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FDTC Expansion Site Career Talk Advising Seminar

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1 FDTC Expansion Site Career Talk Advising Seminar
Welcome to the Greenville Technical College Physical Therapist Assistant Program FDTC Expansion Site Career Talk Advising Seminar Our purpose - to provide YOU, our prospective student, with: Information bout the profession of physical therapy, Information about the GTC PTA program , information you will need to guide your admission processes.

2 Where to Find Information:
Greenville Technical College PTA Program P.O. Box 5616 Greenville, S.C FAX: (864) Program Administrative Assistant: (864) or (then look for PTA) The policies in this Career Talk presentation, including tuition and fees, are based on present conditions and are subject to change without notice. Website will have most updated information . Last Update: APR 2012

3 Our Vision: Our Mission:
To be an exemplary center for learning that enables student success and promotes economic development. Our Mission: Greenville Technical College drives personal and economic growth through learning.

4 Values Greenville Technical College is committed to the following values: Learning: We are committed to providing quality learning opportunities that enable individual and community achievement and that are affordable and accessible for all members of our community. Integrity: We believe trust is an essential element in a safe and effective learning environment, so we promote and foster openness, honesty, respect, and fairness. Diversity: We recognize and celebrate diversity, so we value and support considerate, meaningful communication and inclusiveness in collaborative decision-making processes. Cooperation: We value collaboration and teamwork, so we foster caring, professional relationships among students, employees, and our community in an effort to expand partnerships. Excellence: We value continuous improvement, so we encourage innovation, creative problem-solving and responsible risk-taking as we act courageously, deliberately, and systematically to enhance and enrich our learning environment. 6. Accountability: We value students, faculty, and staff, so we recognize their contributions, encourage their professional development, and regularly evaluate performance to improve learning outcomes, programs, processes, and services.

5 Greenville Technical College provides equal opportunity and affirmative action in education and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The college complies with the provisions of Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Higher Education Amendments of 1986; Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the South Carolina Human Affairs Law of 1972; and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of For additional information on nondiscrimination policies, students should contact Sharon Bellwood in the Student Disability Services office which coordinates Section 504 and Title IX at (864) v/TTY. Others should contact the ADA coordinator, Director of Human Resources, at (864)

6 An Overview of the Field of Physical Therapy
As you watch this clip, imagine yourself doing this work for the next 20 years. Are you physically, psychologically and economically ready to enter this demanding and rewarding profession?

7 Physical therapy is a challenging and rewarding profession.
Patients may range in age from birth to 100+ years old with conditions such as stroke, broken bones, strains and sprains, paralysis or muscle weakness, cerebral palsy, burns or wounds, cancer, and other infectious or debilitating illnesses. Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) provide direct care to individuals who experience temporary or permanent disability due to pain, injury, disease or birth defects.  

8 The PT evaluates each patient initially and develops a plan of care.
The PTA, who works under the supervision of the PT, implements the plan of care and treats the patient. The PT and PTA work closely together to progress the patient toward his/her goals and help each patient reach his/her maximum level of function. Employment opportunities for PTs and PTAs may be found in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient offices, sports medicine clinics, schools and home health care settings. Health promotion, wellness and injury prevention are areas of practice for an increasing number of PTAs. Graduates from present who have passed the national licensing exam are earning between $40,000 and $51,000 upon graduation with an Associate in Applied Sciences as PTA’s.

9 Degrees in Physical Therapy
1. DPT: Doctorate in Physical Therapy 2. MPT: Master’s in Physical Therapy Associate Applied Science, Physical Therapist Assistant offered here at GTC. PTA courses taken in the PTA curriculum do not transfer to a PT curriculum. After graduation from accredited programs, PTs and PTAs as must pass a computerized national examination to become licensed to practice in each state. Licensure has to be renewed biennially in South Carolina and may be transferred from one state to another. For more information on Educational Degrees in the Profession of Physical Therapy, log onto:

10 Physical therapy is a “hands-on” profession in which the PT and PTA develop a therapeutic relationship with the people with whom they work. PTAs are in daily physical contact with a diverse group of people and a variety of types of machines and technology. The work requires frequent standing, bending, walking and occasional heavy lifting. Knowledge of human anatomy and how the body moves and functions, an understanding of the pathology of various diseases and conditions, and an interest in helping people regain functional movement and improve the quality of their lives are required for a person to be a successful PT or PTA.

11 PTA Program Historical Perspective
Started in 1969, the PTA program at Greenville Technical College was accredited by CAPTE, Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education , when the first class graduated in The GTC PTA Program has maintained full accreditation by CAPTE ever since. In 1995, Greenville Tech started an expansion PTA Program at Florence-Darlington Technical College. In 1998, Greenville Tech started an expansion PTA Program at Aiken Technical College in After Fall 2010, this Expansion Program was no longer offered through ATC. The PTA program is an associate in applied science degree program based on a format. During Phase I students take all of the general and related education courses. These courses may be taken on a full-or part-time basis either at Greenville Tech or at any of the community colleges with which Greenville Tech has an articulation agreement. Upon completion of the Phase I required courses, students apply to the Phase II program at Greenville Technical College, located either on the Greer or the FDTC Campuses. During Phase II, students may take all of the physical therapist assistant courses on a full-time basis over four consecutive semesters or on a limited part time basis over 6 consecutive semesters. Included in the Phase II curriculum are 14 weeks of full time clinical affiliations during which students practice in physical therapy clinics under the supervision of a licensed PT or PTA.

12 Essential Functions and Technical Standards For Physical Therapist Assistant Students
The following standards reflect reasonable expectations of a student in the PTA Program for the performance of common physical therapy functions. In adopting these standards the PTA Program is mindful of the patient’s right to safe and quality treatment by a skilled PTA . These skills are necessary for the PTA to function in a broad variety of clinical situations while providing the spectrum of physical therapy interventions. These standards generally reflect what may be required for employment of the graduate PTA. Upon admission, to verify that a student has the ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the following technical standards:

13 Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Collect, interpret and integrate information and make decisions. Read and comprehend relevant information in textbooks, medical records and professional literature. Identify cause/effect relationships in the provision of health care. Identify patient problems and adjust patient goals and interventions appropriately within the health care team plan of care. Respond calmly and effectively to emergencies. Know when and how to apply universal precautions. Use effective teaching, learning and test taking strategies.

14 Interpersonal Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Work collaboratively with all PTA students, faculty and staff, clinicians and patients in classroom, lab and clinical settings. Embody the spirit of cooperation and collegiality, employing basic conflict management skills as situations require. Establish positive and supportive rapport with patients/clients and colleagues. Participate in all lab situations to experience both clinician and patient roles , receiving and communicating empathy. Establish positive, supportive, effective and harmonious relationships in diverse settings, with diverse patient/clients and colleagues.

15 Behavioral/Emotional/Social Coping Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Respond appropriately to stressful environments or during impending deadlines. Display maturity, good judgment, sensitivity, and emotional stability when in academic and professional settings. Manage heavy academic schedules and deadlines. Concentrate on professional duties without distraction in all settings. Set priorities and perform all aspects of therapy services in fast-paced academic and clinical situations. Cope effectively with psychosocial issues involving illness, disability and death without hindering effective performance of duties.

16 Communication Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Communicate effectively in English using verbal, non-verbal and written formats with faculty, other students, patients, families, and health care workers. International students whose primary language is NOT English will be required to pass TOEFL exam with the following scores in order to become licensed in South Carolina and most states: TOEFL = 560 written/220 computer *TWE – 4.5 * TSE – 5.5 *24 for writing *26 for speaking * 18 for reading * 21 for listening * Total score = to 89 or higher.

17 Communication Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Describe and teach physical therapy procedures in both oral and written format. Give directions to patients and family members. Answer questions to the satisfaction of patients, co-workers, physicians and other health care providers. Keep accurate logs and records of treatment procedures and charges using appropriate medical terminology , correct spelling and grammar. Demonstrate active listening skills. Recognize, interpret and respond to non-verbal behavior of self and others.

18 Physical Mobility/Motor Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Execute the movement and skills required for safe and effective physical therapy treatment. Demonstrate adequate coordination, balance, speed and agility to assist and safely manage patients who are walking on level and unlevel terrain to include: stairs, ramps, grass/gravel, curbs, and diverse home flooring. Demonstrate and perform exercise programs and functional activities required of established patient care interventions without injuring self or others. Move, adjust and position patients or equipment which involves bending, stooping freely to the floor, reaching overhead, lifting, pulling or guiding a weight of pounds.

19 Physical Mobility/Motor Skills PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Provide emergency care and administer CPR. Stand, kneel, sit, walk or crawl for 90 minutes without rest. Perform transfer and gait training techniques using correct and safe body mechanics. Manipulate with sufficient dexterity bi-manually the devices used in physical therapy, such as adjusting gauges, dials with one hand while moving thermal/electric devices with the other hand. Manipulate small nuts/bolts, and therapy equipment settings with sufficient hand strength and dexterity.

20 Sensory Abilities PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Monitor and assess patient’s health needs with sufficient auditory, visual and tactile acuity. Visual – (corrected as necessary) recognize and interpret facial expressions and body language and patient posture, identify normal and abnormal patterns of movement, discriminate color changes and interpret and assess the environment up to 20 feet; read or set parameters on physical therapy equipment. Auditory – (corrected as necessary) recognize and respond to soft voices or voices under protective garb, auditory timers, equipment/emergency alarms, and effectively use devices for the measurement of vital signs and breath sounds. Be able to hear patients and respond to patient critical needs when not in direct line of site. Tactile –palpate a pulse and detect changes or abnormalities of surface texture, skin temperature, body segment contour, muscle tone and joint movement.

21 Professionalism PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Demonstrate unselfish, honest, moral and ethical behavior in all academic and professional settings. Take initiative, be creative, prepared, flexible, enthusiastic, cooperative, tolerant, respectful of authority, and industrious in all academic, clinical and professional settings. Demonstrate time management skills that promote punctual attendance to class, labs and clinics as required. Demonstrate a work ethic consistent with professional standards.

22 Professionalism PTA students must demonstrate the ability to:
Recognize personal limitations and request assistance as appropriate. Demonstrate responsibility for personal and professional development. Demonstrate respect for the patient, other health care providers and the profession of physical therapy. Maintain confidences. Present professional appearance and maintain personal hygiene.

23 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase I Admission Requirements
Students wishing to be considered for admission into Phase I must: Submit a completed GTC Application packet along with $35 application fees or have applied to one of the technical colleges with which the Physical Therapist Assistant Program has an articulation agreement. Submit official High School Transcript or GED and official college transcripts if applicable. Mail to: PTA Program * Greenville Technical College * PO Box 5616, Mailstop * Greenville, SC Complete or submit official scores for the following test or combination of tests: SAT, ACT, or ASSET/COMPASS to determine course placement. Attend a Career Talk Advising Seminar within the first semester of GTC College admission with a declared major as Physical Therapist Assistant. 5. Complete a FAFSA form for financial aid by May 1 the spring before you enter Phase I. 6. Schedule advising appointment with assigned PTA Program Advisor : Greenville Tech Greer Campus: Julie Gianelloni: Florence Darlington Tech Campus: Julie Hill:

24 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase I Admission Requirements for students with previous college credit.  Students may be admitted to GTC with transfer courses from other approved colleges. Additional placement tests or general education courses may be needed depending on transfer of approved courses from the articulating colleges. GTC transcript evaluator has the final decision of all course transfer equivalencies. The following link may help you determine which courses MAY transfer into GTC from another accredited College: It is very important that students work with the academic advisor from one of the Colleges below to enroll in the correct Phase I courses. This assigned advisor can help prospective students determine what courses they need to take and when it is best to take them. Greenville Technical College has articulating agreements with the following colleges that will allow you to take Phase I courses at these institutions and transfer them to GTC. 1. Aiken Technical College in Aiken, S.C. 2. Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville, N.C. 3. Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence, S.C. 4. Isothermal Community College in Rutherfordton, N.C. 5. Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, S.C. 6. Spartanburg Community College in Spartanburg, S.C. 7. York Technical College in Rock Hill, S.C.

25 Phase I General Education Requirements
Course Title Credit CPT 101 (170) Introduction to Computers………………………..……..…… 3 ENG English Composition I………………………………...…..……. 3 PSY General Psychology…………………………..……..………..…. 3 PSY Human Growth & Development……………..…..…..….. 3 MAT Statistics ………………………………………………..………..…… 3 SPC 205 / Public Speaking / Interpersonal Communications .. 3 AHS Medical Terminology…………………..…………….………….. 3 BIO Anatomy & Physiology I……………………..……..…….……. 4* BIO Anatomy & Physiology II……………..……………..………… 4* XXX xxx Humanities Elective (Ethics, History, Art, Music)……… 3 Total Course Credits …………………………… 32 Two Semesters, 15 weeks each. Total 30 weeks. Health Sciences/Nursing Division Requirement: Required biology courses must be completed within 5 years of entering PTA Phase II. The GTC course, BIO 150, may be taken to waive the 5 year BIO rule. At FDTC, BIO 210 requires BIO 110 or appropriate BIO Placement Test score, or previous college level biology

26 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase II Admission Requirements
Students must complete the following to be considered for admission into Phase II: Attendance at Career Talk within one semester of declaring PTA as major. Meet with assigned PTA faculty advisor before the end of the Spring semester of target admission year to finalize Phase II Admission Intent Packet. Completion of all ten (10) Phase I required courses with a “C” or better and an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 on Phase I courses by the end of the Spring semester of the target year for Phase II admission. Students who make a “D” or an “F” or a “W” in a Phase I course will be allowed only one chance to retake that course to score a “C” or better. Students who earn a “D” an “F” or a “W” in any required Phase I course on the 2nd attempt, will become ineligible for admission into Phase II of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at GTC.

27 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase II Admission Requirements
Students must complete the following to be considered for admission into Phase II (continued): Completion of application to Greenville Tech, including receipt of all official college transcripts and other required College admission documentation. Submission of completed PTA Phase II Admission Intent Packet to the PTA Program Director at or PTA Expansion Program Coordinator no later than March 31 of the spring semester prior to the desired Phase II start date. Achieve a minimum Weighted Admission Self Rating score of 125/209 points.

28 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase II Admission Process
Greenville Tech PTA Program Admission Committee will ONLY consider those students who submit completed PTA Phase II Admission Intent Packets by the March 31st deadline. All supportive intent packet documents must be submitted at the same time in one complete package. PTA Admission Intent Packets will only be distributed to potential students at Career Talk Advising Seminars. Florence Darlington Campus PTA Expansion Program admit sonly one class each of 10 students during Fall Semester. Greenville Tech annually admits students into Phase II only during the Fall Semester . One class of between students will be admitted into the Greer campus PTA program. CAREER TALK DEADLINE. Your Career Talk form will be kept in the PTA Program files for two years. If at the end of that time, we have received no Intent Packet from you, we will remove your record of Career Talk attendance from our PTA Program files. If you later decide that you are interested in the Physical Therapist Assistant program, you must attend another Career Talk Advising seminar to update you on any programmatic and admission changes .

29 Greenville Technical College PTA Program Phase II Admission Process
Phase II applicants will be notified of their admission status by mail within the month of June, in order to have sufficient time to make appropriate housing, travel, financial or career change arrangements before the upcoming Fall semester. Students who are admitted into Phase II are required to attend a mandatory on-campus New PTA Student Orientation which is scheduled the week before Fall semester courses begin.

30 Greenville Technical College Health Science/Nursing Division Criminal Background Check Policy
Students will have a criminal background check prior to or upon entering Greenville Technical College Health Sciences/Nursing program courses. A multi-state record check will be conducted for all students for at least seven years prior to admission. This criminal background report must indicate that a student has NO CONVICTION on record to remain enrolled in the PTA program. Students are required to disclose any prior criminal record by accurately answering the following question in the PTA Phase II Admission Intent Packet and on the authorization for criminal background check release form: Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation? (Circle one) YES NO Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving Under Suspension (DUS) are NOT considered minor traffic violations. Failure to disclose may result in withdrawal from the program of study.

31 Greenville Technical College Health Science/Nursing Division Criminal Background Check Policy
Students are required to disclose if they have lived in one state less than 12 months consecutively or worked in another state other than South Carolina in the past 12 months. Each state that a student has lived in or worked in the past 12 months must have a criminal search. If the student cannot verify residency for 12 months in a consecutive state, then an FBI fingerprinting is required. Failure to report may result in withdrawal from the program of study. Convictions of, pleas of guilty, pleas of nolo contendere (no contest), or any pending criminal charges during the past seven years are grounds for dismissal from a clinical course of study. Any crimes involving violence against the person including but not limited to: murder, manslaughter, use of deadly force, assault and battery (other than simple), sex crimes, abuse of children or the elderly, abduction, or robbery at any time prohibit a student from a clinical course of study. Any student who does not stay continuously enrolled at Greenville Technical College or changes programs will be required to submit a new South Carolina criminal background check upon re-entry to the Health Science/Nursing Division.

32 Greenville Technical College Student Drug Use Policy
Initial Drug Screening In order to provide competent health care workers and be in compliance with clinical agency contracts, Greenville Technical College Health Science/Nursing Division students are strictly prohibited from being under the influence of alcohol or any drug/medication which alters behavior or appearance of capability while engaged in any portion of their formal educational experience. To ensure compliance, each student will be required to submit to drug screening prior to attending clinical programs. A variety of specimen collection methods may be utilized some of which may include but are not limited to: blood, urine, hair, saliva and breath. Positive Findings It is unacceptable for students to have detectable levels of illegal drugs in their system, to be under the influence of alcohol, and to have detectable levels of legal drugs which are not disclosed and/or for which no prescription can be produced. Positive findings on a drug screen or refusal to submit to a requested drug screen will result in immediate administrative withdrawal from the program of study. Any student with a positive drug screen who desires to have the sample retested and confirmed must do so at his or her own expense.

33 Greenville Technical College Student Drug Use Policy
Random Drug Screening Random drug screening may be required of a student at any time throughout the course of clinical study. Drug Screening with Reasonable Suspicion Students are subject to drug testing at times in which student actions constitute reasonable suspicion. Factors which may indicate reasonable suspicion for drug testing include but are not limited to • Contributing to a clinical or lab accident • Possession of drug paraphernalia • Unexplained abnormal or erratic behavior • Arrest or conviction for drug related offenses • Observance of drug or alcohol use • Odor of alcohol beverages • Other behavior that gives reasonable suspicion Students who display reasonable suspicion will immediately be removed from the education experience and required to submit to an immediate drug screening. The instructor will communicate immediately with the dean, assistant dean and/or program director in facilitating the screening process.

34 Student Drug Use Policy Reapplication after Removal from Program of Study
Students removed from any program of study for drug-related issues are not eligible to recycle and may not reapply to any Health Science/Nursing program for 12 months and must provide documentation of substance abuse rehabilitation.

35 Description of Phase II Physical Therapist Assistant Curriculum
The Phase II curriculum is full-time over four consecutive semesters and is offered only at Greenville Technical College’s Greer Campus or Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Health Sciences Campus. Students wishing to consider a part-time Phase II extended track can complete their courses within six consecutive semesters. This portion of the curriculum is very intense and challenging and requires a strong commitment of time and effort for the student to be successful. Students are not excused from class or lab for job duties during this phase. Students who do not pass a course at any point during Phase II may re-apply for admission, but must re-take ALL PHASE II courses again to solidify information. This may impact financial aid during re-admission stages.

36 Fourteen weeks in Phase II are spent in full-time clinical affiliations where students work eight hours a day in physical therapy clinics under the direct supervision of a PT or PTA clinician. Clinical assignments are arranged for each student based upon the type of clinical experience needed, the student’s interest and performance level and the availability of clinical sites. Attempts will be made to place students as close to home as possible, but students are responsible for housing and transportation arrangements for all clinical affiliations.

37 PTA Program Clinical Immunization Requirements
After admission into Phase II, prior to beginning clinical affiliations, all PTA faculty & students who come into contact with patients and/or clients must document proof of the following immunizations: Two (2) measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccines: *positive titers will be accepted unless clinical agencies/externships do not accept titers. Tetanus within the past ten (10) years Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine: history is not sufficient, therefore must have documentation of the two (2) vaccines or a *positive titer unless clinical agencies/externships do not accept titers. Tuberculosis skin test: a 2-step skin test is required initially and a single skin test is required annually thereafter. Other vaccines as required (for example flu vaccines) by clinical agencies/externships according to facility requirements. Vaccines must remain current throughout the program of study. *Students and faculty with documentation of negative or equivocal titers will be required to receive appropriate vaccine(s). Completion of American Heart Association 2 year CPR certification for adult and child. These must be submitted to the ACCE by August 1, of the First Fall Phase II semester to continue in the PTA Program.

38 PTA Program Dress Code All students will wear appropriate clothing during academic classes and clinical affiliations. Greenville Tech faculty feel that presenting a professional appearance is extremely important. Your personal appearance should support patient care, create a healthy and safe environment, and not offend patients, visitors, or other staff. Students who are not appropriately dressed will be dismissed from class or clinic until they don proper attire. Each student will be required to purchase a polo shirt with the Greenville Tech logo appliquéd on it. They will wear this shirt and dress khakis as the standard “uniform” of PTA students when on field trips, at SCAPTA meetings and may be worn daily during their clinical affiliations. The student may also wear clothing approved by each individual clinic, i.e. scrubs, street clothes with lab coats, etc. Students are required to have in their possession and wear GTC issued name badges while in class, lab and clinic settings.

39 Phase II Full Time Program Progression
First Fall Semester 15 weeks : 4 Courses/Credit Hours 12 PTH 102 Introduction to Physical Therapy Interventions PTH 105 Introduction to Kinesiology PTH 115 Pathology for PTAs PTH 118 Physical Agents & Modalities First Spring Semester 15 weeks: 4 academic courses/15 credits 11 week block + 1 clinical course blocked 4 weeks PTH 101 Professional Preparation PTH 220 Patient Assessment Techniques PTH 226 Therapeutic Exercises PTH 270 Special Topics in Physical Therapy Education PTH 234 Clinical Education I

40 Summer Semester 10 weeks : 2 courses / 9 credit hours
PTH 242 Orthopedic Management PTH 246 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Second Fall Semester 10 weeks: Two five week clinical education courses 10 credit hours PTH 264 Clinical Education II PTH 274 Clinical Education III Phase II Full-Time Track Total = 4 Semesters, 13 Courses Total of 46 Credit Hours. PTA Program Total 6 semesters, 23 courses, 78 credit hours, 80 weeks to graduate.

41 PTA Program Progression Part-Time (“Extended Track”)
First Fall Semester 15 weeks : 2 courses / 6 credit hours PTH 105 Introduction to Kinesiology PTH 115 Pathology for PTAs First Spring Semester 11 weeks: 2 courses / 7 credit hours PTH 220 Patient Assessment Techniques PTH 226 Therapeutic Exercises First Summer Semester – Off

42 PTA Program Progression Part-Time (“Extended Track”)
Second Fall Semester 15 weeks: Two courses / 6 credits PTH 102 Introduction to Physical Therapy Interventions PTH 118 Physical Agents & Modalities Second Spring Semester : Two 11 week blocked academic courses + one 4 week clinical course for 8 credits PTH 101 Professional Preparation PTH 270 Special Topics in Physical Therapy PTH 234 Clinical Education I

43 PTA Program Progression Part-Time (“Extended Track”)
Second Summer Semester 10 weeks: 2 courses 9 credit hours. For extended track students, these summer courses are co-requisites and are required to be taken together to graduate. PTH 242 Orthopedic Management PTH 246 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Third Fall Semester 10 weeks: Two five week clinical education courses. At this point that students must be prepared to complete final clinical courses on a full time basis. PTH 264 Clinical Education II PTH 274 Clinical Education III Phase II Extended Track Total = 6 semesters Credit Hours 46 PTA Program Extended Track Total 8 semesters, 23 courses, 78 credit hours, 80 weeks to graduate.

44 Phase II Options Semester Full-Time Extended Track Fall 1
PTH PTH 115 PTH PTH 118 PTH PTH 105 Spring 1 PTH PTH 226 PTH PTH 270 PTH 234 PTH PTH 226 Summer 1 PTH PTH 246 OFF Fall 2 PTH PTH 274 Graduation!! PTH PTH 118 Spring 2 PTH 101 PTH 270 Summer 2 Fall 3

45 Weighted Admission Score Sheet
Refer to the Weighted Admission Score sheet in the PTA Phase II Weighted Admission Packet. Max points=209. Minimum needed 125 SECTION A – PHASE I/GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES Section Max = [Quality Points = Credits x Letter Grade A (4); B (3); C (2)] 2. GPA Bonus Points, Honors Course Bonus Points, Section Max = 42 3. SECTION B – SCIENCE BONUS Section Max = 16 [Quality Points = Letter Grade A (4); B (3); C (2)] (NOT REQUIRED) SECTION C –EDUCATIONAL BONUS (NOT REQUIRED) Section Max = 3 SECTION D – PREVIOUS EDUCATION FROM REGIONALLY ACCREDITED INSTITUTION (i.e. SACS) & Work/Volunteer Experience Section Max = 14 Qualified Re-applicant Section Max = 2

46 Weighted Admission Score Sheet Successful Applicant Profile
Average points: 140, range of lowest Average GPA:  3.59 GPA points: GPA >3.0; lowest GPA range: Math/BIOs points: 60% Science Bonus points:  80% had at least 5-6 pts, including BIO 150 Educational points:  average of 2 points Experience: 75% had either volunteer or patient care related work

Applicants must submit completed, signed PTA Program Phase II Weighted Admission Packets that include the following all together on March 31: 1. Completed self rating on Weighted Admission form; minimum score of 125. (NOTE: a class of 10 will be seated). Signed Criminal Background Statement verifying crime free report within 7 years. Letterhead documentation from employer, volunteer agency or community service project coordinator verifying attendance and participation. Copy of Accredited College Degree, Accredited College Diploma or Accredited College Certificate. Completed 5 Questionnaire Document. Signed Honor Code Document. This Phase II Weighted Admission Packet must be received by the PTA Program Director or Expansion Program Coordinator no later than March 31 of the Spring semester prior to the desired Fall Phase II start date. Students MUST have completed all required Phase I courses by the end of that Spring semester to be considered for admission into Phase II for the Fall. These Spring semester course transcripts from other colleges must be received before May 30 to be used for Weighted Admission Scoring.

Top TEN students are selected for admission into the Fall Phase II Program based on their Weighted Admission score ranking. 125 points is the minimum requirement although at FDTC a class of 10 will be seated even if WA scores are <125) 2.5 GPA on 10 required Phase I course is the minimum requirement. See link for GPA calculator resource: Students will be notified of their admission status after verification of spring semester grades. Students completing summer classes will be placed on an alternate list and will be considered for Phase II admission ONLY if the program could not fill openings with qualified applicants who completed Phase I courses in the Spring. Students NOT selected for admission into Phase II for a desired year are encouraged to meet with a PTA Program Faculty Advisor to discuss professional development activities that may earn sufficient points for admission the subsequent year.

49 Students notified by mid-June Attend mandatory PTA Program Orientation
College Admission Admission to the FDTC (or other school) Submit Previously transcripts from colleges previously attended Complete college admission placement testing for enrollment in the appropriate Math and English courses Prerequisites Attend Career Talk (mandatory) Complete Prerequisites (Phase I) by the end of Spring Semester of the year in which you want to start Phase II (PTA Courses) Apply to Phase II (GTC) Apply to Greenville Tech the Fall semester prior to when you would want to start Phase II. Complete Physical Therapist Assistant Intent (available only at PTA Career Talk) Submit by March 31st Weighted admissions used - top ten students selected for Phase II for the class starting in Fall. Have final spring semester transcripts at GTC (by May 31st) Admission to Program Students notified by mid-June Attend mandatory PTA Program Orientation Submit all required Health/Personal Info forms Complete CPR prior to admission

50 Estimated P.T.A. Program Phase II Expenses (Excluding Tuition)
Annual Tuition information can be obtained at the GTC Website: Required Texts (Estimate) $600 Recommended Texts (Estimate) $430 DVD/Audiovisual Aids (Optional, Estimate) ……....$150 5. Course Outlines / Workbooks (Estimate) $150

51 Additional Expenses (Approximate)...................................................$930
Approved Greenville Tech PTA program uniform – polo shirt & khaki pants $50 Blank computer CD/DVD $25 Liability insurance $40 Lab coat (if required by assigned clinic) $30 Gait belt $10 Blank DVD / CDs $30 Flash or zip drives $50 Printer paper $25 Poster presentation boards $30 End of school year pin for pinning ceremony $20 CPR certification course $50 P.T.A. licensure application & registration (upon completion of program) $600 Strongly Suggest Attending SCAPTA (Estimated) $200 Fall conference and Annual conference - in SC (1-2 nights) Hepatitis B vaccine three shot series $135 Handheld tape recorder $25 Calendar (plan-a-month), highlighters, index cards $50 Total Estimated Expected Expenses (Excluding Tuition) $2,500

52 Program Contacts
Greenville Technical College PTA Program P.O. Box 5616 Greenville, S.C FAX: (864) Program Administrative Assistant: (864) –

53 Program Faculty/Staff Contacts
Program Director / Faculty Advisor for students last name letter A-F Alicia Dittmar, PT Phone: 2. PTA Program Academic Coordinator for Clinical Education (ACCE) and Faculty Advisor for students last name letter G-M Jean Hamrick, PTA Phone: Florence-Darlington Expansion Program Coordinator and FDTC Faculty Advisor Gregg Forlini, PT Phone: Florence-Darlington Phase I Faculty Advisor Julie Hill Phone: PTA Program Administrative Assistant Kathy Sams Phone: Greer Campus PTA Faculty Member/ Faculty Advisor for students last name letter N-Z Dan Markovich Phone: GTC PTA Program Advisor Julie Gianelloni Phone:


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