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Edina Concert Band Tour Guidelines, Rules and Expectations 2015 CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS 2015 CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS.

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1 Edina Concert Band Tour Guidelines, Rules and Expectations 2015 CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS 2015 CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS

2 Understanding Responsibilities While our daily rehearsals and performances are the heart of our curricular band program, the privilege to tour offers rewarding and enriching experiences and memories for a lifetime. I have been on many absolutely spectacular tours. I have also been on tours when individual student decisions have negatively impacted the entire tour. When things go wrong, problems can dampen the spirits of an entire tour. The following “Tour Expectations” presentation may seem like common sense items and many are, but having everyone understand the same ground-rules from the start, saves avoidable nagging and misunderstanding and is very important to the success of the tour.

3 Tour Contract When students signed up for this tour, both students and parents signed a contract that in part read – 1. I agree to maintain the highest standards of public and private conduct… 2. I agree to follow the supervision of my chaperones…and participate in all group activities. 3. I will not be allowed to have in my possession or to use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, or any illegal drugs including marijuana or hallucinogens.

4 VIOLATIONS OF THE SIGNED CONTRACT. As per Edina School Board and Minnesota State High School League Policy, violation will result in immediate termination of tour and student being sent home – at their own expense. This includes not just consumption, but POSSESSION of any contraband, drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. In foreign countries YOU will be responsible for legal consequences of any laws you violate, and depending on which country we are in and what laws your violate, our ability to “rescue you” may go right out or our hands. United States laws don’t apply in many other countries. DON’T RUIN YOUR TOUR AND EVERYONE ELSE’S TOO.

5 To be clear NO DRUGS NO ALCOHOL NO TOBBACO and… NO CASINO NO SEX NO PIERCINGS NO TATTOOS violations may result in you being immediately sent home at your expense

6 Shoplifting In recent years, shoplifting has become as big a problem as drugs and alcohol. This is a very serious offense and when put on your permanent record, can truly keep you from getting many jobs later in life. Also the laws vary WIDELY from country to country! AVOID ANY TEMPTATIONS. -DM story

7 Curfews! Stay in Rooms after Room Check- no questions!!! At room check chaperons will review the schedule for the following day, including concerts, dress, etc. Once your chaperone room check has taken place UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students to leave rooms or even open the doors. You are TO REMAIN IN YOUR ROOM until 6:00 A.M. and are not permitted to leave, to visit other rooms, get pop or ice, etc. Infractions will be dealt with severely. Cruise tray story Your safety is at issue

8 Violations/Grounding Students violating rules, curfew or being late may have some of their most enjoyable tour opportunities restricted or curtailed. Students must be careful to avoid situations that endanger their participation. Avoid the necessity of grounding and help your friends and roommates to make good decisions.

9 Couples in Each Others Rooms The State rooms are for roommates and sleeping. Couples are not to use state rooms for private hangouts. Room doors should be left shut, to avoid passerby from coming in.

10 No Means No If you ask a question and the answer is no, accept it without complaining. There are 90+ other participants on the tour, and what might be convenient for you isn’t always convenient for 90 other people. We have made decisions based on many scheduling factors, to try to do what is best for the entire group tour, and we simply can’t tailor-make schedules to meet every individual’s needs. If we are asked for a quick decision on change of plans, don’t be surprised and don’t whine or be upset if the answer is no.

11 WHINE FREE TOUR YOU can help the tour be a success and more enjoyable for yourself and friends by eliminating the whining and petty complaints about circumstances surrounding the tour We don’t need to hear complaints about food, rooms, schedule, etc. Many people have worked long hours putting together the BEST tour possible, and in many cases, have given up their personal vacation time to travel with you – be thankful, appreciate and positive

12 Parent Chaperones Everyone going on tour wants to have a great tour The director and chaperones are responsible for student safety and seeing to it that rules are followed Expect and accept direction from the chaperones The band director and school administrator will be the disciplinarians Defiance of chaperone, administrator, director, etc. is grounds for being sent home or grounded.

13 Travel as a Good World Citizen Despite differences in skin color, language, dress, etc. people are basically the same the world over. Take time to understand people you encounter and work to understand and be interested rather than critical. Visit people and places with deep respect for their traditions and ways of life and strive to be an ambassador of good will with EVERYONE you meet.

14 Security Checks There have been many changes in security procedures in recent years. NEVER JOKE AROUND when going through security checkpoints – you could be detained, end up in legal trouble or delay the entire group. DO: Leave your luggage unlocked – it may be inspected. DO: Going through security checks, empty pockets of coins, phones, electronics, or metal items by putting them in your carry-on or in the bins at security DO: Help to keep the line moving by removing your shoes and belt before you go through security. Put them in a bin Remember the 3-1-1 Rule for Carry-Ons: no liquids or gels greater than 3 oz all liquids in gels must fit in a 1 qt. bag 1, 1 qt. bag per carry-on

15 Help With Equipment Our performance schedules are often tight. Even though you may not be assigned a specific job, HELP OUT IN HAULING AND SETTING UP EQUIPMENT, and do it cheerfully. Many hands make for light work

16 Performance Equipment Before you leave home for tour, double and triple check to make sure you pack and bring all personal performance necessities from home- instrument, reeds, mutes, mouthpieces, all performance attire Take special care to pack your instrument securely for rough handling on buses or planes. Use a packing strap! On tour, check daily to be sure you have correct performance dress, inst. and accessories necessary for our daily performances. Also, when we are in uniform, we are in complete, put- together, uniform.

17 GIVING DIRECTIONS It is often difficult to communicate while on tour- we are a 90+ sized group and delivering info is cumbersome. When we need to give you instructions, it is imperative that you…CEASE TALKING IMMEDIATELY and LISTEN CAREFULLY Don’t ever be late, miss a bus, or forget an item because you didn’t do your part in LISTENING (which also implies being quiet/attentive) to instructions!

18 Taking Bus Attendance Taking attendance on buses or on tour is crucial!!! We will use a number-off system on the buses to take attendance PLEASE DO NOT TALK during roll call YELL YOUR NUMBER LOUDLY BE FAST We can’t leave until all buses report all are in attendance

19 Arrive Early and Be Patient! Please be considerate of all tour participants and follow all tour itinerary times EXACTLY! If you think it will take 5 minutes to get there, allow for 10 minutes and BE THERE EARLY! Be very conscious of time deadlines. On tour with 90+ people, it takes more time to do everything- move, load equipment, check in and out of hotels, etc. There will be a lot of “HURRY UP AND WAIT” time. Please be cooperative by being on time yourself, be pleasant and be patient. *90 people x 30 secs/person = 45 minutes

20 Transportation Students are NOT ALLOWED to use public or private transportation of any kind while on tour, other than full band arrangements for transportation. This includes buses, taxi’s, private cars, bikes, boats, waverunners, parasails, scooters, etc.

21 Travel in Groups Be your brothers keeper. Even on the ship please ALWAYS travel in small groups of at least 3 people when going out anywhere. We are very obviously a tour group when we travel, but unfortunately there are individuals who see that and try to take advantage of it. Problems we have had on past tours have been things like, guys “picking up” girls, outsiders trying to sell drugs or lure someone away, or pick-pockets. When approached, just say “NO!” and walk away – even a giggle invites trouble. As your kindergarten teacher would say, “USE CAUTION WHEN TALKING TO STRANGERS”.

22 Phones Cell phones have become a way of life. However, be careful about how you use them. Keep your phone on AIRPLANE MODE while on the ship. Only when in St. Thomas will we be in the “U.S.” You will rack up HUGE roaming charges on the ship, at Princess Cays, and on St. Maarten. Except for St. Thomas, we are NOT in the United States

23 Sickness Unfortunately there will be sickness on most tours. Report illness immediately to chaperones. Tips to avoid sickness… *GET REST- this isn’t a slumber party *EAT AT EVERY MEAL- you won’t have opportunities to snack at your leisure or when you are feeling run down *WASH YOUR HANDS- and frequently use the hand sanitizer on the ship

24 Meals and Sleep Good performance in concerts and good health on tour is founded on adequate sleep and nourishment. Though we don’t have an official “lights out” time after room checks, we suggest you get to sleep shortly after room checks so you can feel your best the following day. Observe hours and eat all meals provided. This is a tremendous performance tour, not a 7 th grade slumber party.

25 Personality Conflicts The longer tours continue, the more possibilities there are for patience to wear thin and friendships to strain from being around each other for the entire time. Socialize with everyone on the tour – not just your roommates – and go out of your way to be patient and understanding of friends. Also go out of your way to introduce yourself to new people you meet on the tour and do so cheerfully.

26 Emergencies and Accidents Unfortunately, there WILL BE ACCIDENTS on virtually all tours. NOTIFY A CHAPERON IMMEDIATELY IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES OR ACCIDENTS! These accidents often dampen or ruin the tour for some participants. Don’t let silly or careless accidents happen to you. Experience says that good planning and common sense prevents most accidents from happening. Towel incident Fainting incident Hurdling the bike rack incident

27 Other Guests There are many other guests who are also on vacation and any noise after 11:00 PM is potentially very annoying and rude to them. There are many cruise lines that will not take student groups because they generally do not behave. Even though our curfew will vary from night to night, QUIET MUST PREVAIL AFTER 11:00 PM, both in the rooms and hallways. It is easy in groups to be loud without realizing it, so be considerate of other guests.

28 Phones Consult your phone provider before bringing your phone on tour. You may incur HUGE roaming charges whether you use your phone or not If you choose to bring your phone, don’t forget your charger AND a converter!!

29 Leave It Neater Than We Found It It is our duty and responsibility to be considerate guests. When we travel as a large group, it is possible to leave every site we visit in disarray if we are not careful. Leave It Neater Than We Found It includes… Your space on the plane, buses, state rooms, the places we visit, etc. ALWAYS DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK when we leave anywhere to make sure you have everything – we DON’T GO BACK for forgotten items.

30 Use Common Sense It is impossible to cover any and all behavioral expectations with a set of rules. Furthermore, just because a specific action is not forbidden by the above set of guidelines, it does not mean that it’s OK. The best suggestion is to use good common sense. A special effort by all will make for an EXCELLENT TOUR !

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