes eyes made him see nothing but fear. Was he dead? Was he not? No one knows! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jake screamed. But he had no pain. He soon looked at his watch. “Huh a second ago it was 10:00AM and now it’s 10:00 PM. I know! It’s a future blaster I read about this in my astronaut training!” he said. And then he saw a cage and it had EMILY IN IT. He only had 3 options. BREAK THE CAGE KILL YOURSELF TO SAVE YOUR FRIEND FIGHT THE ALIENS KILL YOURSELF TO SAVE EMILY BREAK THE CAGE FIGHT

8 Chapter Four Fight Fight the aliens Fight. Jake had to fight in order to survive. He had to fight the aliens. It was the only way to get Emily back. But how, he thought to himself.He only had his pocket knife and there was an army of them and they had Ray guns and razors. He knew he couldn't turn down now. He nearly there. All of a sudden Jake heard a bang. There was distant chanting. Jake could only just make it out. Kill,kill,kill. He thought about turning round but then he’d would look like a real coward. Jake faced the direction of the aliens he wiped the tears from his eyes. If I'm going to die I'm going to die trying He murmured to himself. Jake stood, unsure of the future,unsure of the survivors but he was certain he wasn't one of them. He pulled the knife out of his pocket and it sprung open." Come on you woo sides" there was no reply only the chanting that never seemed to end. “come on fight me" there was no answer just the silence echoing off planets. Jake finally saw Emily she was tied up and had been stuffed into an iron solid cage. They started to fire he ran towards the cage dogging as he did so he knew it was physically impossible to break a solid cage so he began to cut he cut till his hands ached and till his fingers bled. “you’re coming back home" Jake screamed to Emily. She jumped out the cage and kicked the alien which was blocking her way till he was weeping. They fled to their space ship. A grin which went twice around their faces they went home. Happy. Relived. Anxious.

9 Kill Yourself To Save Emily Chapter 4 Kill yourself to save your friend Jake was never heard of again. Nor was Mars nor was Emily. All was gone for the young astronauts of Earth. NASA soon found out from DNA evidence that they were dead. Earth was devastated. The first people on Mars no longer live. The three pairs of parent where distraught. Mars was gone...

10 Break The Cage BREAK THE CAGE CHAPTER 4 Jake ventured out towards the cage. He saw the cage. He knew it would take a lot of force to break a cage like that. He sneaked towards it. "Hoomin!!!!! Tak him tu nage. Pu him in nage" an alien chanted. "Oh no he's spotted me!" Jake whispered. "HOOMIN, HOOMIN, HOOMIN, HOOMIN, HOOMIN" all the aliens chanted. "ALIEN, ALIEN, ALIEN, ALIEN, ALIEN" Jake chanted back. He began to run. He sprinted and so did the aliens. He didn't have much in his pocket: A pocket knife, a mirror and a pair of sun glasses. He pulled out the mirror so he could see what was behind him. He saw a bunch of aliens carrying one alien. He must have been the emperor. Jake pulled out the sunglasses he threw them at the aliens the emperor fell. All of the aliens stopped. Now all the aliens where crowding around the emperor. The cage was free for Jake to break. He ran towards the cage. It was physically impossible to break an obsidian cage with a pocket knife but he tried anyway. He knew he had to save Emily. He climbed on top of the cage and he slid the knife back and forth across the obsidian. He raged and raged. BANG. Jake was not breathing. "NOOOOOOO" shouted Emily. The aliens let Emily go but there was no way home so she was left on Mars to die.

11 AUTHORS  Written by: In  India, Abdulaziz,Seamus and Oswin.

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