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Warehouse Management System

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1 Warehouse Management System
LISA Distribution Warehouse Management System For SAP Business One

2 Private company founded in 1995 with offices in USA and Canada (Atlanta, GA, Buffalo, NY, Hartford, CT, Montreal, Portsmouth NH, St-Georges, Quebec City) SAP Business One ISV (now called SSP) since 2003 One of the first Certified SAP Business One add-ons for Warehouse Management. Excellent reputation & focused exclusively with SAP Solutions Expertise in distribution processes and manufacturing operations. Multiple awards from SAP for Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction Currently engaged with SAP B1H and the SAP Business One On Demand solutions

3 What’s New in 2013.3? Support for Inventory Transfer Request
Pick, Ship & Receive Hard Allocations Enhancements On the Sales Order, Automated on On-Demand Support for SAP Business One Production Processing Pick for Production Orders Issue/Return Components Report Completion LISA Shipping for Carrier Integration (FedEx, UPS, USPS)

4 Who Is Using LISA Distribution WMS?
Over 170 customers All on SAP Business one

5 Additional Benefits of LISA Distribution WMS
All Reports and Forms are in Crystal Reports Packing Slips Since the Hand Held Application is Web Based, it can run across multiple platforms (i.e., Hand Held Computers, Netbooks, PC Workstations, etc.). There are no additional programs required Licensing Users can be purchased as you need them, one at a time Unlimited Licensing option provide cost predictability. Once you reach a certain level, you can continue to grow without purchasing more! Pre-integration with other solutions minimizes integration costs Upgrade on Your Schedule N’ware stays current with SAP Versions & PL’s. You’ll never get trapped. Two options for upgrades In-Place Upgrades – use the WMS Version you have with the latest SAP LISA WMS Version Upgrades – take advantage of the latest and greatest

6 Trends in Warehousing Technology
Today’s Standard – Radio Frequency Enabled Bar Code Scanning

7 Trends in Warehousing Technology
Today’s Focus – Mobility to Increase Efficiencies

8 Trends in Warehousing Technology
Emerging Trends – Voice Directed Activation

9 Trends in Warehousing Technology
Emerging Trends – RFID (Yes … It’s really here … and in demand)

10 LISA Distribution WMS – Quick Facts
Only full featured WMS focused exclusively on the SAP Business One platform Over completed implementations (US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia and Puerto Rico) Available in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish & Portuguese) Three Levels of Solution LISA Starter Pack – Scanning to Receive, Adjust, Transfer, Pick & Ship LISA Express – Radio Frequency & Bar Coded Warehousing LISA WMS – Full Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Zone with Directed Warehousing activities that optimizes the warehouse operations

11 LISA Distribution Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Configuration Order Prioritization and Dispatch Directed Warehouse Activities with RF Data Collection Hard Allocations RMA Processing Manifest and Container Tracking & Receiving Reporting and Dashboards on Warehouse Efficiencies

12 Warehouse Configuration – The Foundation
Receiving Closing / Staging Aisle A Aisle B Aisle C Aisle D Aisle E 01 03 05 02 04 06 S H I P N G 26 28 30 PS # Label Inspection area LISA Distribution is optimizing movements of employees in warehouse thru determined & logical PICK, PUTAWAY or COUNTING path sequence Licenses Unit Zone Case Zone Pallet Zone Fixed Locations

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