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China’s One Child Policy

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1 China’s One Child Policy
Mariah Johnson World history period 3 Due May 25th.

2 Issue’s China is having
China is over populated and doesn’t have enough room and supplies for everyone. Couples are only allowed to have 1 kid depending where they live at in China. Women were being forced to have abortions and sterilizations. If a couple has an extra kid the kid would be abused, undocumented and not allowed to get an education. If they let the population keep growing it could cause inflation, a bad society and economy.

3 Thesis Statement I agree with the one child policy even though it goes against a persons’ right because China will end up with a lot of problems which will effect everyone, not just the couples who want more than one kid.

4 Good things that come out of the one child policy
There will be more jobs, China will be less crowded and there will be enough food and supplies for everyone. Kids will get a better education and treated better. The population is decreasing. People will get more and better resources.


6 Advertising information about the One Child Policy.
Twins are an exception to the one child policy

7 Information about the one child policy
China’s one child policy was only suppose to last for 30 years in 1978 but it is still going on today. In the past 32 years this policy has prevented around 400 million births. China is still over populated even with the one child policy. There are some exceptions to couples having more than one child. For example if the kid has a physical or mental disorder or if their first child is a boy. Also if a couple conceives twins or triplets they are allowed to keep them and the children are treated normal, not like an extra kid.

8 Quiz What year did the one child policy start, and why?
What is 2 exceptions of couples being able to have more than one kid. How many child births has the policy prevented?

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