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WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS. Translation Typesetting Designing Corporate presentations Transcription Copy-writing Content development OUR SERVICES WORLD.

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2 Translation Typesetting Designing Corporate presentations Transcription Copy-writing Content development OUR SERVICES WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

3 ABOUT US World One Communications is a multi functional and multi faceted company envisaged under the aegis of a young visionary. The vision is to engross all the areas of communication technology, besides giving it a new dimension altogether. The scope of world one communications encompasses and extends to the firmament of software design and development, Web design and development, translation services, advertising, transcription, copywriting, content writing, besides offering host of other cutting edge business solutions. We offer all these services to our clients at affordable costs, without compromising on quality standards. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

4 CLIENT SERVICES World One Communications was designed keeping in mind the next generation fulgent dream of emerging global giants on a variety of communication platters. The company on its onward march to registering consecutive successes has chiseled a rich inventory of diversified clientele. Major clients to whom World One Communications has been catering includes… WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

5 LINGUISTIX: LINGUISTIX: Translation and Transcription Services Globalization process gave a platter to formulate a parlance to communicate in a variety of environs, cultures and traditions. A much enhanced and developed communication parlance in turn had a deep rooted affect on overall business processes, besides indispensable buoyancy in job markets thereof. In fact what is happening gradually is that the very nature and the role of communication has been redefined considering multiplicity of cultures and traditions. The unapproachable had become approachable. Linguistix, an entity working under aegis of Flagship Company, world One Communications, soon realized rapid growth in nature of global communication process. At linguistix, we strive to work in tandem with masses at large, and evaluate their language needs in a professional as well as personalized manner. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS continue…

6 LINGUISTIX: LINGUISTIX: Translation and Transcription Services This enables them to converse, exchange information and their demeanor in a rectitude manner. Linguistix: Effective Players in Translation Industry We are a team of skilled professionals who understand your language needs and credentials in a manner which is immaculate and pristine. Besides, we have also tied up with international partners who are our mentors in this quest to excel and perform with a difference, in newly explored avenues of translation and interpretation industry. We synchronize your language needs namely; form, content and syntax, to come out with proactive and pragmatical solutions. This helps our clients’ from developing a pro-customer market on foreign lands for themselves to organizing a kabuki play from Japan. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS continue…

7 LINGUISTIX: LINGUISTIX: Translation and Transcription Services Services: A true way of representing ourselves Linguistix has transcended boundaries and communication within a very short span of its birth. All this was made possible owing to high professional etiquettes and par excellence. At linguistix, we corroborate new thinking processes. Furthermore, we have a promising team of professional translators and interpreters who are self starters in maneuvering: Translation of all types, including technical documents and media content (Films, books, TV Programs, etc.) Simultaneous, consecutive and field interpretation. International conferences, events and symposiums. Design, editing and proof reading for publishing and advertising. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS continue…

8 LINGUISTIX: LINGUISTIX: Translation and Transcription Services Communication solutions for businesses. International Marketing. Tour escorts and professional facilitation. Customized solutions. Quality: A sophisticated International Compliance An organization is known by their quality services and timely productivity. At Linguistix, we truly understand and work closely with our client’s to deliver content with assured international quality compliance. To maintain the quality, we adhere to standards of International bilingual translation convention. This implies that the content as given by client is first translated into the target language, and re-reproduced back to original language in digital and/or paper format. By doing so we ensure accuracy, timed translation, and what’s more there is minimized loss in translation process. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS continue…

9 LINGUISTIX: LINGUISTIX: Translation and Transcription Services Talk: A Chic way to Know about our Services We are always receptive of queries and/or proposals on translations from our clients’ in order to help them excel in competitive markets. In case you are interested in gaining information about our services and turnkey translation/interpretation/communication solutions, please call us. We will be glad enough to talk about your translation/interpretation/ communication requirements and harmonizing them with our flawless services. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

10 DESIGN DOSSIER World One Communications is striving to nurture an image of designer epilogue through its iconic graphic designing, web designing and software designing ventures. Our proactive customized solutions cast an effective and productive veneer in serving clients by rendering full technical support on turnkey basis. Our design team is a conglomerate of experienced graphic and software technocrats, who understand your business needs and prioritize them to emulate profits on long run. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS continuecontinue…

11 DESIGN DOSSIER We have a unique run over on various in house and overseas projects associated with areas of: ● Software Design ● Web Design ● Product Design ● Graphic Design ● Text Typesetting ● Novelty Item Design ● Interactive Corporate CD Rom Presentation What we offer is not just software and design, but a complete brand name development to whet your company policies and ideologies to highlight them for wider audience perusal. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

12 CONTENT AND COPY WRITING The content forms the structural backbone of any media. WOC endeavors in providing error free content and copy writing services to advertising and e publishing industry tentatively. In addition, our team of content writers also offer keyword rich content to increase the profitability and visibility of your business to a train of web audience. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS

13 WOC business prospects expounds to diverse geographical boundaries in multicultural and multiracial environs transcending America, Europe and Asia. The scope of WOC business embraces the geographical realms of: Aaaa Aaaaa Aaaa Aaa Aaaa WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS WOC BUSINESS PROSPECTS: WOC BUSINESS PROSPECTS: Map Exposition

14 WORLD ONE COMMUNICATION is effectively managing a range of services in various European and western pacific regions, besides promulgating work towards local capacity building. Our efficient and professional staff line can steer any product order and overseas communication within a time frame. In-house Expertise WORLD ONE COMMUNICATION follows a stringent quality assurance tools to keep up with the industry standards and deliver quality services and products on turn key basis. Therefore, each work/project is monitored from our head–office, under the supervision of a project director. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE: COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE: Backup Facilities continue…

15 In-house Design and Documentation Center Our state of the art design and documentation center is manned by highly efficient team to take care of each project on priority basis. The key design and documentation processes that are being successfully carried for quite some time includes: Newsletters, Books, Manuals and Brochures. Reports on WORLD ONE COMMUNICATION activities. WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE: COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE: Backup Facilities

16 Thanks! WORLD ONE COMMUNICATIONS World One Communications 1317 Ansal Tower 38-Nehru Place New Delhi 110019 (INDIA) TEL: +(91-11) 26466141, 26416829 FAX: +(91-11) 26229291, 26229294 TEL: +(44) 208-002-9024 TEL: +(1) 212-202-0873

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