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What’s New with axiUm Ryan Brandon WHAT’S NEW UPDATE ON axiUm CE and Meaningful Use Product Advancements – axiUm v5.11 and v5.20 – HealthAccess PatientAccess.

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2 What’s New with axiUm Ryan Brandon


4 WHAT’S NEW UPDATE ON axiUm CE and Meaningful Use Product Advancements – axiUm v5.11 and v5.20 – HealthAccess PatientAccess FacultyAccess

5 Meaningful Use Update

6 axiUm CE certified in February 2012 Most State Medicaid programs are now up Many dentists have now registered and collected Year 1 funding with axiUm CE: $21,250 per provider

7 axiUm MU Reporting Develop programs, scripts, reports and supporting documentation to configure axiUm CE Will meet MU requirements to qualify dentists for Year 2 incentives under Stage 1 rules

8 MU Summary Report

9 MU Detailed Report

10 axiUm MU Consulting For clients ready for Year 2 MU, Exan can provide expertise and additional services: – State-specific eligibility requirements analysis – Practice workflow and business process consulting – Customizations to the MU package – Compliance monitoring over the reporting period – MU dashboard

11 Stages & Medicaid Incentives 3 Stages in incentive program – Different requirements for Certification and MU 6 Years of eligibility for each Provider – 2 Years in each Stage – Reporting requirements in Years 2 through 6 – Can be non-consecutive


13 axiUm Product Updates axiUm 5.11 – September 2012 axiUm 5.20 – July 2013

14 axiUm 5.11 Recertified axiUm CE v5.11 in August 2012 Released September 2012 Many of you have upgraded already

15 axiUm 5.11 Status Bar Indicators Quick alerts shown in the status bar Like current alerts, but customizable Alerts based on: – User logged in – Patient selected

16 Status Bar Indicators

17 axiUm 5.11 Date changes Replaced odd-formatted date/time fields – Custom Reporting is simplified – DB stores 24-JUL-2011 instead of 1207767883 Support across time zones – Operate clinics or admin from different time zone

18 axiUm 5.11 List Sorting Sorting on lists throughout axiUm – Click on column header to sort – Scan and find codes faster

19 axiUm 5.11 - SCHEDULER Rotation Scheduling Student placed into rotation clinic – Student can schedule in that clinic only and is blocked for taking a chair in any other clinic – Schedule shows the rotation information like non- clinic time – Can be used as to pre-block all schedules

20 axiUm 5.11 - SCHEDULER Display Additional Appointment info Be able to view relevant details for a list of appointments

21 axiUm 5.11 Consents - Limitations Can’t specify which form is required When modify planned tx, need to get re-consent Can’t get consent for future tx (i.e., for next year) Can’t setup required consents differently by provider type Can’t enforce multiple consents

22 axiUm 5.11 Required Consents - Enhanced Prevent treatment without appropriate consent Conditionally require consent based on: – Procedure: surgical, high-risk, cosmetic, date planned – Patient: age, insurance, payment history, health condition – Provider: student year, specialty

23 axiUm 5.11 Required Consents Specify which consent form(s) can be used to satisfy requirement Option to require multiple consents, including general and treatment-specific Display list of consents required prior to delivery

24 axiUm 5.20 New Treatment Planning Module Scheduling Operatory Monitor Ready for JULY 2013

25 axiUm 5.20 – Tx Planning Simplified/All-in-one user interface Support to view/update chart while Tx Planning Improved entry of terms with text matching Decision support for proper Dx and Tx selection In review now, ready for Summer 2013

26 axiUm Treatment Planning

27 Problem List

28 Diagnoses Entry

29 Planned Treatment

30 Tx Planning - Future Support new functionality – Merge plans to present to patient – Make changes and re-approve Automate creation of Problems – Findings/Conditions charted – Form entries Evidence-based support for appropriate tx planning

31 axiUm 5.20 Info Manager – Open in MS Excel Requests to perform calculations, custom sorting, grouping in Info Manager Take any Info Manager list and open as an Excel spreadsheet – No formatting required – Allows complex data mining and review with spreadsheet functionality

32 axiUm 5.20 EPR Form enhancements “Don’t Know” answer for Yes/No questions Prompt for additional info when respond No to a Yes/No question

33 axiUm 5.20 Spell Checking for Clinical notes – Medical dictionary – Ability to add terms and abbreviations

34 axiUm 5.20 Rolodex More columns added – Up to 5 additional columns – Find the right patient sooner – For resolutions > 800x600

35 axiUm 5.20 Operatory Monitor Monitor status of appointments in clinic Follow patients through visit – Sign in, check-in, seated, checked-out Alert to providers needing: – Start Check, Approval, Assistance Large screen display options

36 Graphical Display Patient status colors displayed

37 Text Display

38 Provider Notifications Provider sets indicator to notify of need – Needs are defined with level of urgency and color – Quickly set through Status Bar – Replaces call-light system

39 Monitor Providers

40 Monitor Providers and Patients - Graphical

41 Monitor Providers - List List may be sorted by urgency and time waiting

42 Monitor Providers and Patients - List

43 Operatory Monitor Mount it on the wall Runs unmanaged – Cycles through clinics and pages through lists Place in central location – Providers see when patient has arrived – Faculty can triage students requiring assistance

44 Operatory Monitor Benefits Keep providers in the chair with their patients Optimize Faculty time in clinic Reduce response time to critical issues – Prevent non-urgent issues from jumping the queue – Improve patient safety and quality of care – Improve student satisfaction Track and Report out – Critical issue response time – Clinic efficiency with the transition of patients through a visit – Provider requests for assistance

45 axiUm HealthAccess PatientAccess FacultyAccess

46 Notification States Communicates with Operatory Monitor system Instructors are notified when provider ready for start check, approval or need assistance List is prioritized based on the urgency of the request Clear the state when it has been addressed

47 FacultyAccess Edit Notes on Approval Just like in axiUm, notes can be edited during the approval process Sessional Evaluations Review, add, update, hold and resume evaluations Support for sessional and cumulative evaluations

48 PatientAccess Customize the appearance and content of PatientAccess using a WYSIWYG editor Manage application settings thru a GUI Install PA updates without losing content or formatting Content Management System

49 PatientAccess Appointments View and confirm upcoming appointments Medical Summary Display – Problem List – Medications – Medical Conditions – Allergies Meets MU requirements

50 PatientAccess Update Personal Information Patients update information to create a sticky note in axiUm Insurance Information View policy details Indicate that information is incorrect to create a sticky note in axiUm

51 PatientAccess Patient Self-Registration Securely self-register for a PatientAccess account No clinical interaction required Password Reset Patients can reset their passwords securely by email Prevent the patient from having to contact the clinic if they forget their password


53 HealthAccess - Doctor DoctorAccess New product for Providers Optimized for Smartphone devices Integrated to axiUm’s Messenger View schedules and reservations View patient information



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