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15 Chapter 15 Section 15.1 Understanding Careers Section 15.2

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1 15 Chapter 15 Section 15.1 Understanding Careers Section 15.2
Explore Career Paths Chapter 15 Section 15.1 Understanding Careers Section 15.2 Evaluate Career Options 1

2 Section 15.1 Understanding Careers
A person’s career can affect his or her lifestyle. There are different types of employers and employment. There are basic skills that will help people in any career. 2

3 Content Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary career career path lifestyle
entrepreneur global economy downsizing outsourcing apprenticeship internship transferable skill enlist critical

4 Career Decisions Think about and begin planning your career now.
Similar jobs are grouped to form occupations. Work contributes to your sense of achievement, fulfillment, personal growth, sense of belonging, and approval. career A series of related jobs or occupations in a particular field.

5 Career Decisions Education, training, and job experience are steps on your career path. Your choice of career can affect your lifestyle by impacting how much you earn, where you live and work, your what your schedule is like. lifestyle The way you live. Have you thought about a career for yourself? 5

6 The World of Work The world of work consists of the public sector and the private sector. The public sector is financed by tax dollars and consists of government agencies and local and state governments.

7 The World of Work Private sector businesses include individual proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Both the public sector and private sector offer full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, and freelance work.

8 The World of Work Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up and running a business. entrepreneur Someone who sets up and operates a business.

9 Changes in the Workplace
Today’s workplace is always changing. Prepare for change by considering the global economy, health insurance options, and technology. Why would the global economy affect your career?

10 Career Readiness Consider apprenticeships, internships, vocational centers, trade schools, community colleges, colleges, the military, and distance learning to further your education. Employability skills include academic, thinking, interpersonal, technology, and management skills.

11 Section 15.2 Evaluate Career Options
Before choosing a career, assess your skills, interests, personality, and values, and gather information about possible careers. 11

12 Content Vocabulary Academic Vocabulary aptitude career cluster
job shadowing career ladder suit prospects

13 Personal Assessment Identify your natural skills by thinking about what school subjects are easiest for you. Think about your interests, your attitudes, your characteristics, and other personality traits when considering a career. Use assessment tools such as tests, surveys, and questionnaires to help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

14 Research Career Fields
The career cluster system is one way to narrow down your search. Use reference books, other published material, the Internet, and exploratory interviews to gain information on careers. career cluster A large grouping of occupations that have certain characteristics in common.

15 Research Career Fields
Hands-on experience can be in the form of part-time work, volunteering, job shadowing, work-study programs, and internships. job shadowing Spending time in the workplace with someone as he or she goes through a normal workday.

16 Research Career Fields
When researching a career, consider the nature of the work, working conditions, qualifications, employment patterns, earnings, and future outlook.

17 Developing a Career Ladder
A first step on the road to a successful career is to gather ideas about what you like to do and learn as much as possible. It is also important to be flexible, as your interests may change.

18 Chapter Summary Section 15.1
Understanding Careers While most people work to make money, a career can also help satisfy physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs. Your career will affect your lifestyle. There are different sectors and different types of employment.

19 Chapter Summary Section 15.1
Understanding Careers Jobs are constantly changing due to political, economic, and social events. Many jobs require specific education or training. Employability skills can be both job-specific and transferable.

20 Chapter Summary Section 15.2
Evaluate Career Options A personal assessment can help you choose a career area that is right for you, based on your skills, aptitudes, personality traits, and values. Career clusters make it easier to explore career options.

21 Chapter Summary Section 15.2
Evaluate Career Options There are a variety of sources with information about careers. There are many ways to gain hands-on work experience. Once you have narrowed down your career options, you should develop a career ladder.

22 Review Do you remember the vocabulary terms from this chapter? Use the following slides to check your knowledge of the definitions. The slides in this section include both English and Spanish terms and definitions. Start

23 career carrera A series of related jobs or occupations in a particular field. Serie de trabajos u oficios relacionados en un campo específico. Show Definition

24 career path camino profesional
All of the career moves and job experience that a person gains as he or she works toward a career goal. Todos los movimientos profesionales y la experiencia laboral que gana una persona al trabajar para lograr un objetivo profesional. Show Definition

25 lifestyle estilo de vida The way you live. La manera como vives.
Show Definition

26 entrepreneur empresario Someone who sets up and operates a business.
Alguien que monta y opera un negocio. Show Definition

27 economía global global economy
The way national economies around the world are linked by trade. La manera en que las economías nacionales se vinculan a través del comercio. Show Definition

28 recortes en el personal downsizing
Eliminating jobs to reduce costs. Eliminar trabajos para reducir costos. Show Definition

29 outsourcing externalización
Contracting out certain tasks to other companies. Contratar a otras compañías para realizar algunas tareas. Show Definition

30 apprenticeship aprendizaje de un oficio
A training program that combines classroom instruction with on-the-job learning. Un programa de capacitación que combina la instrucción en la clase con la práctica en el trabajo. Show Definition

31 internship trabajo como aprendiz
Short-term work for little or no pay in exchange for an opportunity to work and learn. Trabajo de corto tiempo con poco o sin pago a cambio de la oportunidad de trabajar y aprender. Show Definition

32 habilidad transferible
transferable skill habilidad transferible A general skill that can be used in many different situations. Habilidad general que se puede usar en diferentes situaciones. Show Definition

33 enlist alistarse Agree to serve. Acordar servir. Show Definition

34 critical Extremely important Extremadamente importante. crítico
Show Definition

35 aptitude A natural talent or potential for learning a skill.
Talento natural o el potencial para aprender una destreza. Show Definition

36 career cluster grupo de carreras
A large grouping of occupations that have certain characteristics in common. Agrupación de varios oficios que tienen ciertas características en común. Show Definition

37 observar de cerca a un profesional
job shadowing Spending time in the workplace with someone as he or she goes through a normal workday. Pasar tiempo en el sitio de trabajo de alguien mientras esa persona trabaja como siempre. Show Definition

38 career ladder escalera profesional
A visualization of your chosen career path. Visualización del camino profesional escogido. Show Definition

39 suit que conviene Match or fit your needs.
Que es adecuado para tus necesidades. Show Definition

40 prospects perspectivas Possibilities. Posibilidades. Show Definition

41 End of End Of Chapter 15 Chapter 1

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