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CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA. 2 Channel One Russia is the leading TV channel in Russia, as well as the most popular and best-loved Russian-language channel in the.

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2 2 Channel One Russia is the leading TV channel in Russia, as well as the most popular and best-loved Russian-language channel in the world. We uniquely combine innovative new TV concepts with rich national traditions, all the while staying on top of the latest global trends. With reliable, up-to-the minute news, ambitious film projects and original programming, Channel One sets the benchmark for quality television throughout the world. It’s little surprise that the channel is the most popular among viewers and advertisers alike. CHANNEL ONE – THE NUMBER ONE CHOICE, WHEREVER YOU ARE!

3 3 CHANNEL ONE IN RUSSIA Today, Channel One not only enjoys the greatest reach in Russia (with 98.8% of the population having access), but is also the country’s most popular TV channel. Source: TNS Russia, TV Index survey, Russia (cities with populations of 100,000+); audience 4+; March 2014.

4 News: News broadcasts throughout the day; Vremya (Time) – news at 9:00 pm; Voskresnoe Vremya (Sunday Time) – A news analysis programme. Talk shows on the latest hot topics: Dobroe Utro (Good Morning) – A breakfast show; Drugie Novosti (Other News) – A news and entertainment programme; Pust’ Govoryat (Let Them Talk) with Andrey Malakhov – A talk show; Zhit Zdorovo! (Healthy Living!) – A health advice programme; Modny Prigovor (Fashion Verdict) – A talk show on style and fashion; Kontrolnaya Zakupka (Secret Shopper) – A show specialising in product reviews; Davay Pozhenimsya! (Let’s Get Married!) – A talk show on relationships; Vremya Obedat! (Time for Lunch!) – A cooking show. 4 PROGRAMMES Channel One has won numerous prestigious Russian and international competitions and awards.

5 Renowned Game Shows: Chto? Gde? Kogda? (What? Where? When?) – An intellectual quiz show; KVN – A humorous game show with teams of college students; Pole Chudes (Field of Wonders) – An intellectual game show. Popular Entertainment: Vecherny Urgant (Evening Urgant) – A late-night entertainment and talk show hosted by Ivan Urgant; Smak (Relish) – A cooking show; Toch-v-toch (To a Tee) – A celebrity impersonation show; Ugaday Melodiyu (Name the Tune) – A musical game show; V Nashe Vremya (Back in the Day) – A nostalgia show. PROGRAMMES 5

6 Coverage of Exclusive Events: Live broadcasts of prestigious club championships and national tournaments; The Channel One football and ice hockey cups (held annually since 2005); Channel One was an organiser of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009; Channel One was an organiser of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Olympic & Paralympic Games. Channel One’s special programming projects are firmly established leaders in the ratings: A star-studded array of hit TV shows: Lednikovy Period (Ice Age), Dvye Zvezdy (Two Stars), Minuta Slavy (Minute of Fame), Universalny Artist (The Ultimate Entertainer), Bolshiye Gonky (It’s a Knockout) and Vishka (The Tower) among others. Festive Programming: Noviye Pesni o Glavnom (New Songs about the Big Question) – A traditional New Year musical; Concerts by popular performers. 6 PROGRAMMES

7 Channel One screens an extensive range of films covering every main genre: Russian classics, Premieres of international films; Russian and international hit TV series and telenovelas; The best animated features; Channel One-produced feature films and TV series. Documentary programmes and series: Investigative journalism; Dramatised reconstructions; Unique archive footage and film newsreels; Declassified materials, and more. FILMS Films and TV series produced by Channel One: Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch), Dnevnoy Dozor (Day Watch), Chuzhaya (The Alien Girl), Vysotsky. Spasibo, chto Zhivoy (Vysotsky. Thank You For Living), the TV series Ottepel (The Thaw), MosGaz, Yasmin, Kurazh (Courage), Shkola (The School) and Kratky Kurs Schastlivoy Zhizni (A Short Course in How to Lead a Happy Live), among others. 7

8 CHANNEL ONE ABROAD Channel One Russia’s International output is perfectly tailored to the specific demands of each region’s TV audience, taking different time zones into account. Channel One Russia is the largest and most authoritative Russian- language channel, and a reliable source of information for more than 250 million viewers throughout the world. 8

9 A CROSS-SECTION OF RUSSIAN NATIONALS TRAVELLING ABROAD Most Russians are used to watching TV every day! The majority of Russian nationals travelling abroad watch TV every day. More than half of Russian tourists DO NOT speak any foreign languages. Sources: TNS Russia, M Index survey, Russia, cities with populations of 100,000+, Q1 2014. While on holiday, 74% of Russian tourists watch Russian-language TV.* Channel One Russia is developing the Hotel Partnership Project for this audience. 9

10 About the project Now, Russian speakers travelling abroad on tourist or business trips have a way of watching their favourite Channel One programs in their hotel room. Channel One broadcasts in Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, North America and Australia. Thanks to 10 years of the Hotel Partnership Project, hotels outside Russia can connect to Channel One free of charge. Anyone travelling abroad can become a member of the Project or check the availability of Channel One on Our strategic partner for the project is the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism. Russians make more than 54 million trips abroad every year*. * Source: the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism, 2013. CHANNEL ONE IN THE WORLD’S HOTELS 10

11 Benefits of participating in the project: Increased numbers of tourists In total Channel One Russia has 250 million viewers worldwide; Additional marketing support from the resources of the hotel project: banners, news, and detailed information about the hotel on the project’s website:; Ease of connection – access via all satellites that broadcast the world's most popular channels; Meeting the needs of tourists and strengthening their loyalty. It’s free of charge for hotels! CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA HOTEL PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME 11

12 19, Akademika Korolyova Street, Moscow 127427, Russian Federation Tel.: +7 (495) 617 5580, Fax: + 7 (495) 617 5114

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