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Avaya one-X ® Agent Mike Harwell Contact Center Product Management Kay Phelps Contact Center Product Marketing.

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1 Avaya one-X ® Agent Mike Harwell Contact Center Product Management Kay Phelps Contact Center Product Marketing

2 Avaya one-X Agent: Agenda  Overview of one-X Agent  Value perspectives, from customer to contact center  Incorporating video  Simplifying the agent’s user interface  Integrated presence/IM  Streamlined supervisor capabilities  Easy, low-cost screen pop  API for easy integration  Centralized management and deployment 2

3 3 Introducing Avaya one-X Agent  Optimized agent desktop for Avaya contact center solutions  Simple interface, sophisticated capabilities  One-touch access to common agent functions  Agents anywhere – home, office, virtual site  Real-time contact center statistics  Immediate access to an expert  Video is as easy as a phone call – Embedded access, no negotiation needed – Single desktop, single user experience

4 4 What Your Customers Like about one-X Agent  I am enthusiastically greeted each time I call  The agent already has my information  All my questions are handled by a single agent! – The agent quickly finds an expert for my hard questions – They don’t put me on hold like in the past – I’m happy that I never get transferred  The level of professionalism and knowledge is outstanding

5 5 What LOB Owners Like…  Enables hiring and retention of the best talent by offering work-at-home agent opportunities – Eases the transition from office to home with consistent agent desktop and interface – Enhances the company’s “green” story – Ensures business continuity  Opens new opportunities with collaboration and video – Collaboration with desktop sharing – Kiosk/Co-browsing extend the contact center to branches – Agent-selected video streaming – Agent to Expert consulting

6 6 What Contact Center Managers Like…  Improves productivity – Enlist agents in meeting goals with real-time status updates – Pop screen of customer-relevant information – Handle multiple work items easily – Reduce desktop clutter – Improve first call resolution with click to call or chat  Serves hearing-impared customers with same resources – Soft TTY support eliminates specialized hardware – Separate queue groups no longer required  Maximizes real-estate – Hot desking for agent mobility

7 What Contact Center Supervisors Like…  Simplifies agent supervision – Click to Service Observe, barge in, or coach an agent – Broadcast a text message to all agents via “click to message” – Review agents’ IM transcripts and contact logs – Control agents’ access to features as needed – Collaborate with desktop sharing  Accelerates agent on-boarding – Ease of access to common agent features – Context sensitive on-line help – Simple, intuitive user interface – Integrated tutorials 7

8 8 What your IT Department Likes…  Improves security and administration, lowers costs – Choice of MS Windows operating systems – Virtualization options - Citrix XenApp™, VMWare ®, Sun Ray™  Facilitates adding new agents, removes the hassle – Centrally administer and manage with templates – Customizable “silent install”  Removes connectivity hassles with login options: – Desk phone (shared control) – Any phone (dual connect) – My computer (VoIP)

9 9 What Agents Like  It’s fast and easy to do my job – I have one-touch access to hold, conference, assist, and more – Click-to-dial or IM gives me access to a supervisor or expert – I can pre-record my greeting, so I don’t have to repeat it all day – I have the option to use a Bluetooth headset  All the information I need is right there – Customer information arrives along with the call – Statistics show when the queue is building  Sometimes I work from home – Same interface and capabilities – I’m really happy that I don’t have to drive into the office

10 10 Video in the Contact Center  Differentiate your company with video – Add kiosks for immediate customer service – Video streaming – “a picture is worth a thousand words” – Agents can consult, train, interact with coaches via video – What applications could be useful in your business?  Video is as easy as a phone call – Fully integrated with Polycom and Tandberg – Embedded access - no negotiations needed – Single desktop, single user experience

11 Avaya one-X Agent Video – Sample Use Case  Centralize technical expertise  Enable in-store sales associates to focus on converting shoppers to customers  Use off-site resources for repetitive tasks  Enable face-to-face agent collaboration “ I just purchased my new phone and can’t wait to use it” “Hi, my name is Eric and I will be glad to help you activate your new phone. I see you have the new Smartphone – you’re really going to like this phone.”

12 12 Avaya one-X Agent - Minimum Footprint View  Agent name, status, and other controls on top bar  Work item status and call control options on next line  Global controls on the bottom CompleteWorkStatus SystemMessages Extension and Agent Name Message Waiting Indicator Agent State Indicator RTPMonitor Add Call Mute Microphone My Computer only VDNName Disconnect View Work Info Conference System Menu Dial Pad Contact Log VuStats Hold Transfer New Work Text Input Text Action Contacts WorkState

13 Avaya one-X Agent Work Item Paradigm Two Work items with 3 media elements  Optimized for agent work  Creates relationship between media elements  Innovative Action Bar dynamically adapts

14 14 Avaya one-X Agent Innovative Action Bar  One-click access to dial pad, VuStats, contact log, work item details, etc.  Click Contacts icon to expand or collapse Contacts List

15 Modern UI Replaces Buttons and Keystrokes  Reduces real estate on agent desktop  More efficient and intuitive than traditional CM buttons

16 16  Give agents the contact list you want them to have – LDAP (company directory) – Microsoft Outlook contact list – Custom lists – Administered “skill groups”  Enable agents to find an expert immediately – See presence status of experts – Instant Message with available expert Avaya Presence Server - or - Microsoft Office Communicator – Click to dial or IM Access to Experts Drives First Call Resolution

17 Consulting with Instant Messaging  Open applicable contact list  Click to dial or start IM session

18 Integrated Presence and Instant Messaging  Select from multiple Presence options – Agent-to-agent collaboration via one-X Agent – Agent-to-expert collaboration with Aura™ Presence Server or MOC  Find an available expert for collaboration – Is the expert on a call? – Does the expert have IM? – What is the Agent’s State?  Resolve customers’ questions  Deliver first call resolution Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank

19 Avaya Aura Presence Services Instant Messaging with one-X Agent and Aura Presence Server Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank

20 Avaya Aura Presence Services Instant Messaging with one-X Agent and MOC Mike Harwell Frank Hymus Mike Frank MOC Gateway Mike Harwell When is the next release of the Widget? It will be available in stores on June 1 [10:41 AM]

21 Agent to Agent IM and Supervisor Coaching  2 active sessions: – Outbound to Abby – Inbound from Trisha  Focus on Abby  Coaching from Mitchell Miller on top  Focus is still on Abby

22 Collaborate with Desktop Sharing  Team with supervisor or expert – Embedded ability to share desktop – Click to collaborate - no need to launch other application  Resolve issues in real-time – Agent needs help in completing customer record or order – Clicks supervisor assist – Shares desktop – Passes control – Saves time, satisfies customer 22

23 23 Assisting with Disabilities  Provide equal opportunity for agents with disabilities – Section 508 compliant – Keyboard shortcuts for common agent functions – Alerts are both visual and audible – Easily integrated with text-to-speech applications – Serve customers with disabilities – Integrated Soft TTY to serve hearing impaired customers – Separate hardware devices and queue groups no longer required

24 New Supervisor Options Supercharge Productivity  Facilitate coaching functions with one-click access – Listen in (service observe) – Real-time coaching via IM – Barge in – Quick alert  Manage agents via a single interface – View agents’ contact history – Access Voice and IM interactions – Ensure agent compliance with rules  Integrated desktop sharing All available agents please log in immediately!

25 Supervisor Desktop – How it works  Supervisor functionality via Supervisors contact list  Supervisors have “My Team” group in their contact list  “Quick alert" button to message to all agents in that group  Supervisor contacts have special buttons – Observe brings up a menu with two options Observe Agent View Contact Log – Click to IM – Click to Share desktop – Remote Agent Logout Avaya - Confidential25

26 Service Observing and Coaching

27 Work Log  Can log all work functions – Calls including TTY – IMs – Desktop Sharing – Coaching – Service Observing  Real-time presence  Click to call/IM  Add to contacts  Transcripts

28 28 Avaya one-X Agent’s Integrated Screen Pop  Fast, easy and inexpensive screen pop – No time-consuming CTI implementation required – Single screen entry – No additional licenses required  Call related parameters are passed – Source data items include calling name or number, prompted digits, VDN, UUI – Triggers screen pop of relevant info  Two major actions – Fire a formatted URL – Execute a file

29 New one-X Agent Client API 29  Facilitates integration of one-X Agent into existing environments  Allows other applications to subscribe to events – Queue empty – Work item added or removed – Voice interaction created – Voice interaction terminated – Voice interaction missed – IM interaction created – IM interaction terminated Desktop Applications Desktop Applications

30 Avaya one-X Agent API Includes “execute”  Allow other apps to issue commands to one-X Agent  Incorporate common agent telephony functions* into custom portals and clients – Answer – Mute – Un-mute – Hold – Un-hold – Release  Fit one-X Agent into your desktop environment 30 * More commands to be added in next release Desktop Applications Desktop Applications

31 31 More Reasons to Move to one-X Agent  Reduce IT costs and overhead – More virtualization options with Citrix, VMWare, SUN, etc. – Silent install without user interaction – SS and SS+U for future releases at a fraction of the price  Maximize use of real-estate with agent mobility – Hot desking allows agents to sit at any station – Agents maintain unique settings, contact lists, call logs  Enhance agent productivity – Drag and drop transfer and conference – Integrated user tutorials, context sensitive help

32 Centralized Management and Deployment of Avaya one-X Agent

33 Deployment Options  Choice of Windows operating systems – MS Windows XP Professional – MS Windows Vista – MS Windows 7  Virtualization options enable “thin” agent desktop – MS Windows 2003 and 2008 Server – Cirtix XenApp™ – Sun Ray™ – VMWare ® ESX/VDI with Virtual Desktop

34 Client Installation, Deployment and Migration  Test and trial - can co-reside with existing Avaya softphones – Simplifies testing and training  Simplified MSI software install – Install in “silent” mode with defaults – Customized XML configuration files  Leverages IP Agent Configuration data – Detects existing IP Agent installation – Log-in, Contact Lists and Call Logs are imported

35 Avaya one-X Agent Central Management  Reduce costs and simplify agent desktop deployment – Centrally manage user (agent/supervisor) profile data – Application data (e.g. individual user contact log) – Agent greetings and other data  Web-based, task-oriented user interface – Simplifies management of agents and supervisors. – Reduces administration costs for contact centers – Centralizes control of endpoint settings. – Enables dynamic ‘Hot-Desking’ 35

36 . Support for Dynamic ‘Hot-Desking’  Minimizes real-estate needs  Users can login from any desk  Pre-defined “location data” centrally stored and managed  Enables fast, effortless login, regardless of where agent sits  Agents need not know the CM extension and password  Agent-specific configuration downloaded upon login  Ensures security and data privacy  At logout, user data stored at central server  No agent data remains on desktop

37 Avaya one X-Agent R2 High Level Architecture one-X Agent Client Communication Manager (CM) Telephony CCMS Messaging SAL Enterprise Aura Presence Services System Manager Active Directory/ LDAP Server Database Configuration Data Storage XML/HTTP IM Presence XMPP One-X Agent Central Management

38 One-X Agent R2 Configuration Scenarios 38 Avaya - Confidential * TO BE VERIFIED Telephony only (similar to one-X Agent R1) Telephony with Central Management, no Presence Server Telephony with Presence Server only, no Central Management Telephony with Central Management and Presence Server # 1# 2# 3# 4

39 39 Feature1234 Ability to administer an agents profile from a central locationXX Agent to Agent Instant MessagingXX Agent to User Instant Messaging (Non-Agent via MOC*)XX Ability to publish/subscribe to the presence of an agentXX Supervisor monitoring and controlXX Soft TTYXXXX Playing a video file over an established Video CallXXXX Sharing the desktopXX Real-time Instant Message coaching of AgentsXX An external API to make and control calls (enhanced screen pop)XXXX An external API to receive notifications from one-X Agent (enhanced screen pop) XXXX Logging agent calls and Instant Message transcripts to a central locationXXX Using single sign onXXX One-X Agent R2, Feature vs. Configuration * Microsoft Office Communicator

40 40 Avaya one-X Agent – Services Offers  Support for complex / customized installations: – Application configuration – Hot Desking/User Configuration – Screen pop – Agent greetings – Expert Finder – Network analysis – Performance and scalability – Upgrade support – Soft-TTY Consulting and Support – IM/Presence Configuration – Custom Application of new one-X Agent APIs  Delivered through Avaya Professional Services

41 41 Summary – Value of Avaya one-X Agent Always Accessible Right Employee 41 From Contact Centers To Enterprise-wide Customer Experience  Enterprise-wide collaboration powered by Avaya Aura ™ Presence Server  Optimized agent desktop  Simplified and cost effective screen pops - without CTI  Embedded video to support new business opportunities  Centralized management and control  Integration into existing agent desktops  Easy to use, manage, and tailor to your business

42 2010 and Beyond  SIP Voice and Video  SIP Screenpop  Email, Chat and SMS  Predictive and Campaign Dialing  Thin Client  Support for Resident Expert  SDK Phase 2  Supervisor Phase 2  Real-time call, agent and skill stats from Avaya Performance Center *Roadmap is not committed and is for example purposes only

43 43 ? ? ? Q & A ? ?

44 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.44 thank you

45 45 Backup

46 Deploying settings to groups of endpoints Create the template 1. Click the plus sign beside the template whose settings you want to inherit 2. Make any necessary changes to the settings specific to your needs. Note that a symbol appears ( ) indicating that you have changed an inherited setting and allowing you to revert to the original setting if you choose. 3. You can mark settings as “Read- only” so that agents can not modify configuration settings that may prevent their Desktop client from working.

47 One-X Agent Central Management 47  Avaya Look & Feel  User Management – Add users – Import users – Manage users – Manage groups – Quickly find users with “as you type” filtering

48 One-X Agent Central Management - Users  Import Users – Simple process to import thousands of users – Upload files with user data – Import data from Active Directory – Agent Role defined – Template assigned 48

49 One-X Agent Central Management - Groups  Manage Groups – Group names – Roles – Templates – Members  Apply roles and templates to thousands of users 49

50 One-X Agent Central Management - Templates & Settings 50  Import location data  Simple process to upload – import files  Enable dynamic “hot desking”  Automatically applies location-specific settings upon agent login

51 One-X Agent Central Management - Templates  Manage Templates – Define settings – Deploy to groups of users – Select user modifiable fields to control agent access to features, capabilities 51

52 One-X Agent Central Management – User Interface  Consistent UI across central management and desktop

53 Centralized control of User Settings  Ease of deploying changes – Build templates with applicable feature settings – Assign features to agents based on role or business area – Change template, automatically deployed to agents on login  Flexibility in allowing agents to customize – Give agents flexibility in customizing specific areas – Store changes made by users at central location

54 Roadmap – Late 2009  Collaboration  Agent and Enterprise IM Integration  Agent and Enterprise Presence  Desktop Sharing  Supervisor Phase 1  Soft Agent TTY  Enhanced Screen Pop/API Phase 1  Centralized Administration  User profile management  Feature Access management  User Authentication  Hot Desking

55 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.55 Avaya one-X Agent R2  Drive first call resolution with immediate access to experts – Build lists of go-to experts – See presence (availability) via Aura Presence Server or MOC – Control access via “allowed” list  Serve hard-of-hearing customers with integrated Soft TTY – Separate hardware devices and queue groups no longer needed; lowers costs  Empower supervisors and managers – Click to Service Observe, record, or coach an agent – Broadcast a text message to all agents via “click to message” – Review agents’ IM transcripts and contact logs  Centrally manage and control agent /supervisor profiles – Enable agent mobility with Hot Desking – Simplify user profile administration and authentication  Enable easy integration with other apps via Client SDK

56 Thank You

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