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One Warm Coat Sponsorship Opportunities. O ur goal is to provide any person in need with a warm coat, free of charge. Providing this simple, yet vital,

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1 One Warm Coat Sponsorship Opportunities

2 O ur goal is to provide any person in need with a warm coat, free of charge. Providing this simple, yet vital, need helps people live productive lives year round. With your help, imagine what we can do! One Warm Coat’s Mission Statement

3 Why Should You Be Interested? 86% of American consumers surveyed were likely to switch to a brand associated with a cause, price and quality being about the same 8 in 10 Americans say that corporate support of causes wins their trust in that company, a 21% increase since 1997 85% of Americans report that a company’s commitment to causes impacts what they buy and where they shop Source: 2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study Because Americans today care about the philanthropic efforts of companies. And it impacts their buying decisions! “For corporations today, the importance of reputation and standing for something beyond the functional benefits or price point of a product or service has never been more important in the battle for consumer loyalty and trust.” -Fred Cook President & CEO GolinHarris

4 We Understand Cause Marketing Establish an emotional connection with your target audiences Impact your bottom line Convey a caring attitude to your customers – and employees – who are looking behind the product or service Differentiate your company from your competition Address community support while meeting marketing goals Have a positive impact on key social issues Winner of the 2008 Gold Halo Award for Best National/Local Integrated Campaign Marketing in partnership with a charitable group or cause like One Warm Coat allows your company to: Definition: Cause Marketing is not philanthropy. Cause Marketing is a strategic positioning and marketing tool that links a company or brand to a relevant social cause or issue, for mutual benefit.

5 Why Partner With One Warm Coat? One Warm Coat is the only national organization supporting coat drives We are an experienced and flexible organization – clearly focused on a specific mission Our model is proven and evidenced by our tremendous growth With One Warm Coat, your brand can truly make a tangible a difference in the lives of others We will work with you to develop customized strategies that support your goals "Many times our families have to make a choice whether to buy coats for their kids or pay rent. The coats we received make that decision an easier one.“ Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

6 One Warm Coat Marketing Assets One Warm Coat brand identity adds an emotional connection to corporate campaigns Our passionate volunteers are heavily skewed female age approx. 35-50 One Warm Coat collects more coats than any other national organization LOCAL outreach with over 2,000 coat collection drives last year Interaction with nearly 150,000 consumers donating coats annually is a comprehensive Website for locating a coat drive anywhere in the U.S.

7 One Warm Coat Partnership Opportunities Proceeds Sponsorship Agency Coordination of multi-city campaign Collection Sponsor Work Place Partner Sampling Opportunities Coupon Distribution We will work with you to develop a program that best fits your brand marketing objectives!

8 Sponsorship Opportunities Proud Sponsor Program Activity: Develop a partnership with One Warm Coat that generates awareness for both organizations. Marketing Benefit: One Warm Coat shows consumers you care by using your logo on OWC materials, and you show your consumers you care by using the “Proud Sponsor” logo on your advertising, packaging, promotional and point-of-sale materials.

9 Sponsorship Opportunities Special Event Sponsorship Activity: Sponsor special event coat drives in key cities across the country (list to be determined in partnership with sponsor). Marketing Benefit: Gain visibility for your brand or corporate citizenship through One Warm Coat promotional programs and media activities before as well as during the event.

10 Sponsorship Opportunities Proceeds Sponsorship Activity: Designate proceeds of a product sale to benefit One Warm Coat’s mission. Marketing Benefit: Motivate consumer purchases with on-package promotion, marketing and advertising materials that display the proceeds logo and tagline.

11 Sponsorship Opportunities Collection Sponsor Activity: Your company’s retail outlets serve as a collection point for coat drives across the country. Marketing Benefit: Gain visibility for your brand and corporate citizenship through One Warm Coat promotional programs and media activities before and during the event.

12 Sponsorship Opportunities Work Place Partner Activity: Host a coat drive at your headquarters or regional office locations throughout the country. Marketing Benefit: Increase employee morale and loyalty through good corporate citizenship activities.

13 Use of the One Warm Coat logo in advertising, promotional materials, point of purchase and product packaging Recognition on One Warm Coat Website Sponsor mention in a quarterly e-newsletter Seat on roundtable of national sponsors Co-development of a press release highlighting partnership activities Additional Sponsorship Benefits

14 One Warm Coat Supports Organizers By providing an easy to use Guidebook to help organize the coat drives Providing publicity tools and resources Supplying materials to host a coat drive By promoting a searchable database of events across the nation on our website

15 Coat Drive Organizers Select the date of their coat drive -- there is no set time for an event Selects the agency to receive the coats -- the coats must be given FREE Tells One Warm Coat about their plans Holds their event and arranges for delivery of the coats to the local service agency Reports back to One Warm Coat about their collection efforts

16 We Support Local Communities One Warm Coat is proud to support the work of agencies such as: St. Vincent de Paul -- 12 million people are helped annually by St. Vincent de Paul City Team Ministries -- serving the poor and homeless in 7 U.S. cities Rosie's Place -- a sanctuary for poor and homeless women in the Boston area Chicago’s Jane Addams Hull House helps Chicago-area families become stronger, healthier, safer and more self-sufficient. Atlanta Day Shelter -- a daytime home and resource center that helps meet the needs of homeless individuals. Coats collected at a One Warm Coat drive are distributed by local social service agencies. Over 1,000 agencies throughout the country have received coats through the efforts of One Warm Coat.

17 Recent Features “Confessions of a Shopaholic” The world premier of this Disney movie became the perfect opportunity for a One Warm Coat Drive. Over 400 coats were donated by stars and guests. Star Isla Fisher donated the first coat. The White House organizes a One Warm Coat Drive President and Mrs. Bush and Mayor Fenty of Washington, DC meet with Sherri Lewis Wood, National Coordinator of One Warm Coat ABC’s Good Morning America Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Drive in partnership with Burlington Coat Factory November 24, 2008 thru January 16, 2009

18 Magazine Coverage The message of One Warm Coat has reached a wide range of readership.

19 Highlights The merits of cause marketing have been proven and continue to gain in popularity each year. There are many different opportunities to begin a partnership. One Warm Coat’s goal in partnering with your organization is to develop mutually beneficial “win-win” partnership strategies. The partnership will be customized to incorporate your strategic business goals. "People such as you are enabling us to end poverty and homelessness one family at a time." Home of the Sparrow, Northern Illinois

20 You’re In Good Company ABC’s Good Morning America Burlington Coat Factory Charles Schwab Disney Studios Ferrellgas Google Kaiser Permanente The Glad Products Co. The Timberland Company W.L. Gore & Associates

21 Is It a Fit? We believe a cause marketing campaign needs to be built on valuing the mission, valuing the power of both brands and creating measurable results to gauge the success of the endeavor. Sherri Wood National Coordinator Phone: 877-663-9276 Fax: 877-663-9276

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