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One Planet Living Myth or Reality Alan Knight. And our next speaker is….

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1 One Planet Living Myth or Reality Alan Knight

2 And our next speaker is….

3 Do you know what it would say? Would you be proud? …or embarrassed?

4 The “lens” of consumer products has a huge contribution to make to SD ● 17 years on working on consumer products and environment ● Retailers, manufacturers, 3 Government think tanks

5 Environmental Impact Assessment

6 Environmental Impact Assessment

7 My life started in a forest…




11 My life started in India


13 Its my use….


15 The beer story…


17 15% - Energy used to brew beer 4% - Energy required for malting 81% - Energy to Manufacture Container 0.2% - Energy required in crop production Total = 9.7Mj Energy to produce 1 litre (4% alc) of beer

18 Entire footprint

19 89% - Water used to grow barley (irrigated) 4% - Production Water 7% - Water to Manufacture Beverage Container 1% - Water for Malting Total = 127 litres Water to produce 1 litre (4% alc) of beer

20 Solutions are possible: All of world’s productive forests = well managed ?

21 Solutions are possible: 10% of world’s productive forests FSC’ed - Marks and Spencer - Wyevale Garden Centres

22 Sustainable or unsustainable? “Imported directly from Zambia”


24 Three Big Challenges:

25 1) Reduce Poverty

26 2) Reduce Climate Change

27 3) Working within the finite limits of the planet = one planet living! If everyone in the world used the same amount of resources as those in UK we would need 3 planets worth of natural resources

28 Getting ready for impact of emerging economies... ‘If Chinese want to live like Americans, we will need the resources of four Planet Earths’ Liang Congjie, Environmentalist (2004)

29 Balance between three challenges:

30 Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption - Joint – SDC and NCC - 18 months - What can UK gov. do on the consumption problem? - Report = 30,000 downloads

31 Don’t over rely on the green consumer….

32 Small changes over time drive change… Choice editing = no to G’s to C’s Richmond Parking fees Road tax banding China! £25 congestion charge


34 Introducing “Product Roadmaps” Label Choice editing

35 Choice editing…

36 ● Ethical Trading Section, 2005 concluded: - Need to double sales of “certified” ethical products - Need for KPIs to track performance - Outlined an “Ethical Trade Forum” ● But first a Champions Group to review these ideas Then came FISS.

37 1) … all the elements of sustainability. 2) … adopt “sustainable sourcing”, rather than “ethical trading” 3) … scope of “sustainable sourcing” should cover; poverty, finite limits, climate change, animal welfare 4) …Government must have its own clearly articulated opinions 5) …role of UK farms should be articulated 6) …not over rely on certification schemes 7) …not over rely on simple, numerical KPIs 8) … develop product roadmaps 9) …embedded carbon – yes, Label – not convinced 10) …establishment of a “Sustainable Food Sourcing Forum”. 11) …supermarket trading relationships can not be ignored 12) …cover all food outlets Draft dozen recommendations; Government’s policy on food should…

38 One Planet Living Myth or Reality?

39 One Planet Living = reality Three Planet Living = myth!

40 Know your product’s story 3 big challenges pride


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