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China’s One-Child Policy  Sarah LeGare  Christina Rhein  Jillian Quarne.

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1 China’s One-Child Policy  Sarah LeGare  Christina Rhein  Jillian Quarne

2 Reasons for Endorsement Population control Regulation of resources Industry Agriculture Science & technology Defense Billboard promoting the One-Child Policy

3 The Policy: Rules and Guidelines Signing the agreement Special circumstances Birth defects Marriage circumstances Rural vs. Urban Gender of the first born

4 The Policy: Benefits/Motivations Economic: wage supplements Housing: preference, living space Medical care: free until 14 years Education: priority, free Old age benefits: supplementary pension, standard of living Maternity leave allowance: 54 days with full work pay, nutrition subsidy Sterilization rewards after first child


6 The Policy: Consequences Gender imbalance Gender inequality Human reproductive rights Mother’s health Forced abortion Involuntary sterilization Carrying family lineage Psychology of children

7 Violation of the Policy Economic losses Reduction in grain rations Limitation on land and agriculture resources Ineligibility of promotion for 4 years Reduction in wages Medical care and education costs Medical care and education priority

8 Alternatives Later-Longer-Fewer Policy Later marriage, longer spacing between subsequent births, fewer children The Two Child Policy Free contraception

9 Political & Ethical Views Western culture views on the policy U.S. stops funding Compare and contrast benefits of U.S. vs. China Only-child treatment and care

10 Effects on Women  Militia force if women do not show up on time for abortion/sterilization  High suicide rates Abuse/murder if women is suspected to carry a girl Cultural belief: women thought to determine sex of the baby Women in China riot over one-child policy.

11 The Big Question After hearing some pros and cons of the policy, do you think it should continue to be enforced in China? Why? Why not?

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