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PTCE Quiz 6 Review Pharmacy Tech Program.

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1 PTCE Quiz 6 Review Pharmacy Tech Program

2 How many days will it take a patient injecting 23 units of Humulin R insulin daily to complete a 10 ml vial? A. 30 days B. 23 days C. 43 days D. 14 days

3 Which size needle and syringe would a very thin patient use if injecting 23 units of insulin daily?
A. 1cc short 25 gauge B. 1/3 cc short 30 gauge C. ½ cc long 30 gauge D. 1/3 cc long 25 gauge

4 Glucagon is used: A. When a patient has high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) B. As a substitute for sugar in their diets. C. When a patient has low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) D. daily with insulin injections to prevent hypoglycemia. C. For low blood sugar

5 Type 1 diabetics would not use which medication?
A. Lantus B. Glucagon C. Glucotrol D. Lispro

6 Which insulin is cloudy?
A. Humulin R B. Humulin N C. Lantus D. All the drugs listed are cloudy

7 Which statement is true regarding insulin and refrigeration?
A. Insulin should never be refrigerated. B. Insulin should never be left outside of the refrigerator. C. Insulin is good for approximately 28 days outside of refrigeration. D. Insulin burns more when injected at room temperature. C.

8 Which statement is true regarding Type 2 diabetes?
A. Usually diagnosed during pregnancy. B. Only use insulin. C. Can use both insulin and oral medications. D. All of the answers are correct.

9 Type 1 diabetics can increase their pancreatic output of insulin by changing their diet and exercise. A. True B. False

10 Which insulin comes in an inhalation dosage form?
A. Exubera B. Lantus C. Humalog D. Humulin 70/30 mix

11 Which insulin can be given IV?
A. Humulin R B. Humulin N C. Lantus D. Humalog mix 75/25 A. Humulin R

12 Which drug is used to treat diabetes?
A. Metformin B. Synthroid C. Coreg D. Ritalin

13 Which class of drugs is used to treat diabetes?
A. Sulfonylureas B. Ace inhibitors C. Aminoglycosides D. Tetracyclines

14 Glyburide is used to treat which disease?
A. Hyperlipidemia B. Bipolar disorder C. Depression D. Diabetes mellitus

15 Insulin is used to treat which condition?
A. Hyperglycemia B. Hypoglycemia C. Hyperlipidemia D. Hypercalcemia

16 Where is insulin stored in the Pharmacy?
A. Freezer B. Refrigerator C. On a shelf at room temperature D. None of these answers is correct.

17 What is the proper temperature for insulin storage?
A degrees Fahrenheit B degrees Fahrenheit C degrees Fahrenheit D degrees Fahrenheit

18 Hypoglycemia is defined as:
A. Elevated cholesterol B. Low blood sugar C. High blood sugar D. Low calcium

19 Which type of diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood?
A. Type 2 B. Type 1 C. Gestational D. Type 4

20 Which type of diabetes is known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus?
A. Type 4 B. Type 1 C. Type A D. Type 2

21 How many units are in a standard bottle of Regular U-100 insulin?
C. 100 D. 1000 D units

22 Humulin N is injected by which route of administration?
A. IV B. IM C. SC D. IV Push

23 Which type of injection offers the quickest onset of action?

24 An HbA1C test will show glucose control over what period of time?
A. 3 months B. 10 days C. 1 month D. 1 week

25 How long can insulin be left at room temperature before it must be discarded?
A. Approximately 1 month B. Approximately 2 months C. Approximately 3 months D. Until the insulin reaches the expiration date listed on the bottle.

26 Insulin injections should be given at the same injection site to maintain a constant level of absorption. A. True B. False

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