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Unit Training Information Management. Objectives By the end of this session you should be able to: Populate all the required information on a CFRR/ACR/PTR/PCR.

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1 Unit Training Information Management

2 Objectives By the end of this session you should be able to: Populate all the required information on a CFRR/ACR/PTR/PCR in accordance with PHECC completion guidelines. Request a unique incident call number (INCO)for transporting a patient in a Red Cross vehicle.

3 Which Report do you use? A Cardiac First Responder Report (CFRR) is used if you have attended a Cardiac arrest as part of a CFR in the community group. An Ambulatory Care Report (ACR) is used for the general treatment and discharge of a patient back to an event, that the Irish Red Cross is covering. A Patient Transport Report (PTR) is used for the Inter facility transport of a patient that has no interventions. A Patient Care Report (PCR) is used if a patient is to be transported to an Emergency Department, there may also be an ACR completed but a PCR must also be completed for the transport.

4 Purpose of PCR/ACR/CFRR Clinical –Recording pre-hospital care interventions and medications administered is an essential clinical responsibility of pre-hospital emergency care practitioners. –Documents the events preceding and possible hospital admission of the patient (ref PCR).

5 Purpose of PCR/ACR/CFRR Legal –Patient Care Report’s identify the care that has been given to a patient. –Properly completed it will give protection and be an essential aid if called as a witness in court.

6 Purpose of PCR/PTR/ACR/CFRR Organisation Information –Activity related information can assist in future planning and development. –May be used for Public Health monitoring and to provide information for research into new skills, services, equipment and other resources required in the future. –Assist in the development of both service and individual training plans.

7 Purpose of PCR/ACR/CFRR Inaccurate documentation is potentially damaging to patients, the IRC (Service Provider) and the standing of the pre- hospital emergency care practitioner.

8 CFR Report

9 Ambulatory Care Report

10 Patient Care Report edition 3


12 OHCAR The Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Register is a National Register that will assist in better understanding of the causes and interventions in cardiac arrest. Please ensure if you have attended a Cardiac Arrest that the OHCAR section on the back of the PCR is completed with the most information that can be obtained

13 Patient Transport Report

14 Entering Information on Forms Accurate In real time if possible Factual Complete Legible Correct Objective Errors Signing – PIN Tick Box Coded Entry Abbreviations Numerical See for more information on form completion

15 Requesting an INCO number 1.To request an INCO number text 087-2873955 with INCO 1234 No commas or apostrophes. Insert one blank space between INCO and your PHECC number.

16 Inputting an INCO number 1.You will receive back, by text your INCO incident number. 2.Record this number in the Incident Number field box on the Incident Information page of the PCR. 3.Record your PHECC PIN in the correct Attending or Supporting field boxes.

17 Communications Centre Codes 1.Communications codes are to be entered into the CC code field box on the PCR. 2.The code that is used is the region that the incident has occurred in.

18 Communications Centre Codes Communication CentreIrish Red Cross Region CC30IRC Head Office CC31Dublin North East CC32Dublin Mid Leinster CC33Southern CC34Western CC35Commercial Services Department CC36Spare CC37Spare CC38Spare CC39Irish Red Cross Search and Rescue (2 MRT’s and 1 Lifeboat)

19 Station CodeIRC AreaStation CodeIRC Area CACarlowLCLimerick CBCavanLDLongford CLClareLALouth CEConnemaraMAMayo CRCorkMCMeath DEDonegalMBMonaghan DBDublin BoroughOOffaly DCDublin FingalSSligo DASouth Co. DublinLELeitrim DDDun Laoghaire/RathdownRRoscommon GGalwayTTipperary KCKerryWAWaterford KAKildareWDWestmeath KLKilkennyWBWexford LBLaoisWCWicklow RCHead OfficeSA/SBSpare Station Code

20 Handover Report Provide age and gender of patient. Describe incident and chief complaint. Describe patient’s level of responsiveness. Report vital signs and examination results. Report pertinent medical condition in SAMPLE format. Report interventions provided. Hand over top copy (original) of PCR.

21 Summary Purpose of Patient Care Report completion. Information entry onto CFRR/PTR/ ACR/PCR. Handover Report.

22 References Irish Red Cross SOP’s Patient Care Reporting ver. 1.3 PHECC STN003-PCR Information Standard ver. 2.0 3 rd Edition PCR Completion guide (Audio- Visual) Ambulatory Care Report Guidebook CFR Report Completion Guide PHECC Glossary of terms ver.1.0 All PHECC documents can be downloaded or viewed from

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