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Avaya one-X® Agent Mike Harwell Contact Center Product Management

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1 Avaya one-X® Agent Mike Harwell Contact Center Product Management
Kay Phelps Contact Center Product Marketing In today’s economy, it’s a balancing act to improving customer satisfaction, while keeping costs under control. Avaya one-X Agent can help with both. Avaya one-X Agent softphone gives your staff the tools they need to be more productive, whether they're working in a contact center at headquarters, in a branch office, or working from home.

2 Avaya one-X Agent: Agenda
Overview of one-X Agent Value perspectives, from customer to contact center Incorporating video Simplifying the agent’s user interface Integrated presence/IM Streamlined supervisor capabilities Easy, low-cost screen pop API for easy integration Centralized management and deployment A quick look at what we’ll be covering…

3 Introducing Avaya one-X Agent
Optimized agent desktop for Avaya contact center solutions Simple interface, sophisticated capabilities One-touch access to common agent functions Agents anywhere – home, office, virtual site Real-time contact center statistics Immediate access to an expert Video is as easy as a phone call Embedded access, no negotiation needed Single desktop, single user experience Avaya one-X Agent is designed specifically to meet the needs of the contact center agent, making it easy and intuitive to perform common agent tasks. Although the interface is simple, agents have access to the sophisticated capabilities provided by Avaya contact center solutions. Agents have one-touch access to common agent functions, such as conference, transfer, and supervisor assist requests. You’ll also notice that the look and feel of Avaya one-X Agent is consistent to that of the Avaya one-X Communicator softphone, provide consistency across the Avaya solution suite. With Avaya one-X Agent, when agents move from the office or branch to a home office, it's easy to switch configurations accordingly. Each time agents log in, they simply choose the option that suits their location, whether that is VoIP or separate lines for voice and data. Wherever the agent is working - home, office, virtual office, disaster recovery site, business continuity site – Avaya one-X Agent provides one consistent user interface. That means less training, so agents can be more productive with their time. Avaya one-X Agent interfaces with Communication Manager to enable real-time status updates (such as the number of calls in queue) to be sent to the agent desktop via the VuStats display feature of Avaya one-X Agent. This enables agents to be more responsive to changing conditions in the contact center, and to hasten calls where possible if calls in queue and abandons are climbing. Agents have contact lists and can see presence status of other agents, supervisors, and experts elsewhere in the enterprise – and can click to call or click to chat – to help address difficult customer inquiries and to drive first call resolution. Avaya one-X Agent has integrated video capability, enabling companies to easily incorporate video into their contact center. We’ll talk more about this later in the presentation.

4 What Your Customers Like about one-X Agent
I am enthusiastically greeted each time I call The agent already has my information All my questions are handled by a single agent! The agent quickly finds an expert for my hard questions They don’t put me on hold like in the past I’m happy that I never get transferred The level of professionalism and knowledge is outstanding With Avaya one-X Agent, agents can pre-record agent greetings, ensuring that no matter how late in the day, each customer is greeted with the same fresh, enthusiastic greeting as if it were the first call of the day. When calling a contact center, we all like the agent to have our relevant information at their fingertips, so we don’t have to wait for the agent to find our customer information. Avaya one-X Agent’s integrated screen pop capability makes it fast and easy to pop customer-relevant information on the agent’s screen simultaneously with the call arrival. Not only does this boost customer satisfaction, it shaves many seconds of valuable agent time off each call, lowering costs. With Avaya one-X Agent, each agent can have their own contact list of supervisors and subject-matter experts to reach out to via click-to-dial, enabling the agent who first receives the call to respond to all inquiries without having to transfer the call – again boosting customer satisfaction while reducing overall talk time. Avaya one-X Agent enables agents to work from anywhere – office, branch, or home. Numerous studies show that agent satisfaction and retention rates are much higher with at-home agents. If your company has not yet launched a home agent program, Avaya can work with you to get started – from an ROI analysis to see if it makes sense for your business, to a Best Practices for Home Agents white paper. And as you well know, the agent who is more experienced is generally more knowledgeable, and that comes across to your customers.

5 What LOB Owners Like… Enables hiring and retention of the best talent by offering work-at-home agent opportunities Eases the transition from office to home with consistent agent desktop and interface Enhances the company’s “green” story Ensures business continuity Opens new opportunities with collaboration and video Collaboration with desktop sharing Kiosk/Co-browsing extend the contact center to branches Agent-selected video streaming Agent to Expert consulting With Avaya one-X Agents, agents use the same interface, whether in the office, a branch, or working from home, making it easy to transition from office to home. Why use work-at-home agents? Let’s talk about some of the drivers we’ve heard during our conversations with several companies. Find and retain the best agents - new hires can come from anywhere. Geography need not be a barrier. Using at-home agents allows you to tap into a much larger agent pool, including the home bound / physically disabled / at-home-parents, and senior citizens. At Alpine Access, a large Outsourcer, the entire workforce of 7,500 agents work from their homes. Alpine gets thousands of job applications per month, allowing them to choose from a much larger pool of candidates Save money on recruitment: Alpine Access says that 96% of their employees say they would recommend it as a good company to work for. On employee satisfaction surveys, 91% are either satisfied or very satisfied. Defend resources from the competition – A company who has invested in training agents doesn’t want to lose them for .25 /hour more from the company down the street. Staff challenging shifts and add quality part-time agents for peak periods : Visiting Nurse Services of New York, which provides a “call a nurse” service, handles peak hours by offering nurses the opportunity to log in for a couple of hours from home on an “as needed” basis. Visiting Nurse Services also found it difficult to hire nurses to work the night shift, since many good candidates were unwilling to commute into mid-town Manhattan late at night. They are solving the problem by offering work-at-home. 24x7 availability: Jupiter Shop Channel, Japan’s largest home shopping channel, offers work-at-home to attract a good pool of agents to work shifts that are hard to staff otherwise, such as the overnight shift.

6 What Contact Center Managers Like…
Improves productivity Enlist agents in meeting goals with real-time status updates Pop screen of customer-relevant information Handle multiple work items easily Reduce desktop clutter Improve first call resolution with click to call or chat Serves hearing-impared customers with same resources Soft TTY support eliminates specialized hardware Separate queue groups no longer required Maximizes real-estate Hot desking for agent mobility Avaya one-X Agent makes it easy to bring new agents on board. Commonly used agent features such as hold, conference, transfer, and supervisor assist are available with one-touch access via easy-to- understand icons Context sensitive on-line help makes it easy for an agent to gain further understanding of features and interface options Designed specifically for agents, this softphone delivers and intuitive interface that helps agents to be productive immediately Integrated tutorials on selected topics supplement agent training Avaya one-X Agent delivers significant agent productivity tools Real-time status updates give agents important real-time information, such as the number of calls in queue. And an on-screen timer helps agents keep an eye on talk times Designed to enable agents to handle multiple concurrent work items (such as a Direct Agent call while the agent is on an existing call) Designed to enable easy, low-cost implementation of screen-pop of relevant information, delivered to the agent desktop simultaneously with call arrival Display options allow for a small footprint for the one-X Agent application, reserving real-estate on the screen for other applications

7 What Contact Center Supervisors Like…
Simplifies agent supervision Click to Service Observe, barge in, or coach an agent Broadcast a text message to all agents via “click to message” Review agents’ IM transcripts and contact logs Control agents’ access to features as needed Collaborate with desktop sharing Accelerates agent on-boarding Ease of access to common agent features Context sensitive on-line help Simple, intuitive user interface Integrated tutorials With one-X Agent release 2, supervisors now have immediate access – through one interface - to many of their daily supervisor needs: telephony, presence, instant messaging, quality monitoring, and Avaya Communication Manager supervisor functions. Supervisors have one-click access to service observe a call, to barge in if necessary, to coach the agent via instant messaging, or to send a quick alert to a group of agents. An important Supervisor capability in one-X Agent is the ability to view agents’ contact history. What phone calls are agents making? Are they getting too many non-work-related calls? Also, supervisors can review transcripts of instant messages to ensure agents are in compliance with company rules. Also, one-X agent Release 2 includes integrated desktop sharing, enabling a supervisor or other expert to take control of an agent desktop, perhaps to complete a customer order, without the overhead of launching a separate application.

8 What your IT Department Likes…
Improves security and administration, lowers costs Choice of MS Windows operating systems Virtualization options - Citrix XenApp™, VMWare®, Sun Ray™ Facilitates adding new agents, removes the hassle Centrally administer and manage with templates Customizable “silent install” Removes connectivity hassles with login options: Desk phone (shared control) Any phone (dual connect) My computer (VoIP) With Avaya one-X Agent, companies have a choice of deploying it onto PCs on an agent desktop, or can choose one of many virtualization options (Note - see next slide for more details). Virtualization options allow for a low-cost agent desktop, reducing security risks. Avaya one-X Agent is easy to deploy to agent desktops, with options for “silent install” – i.e., using default configuration options or customizing the default set of options, and then pushing the application down to the agent desktop. What this means is that agents are up and running immediately, with none of the hassles (and potential headaches) of installing it themselves. And, regardless of where agents are located, they can choose whatever connectivity mode is best: In the office, Avaya one-X Agent can be used with existing agent phones, providing additional features not available on traditional agent hard phones Work-at-home agents who have dips in the quality of broadband or cable service may choose to specify their home phone number upon login, and calls are delivered over their home phone line, ensuring a PSTN level of voice quality Voice over IP is an option for agents who have sufficient quality of service over cable modem or broadband.

9 What Agents Like It’s fast and easy to do my job
I have one-touch access to hold, conference, assist, and more Click-to-dial or IM gives me access to a supervisor or expert I can pre-record my greeting, so I don’t have to repeat it all day I have the option to use a Bluetooth headset All the information I need is right there Customer information arrives along with the call Statistics show when the queue is building Sometimes I work from home Same interface and capabilities I’m really happy that I don’t have to drive into the office Agents like Avaya one-X Agent because it helps them do their job more easily. One touch access to commonly used features such as hold, conference, transfer, supervisor assist, and other common agent functions An integrated contact directory and click-to-dial or click to instant message enables an agent to instantaneously reach out to supervisors and experts across the enterprise, helping to drive first call resolution and improve customer satisfaction A wizard makes it easy for your contact center IT staff to quickly and cost-effectively build a screen pop application, enabling a screen pop of customer-relevant information to arrive simultaneously with each call. And, embedded real-time call center statistics help agents know when the queue is building, so they can speed up calls as appropriate Regardless of whether the agent is in the office, branch, or working from home, they have the same interface and the same capabilities. Many companies are launching work-at-home programs for their agents, increasing agent satisfaction and retention. Note that regardless of where the agent is physically located, Avaya provides the same monitoring and reporting solutions to ensure a high quality of work.

10 Video in the Contact Center
Differentiate your company with video Add kiosks for immediate customer service Video streaming – “a picture is worth a thousand words” Agents can consult, train, interact with coaches via video What applications could be useful in your business? Video is as easy as a phone call Fully integrated with Polycom and Tandberg Embedded access - no negotiations needed Single desktop, single user experience One Avaya customer, a major cellular service provider, is using video kiosks in their stores in order to offer immediate assistance to customers who walk into a store. Now, when all service representatives are busy, rather than wait until a rep becomes available (or leave and go to a competitor), the customer can go to a video kiosk and connect to a live agent in the contact center. A differentiator for Avaya – pre-integrations with Polycom and Tandberg means ease of setting up and embedded access. The Avaya Communication Manager knows the targeted endpoint (agent desktop). The integrated video means it is painless to set up and easy to use – which is especially important for remote agents where IT support may be more difficult to provide.

11 Avaya one-X Agent Video – Sample Use Case
“I just purchased my new phone and can’t wait to use it” Centralize technical expertise Enable in-store sales associates to focus on converting shoppers to customers Use off-site resources for repetitive tasks Enable face-to-face agent collaboration The integrated video feature of Avaya one-X Agent enables the type of use case that you see illustrated here. Typically this scenario would occur in a retail store or enterprise branch location. Customers walk into such a site for one of two reasons; they want to put their hands on the goods, or they want to have a face to face interaction with a sales or service employee. The problem that occurs at these locations is the on-site employees are often generalists and may not have the expertise the customer requires. Or, they may be busy with other customers and therefore unable to provide immediate or timely customer service in every instance. This use case can be extended to any enterprise that sells through Retail or Branch – think of a consumer electronics manufacturer placing a kiosk/work station in a consumer electronics store. Customers would be able to leverage the expertise of those who know the products best, rather than a generalist who is often busy with other customers in other departments.  A video kiosk that connects directly with a pool of expert agents equipped with One-X Agent enables timely, personal interactions with such customers in a cost effective manner. Consequently, the company can improve customer satisfaction, while offloading routine or time consuming tasks from busy store or branch personnel, so that they can stay focused on making sales.  And, video can be used within the contact center to help break down the walls of the contact center by providing remote (or in-office) agents face-to-face consultations with their peers, supervisor, or experts elsewhere in the company. “Hi, my name is Eric and I will be glad to help you activate your new phone. I see you have the new Smartphone – you’re really going to like this phone.” 11

12 Avaya one-X Agent - Minimum Footprint View
Agent State Indicator VDN Name Mute Microphone My Computer only RTP Monitor System Menu Message Waiting Indicator Extension and Agent Name System Messages Add Call Conference Complete Work Status View Work Info Work State Dial Pad VuStats Transfer Disconnect New Work Text Action The user interface for Avaya one-X Agent is uncluttered, yet provides one-touch access to many common agent functions. In upcoming slides, we’ll look at many of these features in more detail. Contact Log Hold Text Input Contacts Agent name, status, and other controls on top bar Work item status and call control options on next line Global controls on the bottom 12 12

13 Avaya one-X Agent Work Item Paradigm
Two Work items with 3 media elements The application window expands as work items and media elements are added to the work list The Action Bar stays at the bottom as the window expands. Unlike traditional windows, the Primary window does not expand to fit in full screen (maximize). The layout of the Primary window is optimized for the user tasks and is not intended to encompass the entire screen. This screen shows an example of multiple call handling – two work items with 3 media elements. In work item 1 there is an active ACD call with a second media item in that same work item; this means that they are related so this is likely a consult with an expert about the call with Tom Smith. This example shows a second ACD call from Frank Hymus; that call is currently on hold. Though most customer don’t utilize multiple call handling, this user paradigm will handle multi-media very well as it aligns with the way agents work. (The roadmap for one-X Agent includes support for multi-media in the future.) Optimized for agent work Creates relationship between media elements Innovative Action Bar dynamically adapts

14 Avaya one-X Agent Innovative Action Bar
Contacts, Dial pad, VuStats, and the agent’s Contact Log are accessible with buttons in the bottom Action Bar. Clicking the Contacts button opens the Contacts List below the current work list. Clicking the Contacts button again will collapse the Contacts List. Work Item Details are accessible with a button in the work item. Clicking on Item Details button would open a section just below the work item. One-click access to dial pad, VuStats, contact log, work item details, etc. Click Contacts icon to expand or collapse Contacts List

15 Modern UI Replaces Buttons and Keystrokes
On a traditional hard phone, buttons appear as Aux1, Aux2…,and it is up to the agent to remember what each of these Aux codes means – or to have a cheat sheet on their desk to help them remember. Customers with many reason codes may not have enough buttons on a hard phone to accommodate all the codes, so agents may need to manually enter digits - which is not only time-consuming but is more prone to error – looking up the code on a sheet, and then entering the correct digits. Avaya one-X Agent reduces the real estate on an agent desktop, but enables agents to choose AUX reason codes or call work codes from drop-down lists, reducing the likelihood of error. This approach follows Windows interface paradigms and is intuitive for agents who have general PC skills. Reduces real estate on agent desktop More efficient and intuitive than traditional CM buttons

16 Access to Experts Drives First Call Resolution
Give agents the contact list you want them to have LDAP (company directory) Microsoft Outlook contact list Custom lists Administered “skill groups” Enable agents to find an expert immediately See presence status of experts Instant Message with available expert Avaya Presence Server - or - Microsoft Office Communicator Click to dial or IM A key factor in enabling agents to deliver first call resolution is to make sure they have access to experts when needed to help address difficult customer inquiries or requests. Avaya one-X Agent is very flexible in providing this access – LDAP, Outlook, or custom lists. New with Avaya one-X Agent Release 2, an integration with Aura Presence Services 5.2 provides Presence and Instant Messaging capabilities in the Contact Center to support Agent to Agent, Agent to Supervisor and Agent to Expert consultation.  In the past, Instant Messaging in the Contact Center has been troublesome because it didn’t provide the control and recording capabilities required for most contact center applications. one-X Agent R2 changes that by delivering an embedded XMPP client to instant message with others who may be using one-X Agent or Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC). Instant messaging contacts are integrated into the one-X Agent Contact List, which can be managed by the user or by an administrator.  The contact list shows the Agent’s presence including Agent state, Voice channel state and IM channel state. An administrator also has the capability to create “skill groups” that can be populated and distributed to groups of agents. Transcripts of all interactions involving one-X Agent are kept centrally for access by authorized agents, supervisors and administrators providing the productivity improvements associated with increased collaboration as well as the oversight and control required in the contact center.

17 Consulting with Instant Messaging
Consulting via voice or instant messaging is as simple as opening the contact list, scanning for an available expert, then clicking to dial or IM. Open applicable contact list Click to dial or start IM session

18 Integrated Presence and Instant Messaging
Select from multiple Presence options Agent-to-agent collaboration via one-X Agent Agent-to-expert collaboration with Aura™ Presence Server or MOC Find an available expert for collaboration Is the expert on a call? Does the expert have IM? What is the Agent’s State? Resolve customers’ questions Deliver first call resolution Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank Avaya one-X Agent exposes three types of presence: Agent state Voice channel state IM channel state The value of showing multiple types of presence is that the agent is better informed as to possible resources and options for communication. If all the experts in a particular area are on the phone, but the agent knows one of them could handle a quick chat session in parallel, a quick click-to-chat with the expert will help that agent drive first call resolution. Presence and Instant Messaging capabilities provided by Aura Presence Services to support Agent to Agent/Supervisor/Expert consultation.  Agents will use a one-X Agent embedded XMPP client  to send an instant message to others who are using one-X Agent or Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC). Instant messaging contacts are integrated into the one-X Agent Contact List, which can be managed by the user or by an administrator.  Transcripts of all interactions involving one-X Agent are kept centrally for access by authorized agents, supervisors and administrators.

19 Instant Messaging with one-X Agent and Aura Presence Server
Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank Mike Harwell Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank Avaya Aura Presence Services Here, we see an example of an instant messaging session between two endpoints who are using Avaya one-X Agent. Now, let’s take a look at a chat session between an agent and an expert who is using MOC.

20 Instant Messaging with one-X Agent and MOC
Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank Mike Harwell When is the next release of the Widget? It will be available in stores on June 1 [10:41 AM] Avaya Aura Presence Services MOC Gateway Here we see the agent-expert interaction where the expert is using MOC. When an agent reaches out to an expert, it is important to note that regardless of whether the expert’s interface is via one-X Agent or MOC, the transcript of the interaction is stored and available for reference.

21 Agent to Agent IM and Supervisor Coaching
2 active sessions: Outbound to Abby Inbound from Trisha Focus on Abby Coaching from Mitchell Miller on top Focus is still on Abby Instant messaging can also be used by supervisors in the contact center to coach an agent. For example, perhaps a supervisor is service observing (listening in) to on a customer call, and needs to prompt a new agent or coach him through a difficult interaction. The supervisor can send an instant message to the agent, and help him reach resolution without the need to barge into the conversation.

22 Collaborate with Desktop Sharing
Team with supervisor or expert Embedded ability to share desktop Click to collaborate - no need to launch other application Resolve issues in real-time Agent needs help in completing customer record or order Clicks supervisor assist Shares desktop Passes control Saves time, satisfies customer With Avaya one-X Agent Release 2, a new collaboration feature is built in – a desktop sharing capability. For example, when an agent is working with a customer and is perhaps filling out an order, or updating a customer record and needs help, the agent no longer needs to launch a separate application such as MOC or NetMeeting in order to share their desktop with a supervisor or expert. The agent can even pass control to the other end, enabling that expert to deliver hands-on help – and helping the agent learn how to complete the transaction so he can do it himself in the future. With one-X Agent desktop sharing, the receiving end can even resize the desktop image to make it fit – the agent won’t need to change his or her desktop settings. In this type of scenario, the agent can save several minutes by using the embedded desktop sharing capability, rather than having to invoke an external application. Not only does it lead to faster resolution for the customer, it reduces talk time – and we all know that in a contact center, time is money.

23 Assisting with Disabilities
Provide equal opportunity for agents with disabilities Section 508 compliant Keyboard shortcuts for common agent functions Alerts are both visual and audible Easily integrated with text-to-speech applications Serve customers with disabilities Integrated Soft TTY to serve hearing impaired customers Separate hardware devices and queue groups no longer required Avaya one-X Agent is Section 508 compliant, helping companies provide equal opportunity for agents with disabilities. Common agent functions have keyboard shortcuts. Alerts are both visual and audible. And, one-X Agent is easily integrated with text-to-speech applications.  In Release 2 of Avaya one-X Agent, we’ve added a new feature to better serve hearing-impaired customers while controlling the costs of doing so – Soft TTY, to serve customers who have contacted the business using TTY. Now contact centers no longer need separate queue groups, and specialized hardware to support TTY interactions, as one-X Agent has an integrated “soft TTY” capability.

24 New Supervisor Options Supercharge Productivity
Facilitate coaching functions with one-click access Listen in (service observe) Real-time coaching via IM Barge in Quick alert Manage agents via a single interface View agents’ contact history Access Voice and IM interactions Ensure agent compliance with rules Integrated desktop sharing All available agents please log in immediately! First level contact center supervisors are in regular communication with agents in addition to performing a variety of quality monitoring and management functions. The new Supervisor feature set will make it easier for supervisors to perform and seamlessly switch between theses functions. With one-X Agent release 2, supervisors now have immediate access – through one interface - to many of their daily supervisor needs: telephony, presence, instant messaging, quality monitoring, and Avaya Communication Manager supervisor functions.  Supervisors have one-click access to service observe a call, to barge in if necessary, to coach the agent via instant messaging, or to send a quick alert to a group of agents.  An important Supervisor capability in one-X Agent is the ability to monitor agents’ contact history. What phone calls are agents making? Are they getting too many non-work-related calls? Also, supervisors can review transcripts of instant messages to ensure agents are in compliance with company rules.  Also, one-X agent Release 2 includes integrated desktop sharing, enabling a supervisor or other expert to take control of an agent desktop, perhaps to complete a customer order, without the overhead of launching a separate application.

25 Supervisor Desktop – How it works
Supervisor functionality via Supervisors contact list Supervisors have “My Team” group in their contact list “Quick alert" button to message to all agents in that group Supervisor contacts have special buttons Observe brings up a menu with two options Observe Agent View Contact Log Click to IM Click to Share desktop Remote Agent Logout Here we see examples of the ease of use of the supervisor interface. By clicking on the Supervised Agents button, the supervisor is presented with a drop-down list of agent groups that are available. The supervisor selects an entry from this list, and for that group immediately sees the current agent status. For any one of these agents listed, the supervisor has single-click access to functions such as service observing, viewing the agent’s contact log, etc. On the right side of this slide, we see an example of an agent’s call log. For those contacts that involve instant messaging, the supervisor can expand that contact to see the content of the instant messaging transcript. This helps supervisors ensure agents’ use of instant messaging is in compliance with contact center policies and rules. Avaya - Confidential 25

26 Service Observing and Coaching
Note that when supervisors are coaching an agent via IM, they can choose a canned response – or type in a free-form comment or suggestion. You will also note that the supervisor has one-click access to: - Listen in Barge in Quick Alert to a group of agents Click to coach via IM

27 Work Log Can log all work functions Real-time presence
Calls including TTY IMs Desktop Sharing Coaching Service Observing Real-time presence Click to call/IM Add to contacts Transcripts Info includes Caller ID, Contact Number or address, DTMF tones, Date, Time, Duration, Screen Pop name, presence, click to contact, transcript, add to contacts

28 Avaya one-X Agent’s Integrated Screen Pop
Fast, easy and inexpensive screen pop No time-consuming CTI implementation required Single screen entry No additional licenses required Call related parameters are passed Source data items include calling name or number, prompted digits, VDN, UUI Triggers screen pop of relevant info Two major actions Fire a formatted URL Execute a file Avaya provides a simple single screen pop administration screen in Avaya one-X Agent to enable customers to deliver a fast and inexpensive screen-pop of customer-relevant information that arrives at the agent desktop simultaneously with the arrival of each call – without a time-consuming CTI implementation that competitive solutions require. The two major actions provided, Fire a formatted URL or Execute a file in the local file system, will be continued into one-X Agent. It is assumed that since Communication Manager is the driving server in both cases, certain call related parameters can be passed in each case. These call related data can be embedded within a formatted parameter string containing other characters, as expected by the receiving action. (Note: to Fire a URL means the URL is the address to a resource. What our application is doing is telling the PC the location and then the PC chooses which application opens the resource.) Source data items as defined here are sent by Avaya Communication Manager to Avaya one-X Agent. The parameter string can be formatted to contain other characters than the raw parameters. All alphanumeric characters, including a SPACE are acceptable in this string. A replacement mechanism for the call information (such as the leading “%” in IP Agent) in the parameter string will be provided. (These source data items such as UUI can be displayed in one-X Agent just as in IP Agent. Companies can do a screen pop based on these items, or can pass them to another application as a parameter for the screen pop.) The bottom line is a reduction in costs – time is money, and several seconds can be shaved off each call because agents no longer having to manually look up customer-specific information. And, customers are happier because their inquiry is addressed promptly and efficiently.

29 New one-X Agent Client API
Facilitates integration of one-X Agent into existing environments Allows other applications to subscribe to events Queue empty Work item added or removed Voice interaction created Voice interaction terminated Voice interaction missed IM interaction created IM interaction terminated Desktop Applications Enhanced Screen Pop/Client API Phase 1 - Allows other applications (most likely custom desktop executables) to subscribe to events occurring in one-X Agent, and to execute common one-X Agent functions from such applications. With this feature customers, business partners and Avaya Professional Services will be able to better integrate one-X Agent into customers’ existing environments and to incorporate common one-X Agent functions into custom portals and clients. You see here a list of events within one-X Agent that applications can subscribe to receive.

30 Avaya one-X Agent API Includes “execute”
Allow other apps to issue commands to one-X Agent Incorporate common agent telephony functions* into custom portals and clients Answer Mute Un-mute Hold Un-hold Release Fit one-X Agent into your desktop environment Conversely, the Avaya one-X Agent API has the ability to execute commands it receives from other applications, making it easy to incorporate common agent telephony functions into each company’s custom portals and clients that reside on the agent desktop. We will be expanding this list of commands in future releases of one-X Agent. Desktop Applications * More commands to be added in next release

31 More Reasons to Move to one-X Agent
Reduce IT costs and overhead More virtualization options with Citrix, VMWare, SUN, etc. Silent install without user interaction SS and SS+U for future releases at a fraction of the price Maximize use of real-estate with agent mobility Hot desking allows agents to sit at any station Agents maintain unique settings, contact lists, call logs Enhance agent productivity Drag and drop transfer and conference Integrated user tutorials, context sensitive help In a remote desktop or virtualization environment the endpoints supported are determined by the virtualization platforms. one-X Agent can run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 on either physical or virtual machines. Avaya one-X Agent supports remote desktop and virtualization. one-X Agent Desk Phone (Shared Control) and Other Phone (Telecommuter) connection modes are supported on server-based implementations; this requires customers to purchase a one-X Agent license (e.g. it is not an entitlement of Call Center Elite). VoIP and Video can not be supported in server-based implementations at this point because the presentation services of the virtualization platforms can not support real-time streaming media, but as we discussed that is not an issue for you at this time. Presentation Services are the responsibility of the Virtualization platform chosen. one-X Agent has been tested with the native management, configuration and presentation services of Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp, VMWare VDI and Sun Ray. It is our expectation that any virtualization platform that can support the presentation services required by one-X Agent will operate similarly.  We have found nothing special needed to get one-X Agent running in windows Server 2008.  You’ll have to make sure the “remote desktop” you choose works, and you’ll have to administer the user into the Terminal Services group, but those types of things are specific to the platform and have nothing to do with the application. Our recommendation is that if you have a virtualization platform provider that you already use, get them to advise you as to the best way to deploy giving your existing environment and infrastructure. A few references that other customers have found useful:  Also, here is a root link to a whole pile of papers on the subject.  It is highly Citrix oriented, but there are other views. 

32 Centralized Management and Deployment of Avaya one-X Agent

33 Deployment Options Choice of Windows operating systems
MS Windows XP Professional MS Windows Vista MS Windows 7 Virtualization options enable “thin” agent desktop MS Windows 2003 and 2008 Server Cirtix XenApp™ Sun Ray™ VMWare® ESX/VDI with Virtual Desktop We’ve been asked why Avaya one-X Agent is Thick Client. Let’s talk about that. Avaya provides options to meet the needs of every IT department, whether agent desktops are fully featured PCs or whether they are low-cost desktops with applications running on servers elsewhere in the enterprise (virtualization approach). Avaya one-X Agent is a thick .NET client, needed to enable rich multi-media and contact center quality VoIP. For customers who aren’t interested in rich media, we support a thin client option by supporting Windows Desktop Virtualization. one-X Agent can be deployed on a Windows Server and use Citrix, VMWare, SUN and other applications for management. Virtualization options: For Windows 2003 and 2008 Server - Terminal Services Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, now called ZenApp. This configuration is the classic "Citrix" configuration known to IP Agent. Avaya one-X Agent also operates in the "Streaming" environment of the new Citrix ZenApp Application. This is "application streaming" with a full executing PC at the desktop. Citrix ZenServer Technology - new Citrix technology closely aligned to the VMWare technology. VMWare ESX with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Windows XP Guest OS, using thin terminal devices for presentation service. Running Avaya one-X Agent in a virtualized environment enables IT departments to more easily ensure company security standards are met, as all applications are run from centralized servers rather than from an agent PC. Taking this approach also enables companies to put low-cost terminals on agent desktops rather than costly full-featured PCs. OS Support: XP 32 bit sp2, XP 32 bit sp3, XP 64 bit sp2, VISTA 32 bit home, VISTA 32 bit ent, VISTA 64 bit, Windows bit, Windows bit, Windows bit, Windows bit, Windows 2003

34 Client Installation, Deployment and Migration
Test and trial - can co-reside with existing Avaya softphones Simplifies testing and training Simplified MSI software install Install in “silent” mode with defaults Customized XML configuration files Leverages IP Agent Configuration data Detects existing IP Agent installation Log-in, Contact Lists and Call Logs are imported We’ve taken a lot of care to make this migration from IP Agent to Avaya one-X Agent as simple as possible with the following capabilities: MSI install Application defaults, which can be modified and saved Published XML configuration files to facilitate Hot Desking (Note this is an improvement over IP Agent, which used the registry for everything). Avaya one-X Agent can co-reside with IP Agent, making the transition easier. one-X Agent can also co-reside with IP Softphone and Avaya one-X Communicator. Avaya one-X Agent allows importing of certain critical data, such as log-in information, contact lists and call logs, from IP Agent, making the migration easier.

35 Avaya one-X Agent Central Management
Reduce costs and simplify agent desktop deployment Centrally manage user (agent/supervisor) profile data Application data (e.g. individual user contact log) Agent greetings and other data Web-based, task-oriented user interface Simplifies management of agents and supervisors. Reduces administration costs for contact centers Centralizes control of endpoint settings. Enables dynamic ‘Hot-Desking’ With one-X Agent Release 2, a new Central Management option gives IT and contact center administrators a tool to centrally manage large numbers of endpoints, users, and their configuration data. The web-based user interface of Central Management enables administrators to easily create and change user profiles. If administrators change a template, these changes are automatically propagated to all applicable agents the next time they log in.  Avaya one-X Agent has the option to be Thin Client (virtualized on a Windows Server through Citrix, VMWare, SUN, and other applications), for customers who don’t need rich media (video and instant messaging) . The new Central Management feature actually delivers the two capabilities most customers are looking for when they ask for Thin Clients – 1) the ability to easily manage large number of endpoints, and 2) support for dynamic hot-desking.  With Central Management, application data such as each agent’s contact log, IM transcripts, agent greetings, etc. are stored centrally. This means that regardless of where an agent sits, their own personal one-X Agent profile is assigned upon login. This dynamic “hot desking” means agents can sit anywhere – perhaps reducing real-estate needs for 24x7 contact centers.  Customers who choose not to deploy Centralized Management will continue to have such data stored in their local Windows Profile. 35

36 Support for Dynamic ‘Hot-Desking’
. Support for Dynamic ‘Hot-Desking’ Minimizes real-estate needs Users can login from any desk Pre-defined “location data” centrally stored and managed Enables fast, effortless login, regardless of where agent sits Agents need not know the CM extension and password Agent-specific configuration downloaded upon login Ensures security and data privacy At logout, user data stored at central server No agent data remains on desktop Dynamic Hot Desking enables any agent to sit at any configured desktop and begin work in seconds.  For users to be “hot desked” they must be known to Centralized Management. Pre-defined “location data” links a desktop to an Avaya Communication Manager extension and password. This data is centrally stored and managed. This means that regardless of where an agent sits, upon login that agent’s customized configuration is automatically applied. One example of when this scenario might be useful is when some agents may need to make outbound calls, while others don’t. When an agent logs out, none of that agent’s information remains on the desktop. In the scenario we just talked about, let’s say an agent who is able to make outbound calls is now logging out for the day, and the new agent who is arriving at that desk does not have outbound calling permissions. Not a problem ! The new agent logs in, and her configuration information is instantly downloaded, and this restriction (and any permissions) specific to the new agent take effect.

37 Avaya one X-Agent R2 High Level Architecture
Database one-X Agent Client Configuration Data Storage One-X Agent Central Management XML/HTTP IM Presence XMPP Aura Presence Services Active Directory/ LDAP Server Telephony CCMS Messaging Centralized Administration - An optional Centralized Management and Administration application is introduced to manage all user profiles centrally and to deploy them just in time to agent desktops.  This application will be referred to as Centralized Management, with a server component known as Centralized Management Server, and a client interface known as the Web Admin Client.  one-X Agent users known to Centralized Management will have all configuration data (e.g. user profile), application data (e.g. individual user contact log) and other data (e.g. recorded agent greetings) stored centrally and downloaded to a desktop as required.  Users not known to Centralized Management will have such data stored in their local Windows Profile. There are two deployment options. A single box solution with Central Management, Presence Services and System Manager on the same box. The second option leaves Central Management and System Manager on one box and puts Presence Service on a separate box to enable scaling. A server sizing tool will be available prior to GA Communication Manager (CM) SAL Enterprise System Manager

38 One-X Agent R2 Configuration Scenarios
# 1 Telephony only (similar to one-X Agent R1) Telephony with Central Management, no Presence Server Telephony with Presence Server only, no Central Management Telephony with Central Management and Presence Server # 2 # 3 # 4 * TO BE VERIFIED Avaya - Confidential 38 38 38

39 One-X Agent R2, Feature vs. Configuration
1 2 3 4 Ability to administer an agents profile from a central location X Agent to Agent Instant Messaging Agent to User Instant Messaging (Non-Agent via MOC*) Ability to publish/subscribe to the presence of an agent Supervisor monitoring and control Soft TTY Playing a video file over an established Video Call Sharing the desktop Real-time Instant Message coaching of Agents An external API to make and control calls (enhanced screen pop) An external API to receive notifications from one-X Agent (enhanced screen pop) Logging agent calls and Instant Message transcripts to a central location Using single sign on Here we see a list of features available depending upon configuration options selected. *Microsoft Office Communicator 39

40 Avaya one-X Agent – Services Offers
Support for complex / customized installations: Application configuration Hot Desking/User Configuration Screen pop Agent greetings Expert Finder Network analysis Performance and scalability Upgrade support Soft-TTY Consulting and Support IM/Presence Configuration Custom Application of new one-X Agent APIs Delivered through Avaya Professional Services One-X Agent Implementation and Customization Support Offer from Avaya Professional Services will be available when Avaya one-X Agent is released) Professional Services offers: Offers will be focused on complex / customized installations. Offer will be available for purchase for basic installations Offer may include mix of onsite/remote support based on the deliverables selected. Customer responsibilities will include performing deployment of packaged IP Agent with registry modifications and any required scripting, including Windows user profile/login scripting & SMS scripting necessary to accomplish multi-agent deployment.

41 Summary – Value of Avaya one-X Agent
From Contact Centers To Enterprise-wide Customer Experience Enterprise-wide collaboration powered by Avaya Aura™ Presence Server Optimized agent desktop Simplified and cost effective screen pops - without CTI Embedded video to support new business opportunities Centralized management and control Integration into existing agent desktops Easy to use, manage, and tailor to your business Right Employee Always Accessible In summary, Avaya one-X Agent gives agents – and supervisors – easy access to the tools that help them better serve customers and deliver a premier level of customer satisfaction. Avaya one-X Agent enables agents to reach beyond the boundaries of the contact center and engage experts throughout the enterprise with embedded collaboration made possible by integration with the Avaya Aura Presence Server, helping to drive first call resolution. Before we wrap up, let’s take a look at the value provided by one-X Agent, from perspectives of users and customers of the solution. We’ll look at your contact center and support personnel who are serving your customers – how does one-X Agent help each of them better do their jobs? And – even more importantly – what do your customers like about the service they receive as a result of agents’ using one-X Agent? 41

42 2010 and Beyond SIP Voice and Video SIP Screenpop Email, Chat and SMS
Predictive and Campaign Dialing Thin Client Support for Resident Expert SDK Phase 2 Supervisor Phase 2 Real-time call, agent and skill stats from Avaya Performance Center So, where are we going next with Avaya one-X Agent? These are features currently planned for our roadmap, and we welcome your input as to what would be most useful to help your company succeed in today’s marketplace. *Roadmap is not committed and is for example purposes only

43 ? ? ? ? Q & A ?

44 thank you © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

45 Backup 45

46 Deploying settings to groups of endpoints
Create the template Click the plus sign beside the template whose settings you want to inherit Make any necessary changes to the settings specific to your needs. Note that a symbol appears ( ) indicating that you have changed an inherited setting and allowing you to revert to the original setting if you choose. You can mark settings as “Read-only” so that agents can not modify configuration settings that may prevent their Desktop client from working.

47 One-X Agent Central Management
Avaya Look & Feel User Management Add users Import users Manage users Manage groups Quickly find users with “as you type” filtering 47

48 One-X Agent Central Management - Users
Import Users Simple process to import thousands of users Upload files with user data Import data from Active Directory Agent Role defined Template assigned 48

49 One-X Agent Central Management - Groups
Manage Groups Group names Roles Templates Members Apply roles and templates to thousands of users 49

50 One-X Agent Central Management - Templates & Settings
Import location data Simple process to upload – import files Enable dynamic “hot desking” Automatically applies location-specific settings upon agent login 50

51 One-X Agent Central Management - Templates
Manage Templates Define settings Deploy to groups of users Select user modifiable fields to control agent access to features, capabilities 51

52 One-X Agent Central Management – User Interface
Consistent UI across central management and desktop

53 Centralized control of User Settings
Ease of deploying changes Build templates with applicable feature settings Assign features to agents based on role or business area Change template, automatically deployed to agents on login Flexibility in allowing agents to customize Give agents flexibility in customizing specific areas Store changes made by users at central location A key feature of Central Management is the ability to centrally control user settings – not just for initially administering the settings, but to easily deploy any changes to all applicable desktops. Administrators can create global settings that will be inherited by all users. Child templates contain a subset of features and can be assigned to groups of agents, based on role or business area. Subsequent changes to settings are inherited by all users assigned to the template, next time they log in, ensuring fast and accurate deployment.. Administrators can specify settings that users can edit, ensuring control over critical settings. Business related data (such as greeting triggers) can be edited in the template and assigned to users based on their business area or role or groups. Changes made by users to their settings from their desktop are saved at the central server.

54 Roadmap – Late 2009 Collaboration Centralized Administration
Agent and Enterprise IM Integration Agent and Enterprise Presence Desktop Sharing Supervisor Phase 1 Soft Agent TTY Enhanced Screen Pop/API Phase 1 Centralized Administration User profile management Feature Access management User Authentication Hot Desking

55 Avaya one-X Agent R2 Drive first call resolution with immediate access to experts Build lists of go-to experts See presence (availability) via Aura Presence Server or MOC Control access via “allowed” list Serve hard-of-hearing customers with integrated Soft TTY Separate hardware devices and queue groups no longer needed; lowers costs Empower supervisors and managers Click to Service Observe, record, or coach an agent Broadcast a text message to all agents via “click to message” Review agents’ IM transcripts and contact logs Centrally manage and control agent /supervisor profiles Enable agent mobility with Hot Desking Simplify user profile administration and authentication Enable easy integration with other apps via Client SDK Avaya differentiator with integrated IM is twofold: We control access by delivering each agent applicable lists of go-to agents/supervisors/experts Centralized viewing of contact logs and IM transcripts enable managers to monitor any unwarranted use/abuse Embedded Softy TTY is a differentiator. It means that: Separate TTY hardware devices are no longer required. Hard-of-hearing no longer have to be served by separate queue groups - they can be sent to the precise queue rather than a one-size-fits-all queue for those with TTY devices Empower supervisors with: Embedded ability to click-to-service-observe. Supervisor who is silently observing can “single click” to barge in if necessary. Initiate and terminate call recording Coach the agent via text messaging Log out agents remotely Centralized management enables Easy to build agent profiles, feature access, etc., and deploy to applicable agent or agent groups Agent mobility – an agent’s greetings, personalization, call history log, etc. follow the agent upon login, regardless of where the agent physically sits Client SDK enables other applications (most likely custom desktop executables) to subscribe to events that occur in one-X Agent, and also to execute common one-X Agent functions from within applications. This means someone who has their own agent desktop could easily embed telephony features from one-X Agent. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

56 WCO-TPX Thank You © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 56 56

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